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  1. Thank god. Finally the IOC is acting with a backbone. Russia has so drastically impaired the image of the movement, through the boondoggle that was Sochi, to the doping scandals. Good riddance.
  2. Agreed. They won't double award Canada and America.
  3. So where we headed now. Salt Lake City? Denver? Denver is quite nice. Nice big city these days. Looking forward to this upcoming back-to-back USA Olympics.
  4. I love logo C...very bright and colorful. Would've made a great logo for Rio or a place other than LA. Still great design.
  5. Los Angeles 2028

    I'm just glad they haven't wasted this opportunity to award both cities.
  6. Bid books

    I think I have the video saved on my google drive. I found it years ago...the media file is out of date though and I don't know how to convert it.
  7. Bid books

    Didn't the video also show Atlanta's stadium proposal and athletes village via late 21st century cgi?
  8. LA 2028 Ceremonies

    I see your point and agree with it. Revolutionary stuff would be appropriate if NYC or Boston or DC or Philly were hosts. If LA tells a historical story I think it should start in 1840s and go forward. There's a lot you could do with it. Once you get out of the 'history' celebrate LA's connection to the sea, its multi-cultural groups, and then move into the athletes, then get into the music and entertainment of LA to bring in the torch. That could also be a good opportunity to switch over to the coliseum. High key...LA should have a train at some point during the OC.
  9. Bid books

  10. LA 2028 Ceremonies

    wtf are you talking about...what alternative transportation methods? Spending 95% of your life on a freeway? American history is only boring because you are an American and know it. Done theatrically right and it would play beautifully. Tell the story of a nation built on ideals of freedom and the pursuit of happiness. A nation of dreams and a city where dreams come true? The show writes itself. American history shouldn't be irrelevant in the ceremony because it can be a useful tool. Start out the ceremony with pioneers moving westward and building a city, building LA. As the city rises showcase too the evolution of America. Cars, trains, radio, tv, civil rights, gay rights, women's rights, immigration. Have it culminate in LA becoming the "shinning city on a hill".
  11. LA 2028 Ceremonies

    Really? 1984 didn't cover it, nor did Atlanta, and SLC was just a circle jerk for Mormons. What has to be understood is that these games are not just LA's games. These are America's games. There is no promise that the games will return to the US in any of the organizers lifetime. Sydney was a celebration of Australia, Barcelona of Spain, Athens of Greece, Beijing of China, etc. To only focus on LA history will make the ceremony irrelevant to literally everyone watching at home. Those in America and those abroad. The ceremony should tell the story of America through Los Angeles, that way people across the country can relate, as can global audiences.
  12. So quality. I wish I could keep liking this post.
  13. LA 2028 Ceremonies

    You actually made me like the idea of a dual stadium ceremony. But like...it fits LA and it could be really beautiful. WTF does anything in the modern OC's have to do with an athletic tournament aside from the mandated IOC stuff?
  14. It's about the emotion. I doubt Eric Heiden is as well known as the 1980 Hockey team. That moment was iconic. Same thing with Ali, it's the emotion that mattered. The lighting of the cauldron is supposed to be the emotional climax of a two hour emotional ceremony. LA is going to pick someone that will move the audience and the nation.