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Status Updates posted by Rob2012

  1. Gamesbids inundated with spam every morning!!! Aargh!

  2. Same **** every morning I log onto the LA thread. I know you have mod status ostensibly to remove spam but surely you could suspend RuFF and explain to Rob L later if he has a problem with it? The mod doesn't seem to be repointing to reports at the moment. I doubt many here would have a problem with you stepping in.


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    2. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      It's almost exactly a repeat of the old Jim Jones days, don't you reckon?

      Anyway, I put a reply in Quaker's other status update - as I said there, I have been doing some surreptitious deleting of posts.

      Yeah, SSC is a bit more sane at the mo. At least there you get a bit of proper discussion amidst the LA rah rah. Here its just LA rah rah and schoolyard squabbles and worse. Pesto's a piece of work though, eh? But I'm just trying hard not to let the Ruffs and the Pesto's of the world get me riled up and drag me into the fray.

    3. Rob2012


      Not sure what to make of pesto. A lot of the time seems reasonable enough (and definitely is in other threads he posts in). but occasionally goes into full RuFF-mode massively overegging Paris' risks and making it sound like a 3rd world city. He's never got personal or nasty though. I think he just enjoys stirring the pot sometimes.

    4. Rob2012


      BTW, I don't know if your inbox is full but the reason I did this in a public status update was because the forum wouldn't let me PM you. Just in case you were wondering.

  3. Thinking golf's first Olympics should also be its last. Give its spot to a sport that cares.

    1. LDOG


      The ladies field will be almost complete though. I think we should wait and see how 2020 turns out. There's a reason for why a new sport is guaranteed two olympics when it gets included.

  4. Lewis Hamilton wins the #BritishGP, Andy Murray wins #Wimbledon. Next up the #Euro2016Final - C'MON ENGLA...oh yeah...right...

  5. Well worth #following and reading @RealTimeWWII today - they've finally reached and are 'live tweeting' the Normandy landings. #DDay

  6. As usual, horse chosen purely by its name. Hope @bet365 looks forward to paying me £300 later when Boston Bob wins! #DeadCert #BostonBob

    1. JMarkSnow2012


      "Pulled up at the 22nd fence"

    2. Rob2012


      Yeah, took me ages to find that out...horse barely got a mention :(

  7. FUN FACT for @realDonaldTrump: Of the 36 million US visitors to #Britain since 7/7, 36 million haven't been killed in terror attacks

    1. Mainad


      Don't think The Donald got where he is today by wasting his time with fun or facts!

  8. Extraordinary piece and a fantastic concert @LAPhil / @GustavoDudamel - Mahler 3 @BarbicanCentre

  9. Only just noticed the London 2012 forum is now archived...Sad times :(

    1. Mainad


      So hard to believe it's already 4 years in the past!

    2. ofan


      get over it

    3. Rob2012


      I'm sure I will thanks Doc.

  10. There's no doubt about it, Andy Murray is the Undisputed World Number Two. Still proud but Djokovic is a machine.

    1. rogerdown


      Why? Federer arguably more impressive last 6 months.

  11. A video for Tokyo organisers ...

  12. Congrats New Zealand, a Rugby Machine.

  13. Really great day, a 5-1 win in the football, Hamilton triple World Champion and no stupid elections...

  14. All Blacks finally turned up....and in some style.

    1. krow


      you spelled 'turnt' wrong fyi.

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    2. ofan


      Carson is a racist, bigoted, stupid pig. America is the laughing stock of the world right now, and these clowns are one of the main reasons.

    3. Rob2012


      It seems from the outside looking in, that to win the GOP nomination you've got to be as batshit crazy as possible.

      Not sure how that helps the party come the election.

    4. phandrosis


      I think it's because a surprising amount of Americans are batshit crazy.

  15. London stadiums packed this afternoon: New York vs Miami at Wembley (83,986), Arsenal vs Man Utd at the Emirates (60,084), Ireland vs Italy at the Olympic Stadium (53,187)

    1. Alexjc


      Shows everyone how quick England can move on...and how insignificant the RWC has now become.

  16. "Two golds for Bolt. Too good for Gatlin" - Beautiful bit of commentary from Steve Cram.

    1. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      I was wondering who this US Rugby Guy was that lived in Kent. Only just realised it was you, Rob.

    2. Rob2012


      I got in early with the sweepstake malarky. My balls might be deflated by the time the tournament starts.

  17. Australia doing a sterling job to prove Test Cricket can fit into the Olympic fortnight

    1. Rob2012


      Work out what your Australian batsman name would be by adding 'b Broad' to the end of your surname.

    2. krow


      there are like 11 words in this post i don't understand

  18. A unique perspective on the Cecil the Lion story, I have to say: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CLPfI_RWgAAW2nc.jpg

  19. New stadium, NFL tie up, 17k single tier stand, 61k capacity, retractable pitch. Get in there Levy. COYS!

  20. 6/7 - Ten Years Ago Today, London wins the 2012 Games

    1. Ikarus360


      And one day later, the Underground bombings happened. We'll remember those who left us on that day always.

    2. thatsnotmypuppy
    3. Mainad


      Sometime I feel like I'm still waiting for them to happen. It's so hard to believe they've been and gone!

  21. HOT WEATHER WARNING: I will be wearing shorts today #bareknees #heatwave

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