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  1. At least Trump will definitely not be POTUS in 2028. We always ran the risk he would still be in office in 2024...though it is looking increasingly unlikely by the day.
  2. I use American to refer to the continent, not US.
  3. In a last ditch effort to save the LA bid from impending failure, LA guarantees Trump will be impeached. Nah, I'm just kidding. Paris is about to annihilate LA. Honestly, I don't even want LA to host it in 2028 anymore. Give it to another American city like Toronto.
  4. The idea of Donald Trump giving a speech in support of LA and Macron giving a speech in support of Paris is like Chirac VS Blair. Only this time, it's France with the charismatic, attractive, liberal leader.
  5. Wow RuFF...I mean I guess you consider America's 'New Face' being racially and sexually diverse, accepting, and empowering. You must not consider yourself a part of that group seeing you have no problem demeaning people by making homosexuality appear to be something vile and repulsive...something that doesn't belong and thus oppressing a crucial group of people that form your idea of a 'New Face'. You see that's why everyone hates LA, you guys are hypocritical AF. But you're not subtle about it, you get on your high horse and proclaim yourself the future of America; the true protectors of acceptance and social justice. You're not the future, you're just the past with a new face. You're not the true protectors of acceptance and social justice, you're just as uncaring and discriminatory as the people who voted for Trump.
  6. WTH has this thread turned into.
  7. Social media IS a numbers game. How many likes, followers, reposts, tags, etc. can we get? It's all about the numbers.
  8. por qué?
  9. Please showcase to me an example where a far right government did not support their nation hosting the Olympics. Go on I dare you. Even if Le Pen wins, Paris will stay in the running. Despite the investigation, Paris will probably still win.
  10. I would expect, if tnmp is correct, for Australia to enter the race with Melbourne. Melbourne at that point would, and Australian's correct me if I'm wrong, be the most populated city in Australia and more than capable of hosting the games. It would be able to showcase how much the city has changed since 1956 and Australia could show the world how much it has changed since 2000. Europe is trickier. Paris hosting a successful games would certainly boost European interest. I could easily see Madrid leading the field of European contenders. A Moscow/St.Petersburg bid could be a strong possibility. I would love to see Istanbul bid, but until things settle down (which is unlikely) and democracy is restored it's a non-starter. Buenos Aires could very well put in a 'testing the waters' bid as could Shanghai. Maybe another European city from maybe Poland, Germany, Norway, or Austria? Ultimately I could see the final field looking something like this: Europe: Madrid St.Petersburg Warsaw Asia/Oceania: Shanghai Melbourne Americas: Buenos Aires I would suspect, just with preliminary knowledge that voting would be as follows: Round 1: St.Petsburg eliminated Round 2: Buenos Aires eliminated Round 3: Warsaw eliminated Round 4: Showdown between Melbourne and Madrid (Melbourne narrow win) 2036 would probably be a showdown between European cities and Asia. Without knowing the global context (hell, there could be a world war at this rate) I believe the 2036 field would look like this: Europe: Madrid Moscow Berlin Rome Asia: Shanghai Seoul Istanbul Americas: Buenos Aires Rome would probably drop out before the final vote. Voting could be like the following: Round 1: Moscow eliminated Round 2: Seoul eliminated Round 3: Istanbul eliminated Round 4: Rome eliminated Round 5: Shanghai eliminated Round 6: Buenos Aires eliminated Round 7: Showdown between Berlin and Madrid (toss-up) The games lineup for the 21st century would be: Sydney 2000 Athens 2004 Beijing 2008 London 2012 Rio 2016 Tokyo 2020 Paris 2024 Los Angeles 2028 Melbourne 2032 Madrid/Berlin 2036
  11. LA loosing to Paris is not the same blow as Chicago loosing to Rio in the first round. Period. LA would most likely return in 2028 and if it's not LA, honestly I could see another US city stepping in. Orlando, Houston? I'm not in the know on the scene in those cities but America would most likely bid in 2028 with LA or not. But it most probably would be LA....especially if the IOC is basically giving a nudge and wink that they would probably win.
  12. TMW you get completely and utterly roasted by Quaker. Thank you Quaker, that was amazing.
  13. Le Pen is probably worse than Trump. She wants to pull France out of the EU and NATO. At least Trump has walked back his statements on NATO. Also...have you not heard Le Pen speak in the European Parliament? The European Parliament just voted to allow her to be criminally investigated...she is by no means liked.