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  1. I might try and made something. Maybe something for Zurich or Mexico.
  2. mr.bernham

    Shanghai Considers Bid To Host 2032 Olympic Games

    I would love a Shanghai games, but I think if it came down between Jakarta or Shanghai...I'd pick Shanghai. Especially given that Beijing is hosting in 2022. There's more to Asia than just Japan, South Korea, and China. Thankfully the rest of Asia is just as capable of hosting as China, Japan, and South Korea. I'd love to see a joint Singapore-Malyasia bid, or just a Kuala Lumpur bid. Either way the IOC would be going to a nation with a significant or majority Muslim population...that would be such a good transition ceremony; Islamic art and music in the LA Memorial Coliseum. Good thing Trump won't be POTUS then
  3. Not to double post, but I found this map made by The Courier Mail depicting potential venue sites in Brisbane. Not sure if it's a reliable source, or a legit proposal, there was a paywall to read the article.
  4. I'd much prefer to see a Melbourne bid over Brisbane. Melbourne hosted a fantastic CWG in 2006, and a sold games in '56. It would be great if Brisbane lost the 2032 bid and Melbourne hosted in 2036. I feel that would be a good enough distance from Sydney (and maintain Melbourne's 6th year sporting tradition).
  5. Alright man, chill...I'm getting way more heat than is necessary. By bullshit I meant that just because a city is a 'global city' doesn't make it a perfect natural fit for the games. Rio is a great example, as is Athens. Yes they are fantastic global cities, but not such fantastic Olympic hosts. In the case of the other nations you mention, they have the luxury of putting forth truly global cities that are physically capable of hosting the games within the time slots the IOC desires; why would you go with a lesser city when the greater one can host even better (and in July/August). According to the AOC, Australia doesn't really have that luxury. Sydney and Melbourne are far and away the most suitable cities from every rational perspective, but apparently the AOC and IOC doesn't want to consider them because they can't host in July/August. I don't want Brisbane to host, I just think debating on whether or not Brisbane is a global city is a pointless fight to have given that the AOC apparently doesn't give a damn and has already decided to go with them. And just for historical clarification Brisbane made it to the fourth round (came in third place) for the '92 games and beat out both Amsterdam and Birmingham, and I think it's fair to say Amsterdam is far and away a more global city than Brisbane. As for my support for Houston, yeah, I do support the idea that the nations fourth largest city (almost third) and huge global center for education, healthcare, sport, research, trade, and culture should host the Olympics some day. My sincerest apologies for not thinking every US games should be held in Los Angeles.
  6. mr.bernham

    Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

    She's only 91 years old, she'll be 96 in 2022 and the Queen Mother didn't die until she was 101. I could see her still being around. And you're right. It's smart for them to use existing venues, even if they're in London. It ensures the Olympic Park is used again, and spreads the excitement of the event. It's also just cost-effective.
  7. So, TNMP, how difficult would it be for Brisbane to put together a realistic plan for the Olympics? I think the 'global cities' argument is a little bullshit. So all that out the window, from a technical perspective could Brisbane actually do it?
  8. mr.bernham

    New Comp??????

    Yeah, that's actually a good point. What about a 2026 winter olympic games logo contest and a 2032 Summer games logo contest? Do a flip with winter cities being summer cities and summer cities being winter cities?
  9. mr.bernham

    New Comp??????

    I miss the old full out bid comps we used to have here. I'd like to see that again. Maybe a 2026 bid comp?
  10. mr.bernham

    Sydney Olympic Stadium to be demolished

    Thank god. Personally I think Sydney had one of the best main stadiums of any recent Olympic Games, it would've been a true loss. Though I'm left wondering what happened to this plan from October of 2016; was it NSW's new premier?
  11. mr.bernham

    Tokyo 2020 Mascots

    Really happy A won. I liked C, but A fits the entire brand of the games much more. Not to mention, I think they'll be able to do some cool futuristic looking stuff with these mascots. I mean the Paralympic mascot has jet wings...come on...these are gonna be some cool mascots. I just hope their backstory isn't as strange as London's.
  12. mr.bernham

    Pyeongchang 2018 Ceremonies

    Unpopular opinion: I didn't like Sochi 2014. Lacked heart. Felt just like a big two hour propaganda video. Sure it looked cool, but it was what I expected from Russia. Impressive, but lacking heart and soul.
  13. Regardless, the loss and knockout will be blamed on the North Koreans...which completely defeats the purpose of having the joint team in the first place. South Koreans will feel vindicated in their belief that North Korea would hold them back from advancing. I don't think the experiment was worth trying. These are South Korea's games and I can't help but feel North Korea has hijacked them. Do we forget the regime is literally insane, inhumane, and just cruel? It's honestly disgusting that North Korea has taken all the limelight off of South Korea. These are South Korea's games...and they've been stolen.