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  1. Los Angeles 2028

    This was the best mockup I could create of what I'm thinking they could do:
  2. Los Angeles 2028

    Wait..the building next to the Uytengsu Aquatics Center is just a rec center. Why don't you tear down both facilities and construct a new Aquatic center that can expand for temporary seating and build a new Rec Center along with it? That way the games have an even more tangible benefit for the university afterwards?
  3. Los Angeles 2028

    Serious question...why can't they use the John C. Argue Swim stadium right next to Col? Renovate it for the modern era, set up temporary stands...seems to make the most sense to me.
  4. Los Angeles 2028

    From the renderings it looks like the stadium part of the Dedeaux field will remain in place. With regards to them not being able to expand the existing Aquatic's center...to me...it seems like it would make more financial sense to tear down the existing facility and build a new one with adjustable seating/and or building temporary seating on the side facing the fields (not blocked by a building and on the side not blocked by a street.
  5. You're right. I just really wanna see a post Cold War German games.
  6. Quality. This is honestly the best work you've done in years.
  7. Paul, I love ya and you're logos have always inspired me to do better in graphic design, but like did you seriously spend time searching for things that looked similar to my posters to claim that I plagiarized other peoples work and didn't give proper credit? I honestly hadn't seen those posters before...it looks like someone made them for a Seattle bid?
  8. Los Angeles 2028

    RuFF, there's plenty of really smart people on these forums that have been studying the games for years. I've had many an enjoyable talks with them and they've taught me a lot. If you want to have intellectual discussions with them, be more civil in your discourse and I'm positive others will respond in same. A lot of the members here have valid insight to the games and they want, just as you do, for their insights and opinions to be heard and recognized. With regards to Paris, I understand your point about Paris, given its government funding, to potentially become a show of vanity. However, I would point to both Sydney 2000 and London 2012 as examples where games with government funding did not turn in to Beijing like vanity games. Cost overruns in both of those games was a result of underestimating costs and major infrastructure projects; in both cases the governments tried to reign in spending. I expect the same to happen in Paris. France is not in a good economic position and the French people would not respond well to their government spending billions and billions on the games. Additionally, as others have pointed out, many of the projects that will be completed for the games were already in the works. Many infrastructure improvements have been planned since the last days of the Sarkozy administration. While Paris' organizing structure runs the risk of potentially unnecessary cost-overruns (vanity), I don't think in this current economic climate it will happen. Paris also has a much better sporting infrastructure than London did in 2012. It was one of the reasons most people thought Paris would beat London during the 2012 race in '05. Since then Paris' infrastructure has only improved.
  9. Both of these are things I point out in my submission. This was more of an excuse for me to just take the '84 logo and the '24 typography and kinda just put them together and see what would be created.
  10. Los Angeles 2028

    I made the economic argument. Not FYI. Get your facts straight. But I will say, you bring up a good and valid point about how LA is more likely to turn a profit than Paris given LA's more capitalistic approach. But it's pointless to argue who will have a better games, both of them will host a much more affordable games than we've seen in the past and that's something to celebrate. I think both will go a long way in improving the IOC's image and providing other potential host cities a viable formula that works.
  11. Los Angeles 2028

    Damn Baron. I've been on this board for four years now and this hands down was the best roast I've read here. Way to go.
  12. My official submission: The logo is a refreshed version of the 1984 Olympic logo and combines elements of that games and the current bid logo. Los Angeles is a city of stars and some of the most breathtaking sunsets in the world; this logo encapsulates the city in that regard. It's active elements and active typeface symbolize that LA is young, vibrant, and passionate about sport. The remaining typefaces represent LA's ability to merge modernity and classicalism. The rings as always are required by the IOC. What makes this brand stand out is how it will be applied throughout the city in the run-up to and during the games. You've already seen the posters as posted above, but below you'll find how the brand will be used in various different colors and applications: Color Scheme: Poster: Banners:
  13. Just a little tease picture before I release the full logo and brand: