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  1. So, does this mean that the results of the referendum can now be cancelled as it was unfairly and fraudulently influenced by crooked Brexiteers?
  2. Just makes it all the more depressing that so many people voted for Brexit without any clear understanding of what this meant or what it would entail? By their foolishness and shortsightedness they have plunged this country into a political and economic turmoil that was absolutely unnecessary and utterly avoidable. The trouble with further referenda is what if the people vote against it again? I now greatly distrust referenda and the havoc they cause after the farce of 2016. When a final Brexit deal is agreed there should be an immediate General Election so that the electorate can decide which party they trust to implement this along with other matters.
  3. Mixed fortunes for the home nations at this edition of the Commonwealth Games. There's no getting away from the fact that England were soundly trounced by Australia in the medal haul and the Aussie media were predictably not slow to spot it. Such a disappointing turnaround from 2014! What the heck happened? Maybe we've been getting a bit too cocky and complacent at beating the Aussies in the Olympics lately? BBC report: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/commonwealth-games/43768878
  4. Congrats to Yarnold, Deas and Atkin!!! But what is it with Christie and all these crashes? Something seriously wrong with her technique??
  5. How do they 'skate' around the Kerrigan incident (if you pardon the expression)? Do they try to make out it was a genuine accident or that it never really happened at all? I wonder if Kerrigan is planning to bring out a sequel, "I Nancy"?
  6. That just about says everything we need to know about the character of the men in charge of the Russian Olympic team. Case closed!
  7. 2016 was truly a bizarre year! Both the British and American electorates had massive brainfarts resulting in the tragi-comedies of Brexit and Trump and we are seeing their inevitable consequences in action now! Where Trump is concerned, I'm just hoping that he will be removed from office as soon as possible because the longer he is in power the more dangers there are to the stability of the US and the world in general. Beyond all the comic absurdities of the man is the sobering fact that he is the one with his finger on the nuclear trigger and that is what's so frightening!!!
  8. What never fails to make me laugh is the way Trump is always screaming at the liberal media for printing "fake news" about him when he must be the biggest purveyor of fake news his country has ever seen!!!
  9. Sure Rob, no problem and I don't mean to sound so heavy-handed. It's just that the whole subject of Brexit still makes my blood boil and the pointless time and money it is eating up at Westminster. The latest estimates are that it's going to cost us over £ 40 billion to quit the EU! That's money that could have been more meaningfully spent elsewhere if my fellow citizens who decided to vote Leave last year had only given the matter a little more consideration. I wonder how many of them still think they made a sensible choice? Anyway, off my soap-box now!
  10. Didn't he lead his followers to Jonestown near Abuja and force them all to drink Kool-Aid when Abuja lost out to Glasgow for the 2014 Commonwealth Games?
  11. Can anyone really regard the absurd fiasco that is Brexit as 'fun'? The whole thing is diverting Parliament away from tackling the REAL issues of importance to the country instead of struggling to deal with the consequences of one of the most stupid political decisions ever taken by a British government on the back of the most stupid and ill-advised referendum ever undertaken? There is nothing 'fun' about Brexit. Only dire consequences for the future economic well-being and political standing of this country. Consequences that are becoming only too predictably evident with each passing day. Could anyone with an ounce of common sense REALLY have thought this would not be the case???
  12. I read that he was never received at the White House by President Roosevelt or even received a congratulatory telegram from him! FDR is one of my favourite US presidents but I was always greatly disappointed in him for the way he ignored Owens!!
  13. Well, traditional bidding will certainly be off the table now for another 8 years at least! Already the lack of interest in bidding from potential host cities has had a noticeable knock-on effect on this forum. The place is almost a desert now compared to what it was even a couple of years ago.! So many well-known and familiar posters have disappeared or gone into cold storage (I too have been posting here only very infrequently compared to what I used to do). I can only hope this trend wil reverse itself eventually but frankly don't expect much improvement at least until the next Olympics (Paris 2024) approaches. It's a great shame because this has been a wonderful site for me and I can only hope to see it pick up and become so again!
  14. The whole mess is unfolding precisely as the unnecessary nightmare I always knew it would be. The so-called EU negotiators (Barnier and co) understandably don't feel inclined to do any serious negotiating with the UK at all and are just content just to sit back and adopt a stance of punishing the UK with sneers and threats (Barnier and Juncker). The UK government on the other hand is running around like a headless chicken trying to make some sort of order and sense out of the grotesquely irrational decision it has made. What a wonderful next couple of years we can all look forward to! I've always despised Conservative politicians but now I hate and despise them even more for plunging us all into this unnecessary and costly mess with their anti-EU rhetoric culminating in Cameron's disastrous referendum . Has any European nation been so ill-served by its politicians lately as the UK???
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