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GamesBids' London 2012 Opening Ceremony Live Chat

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I have had a few days to think about the ceremony and to rewatch it.

Nothing stood out to me, nothing was truly impressive or amazed me. Unlike the Fau drums from 2008 and the Olympia-Athens drum sequence from 2004.



The music, truly exceptional music from start until Sir Paul showed up.

I loved Emile Sande's performance and thought it was really touching.

I liked Branagh and Rowling's involvement, but it was just like the literary passages from Vancouver.

Anyways, just like with Vancouver for Canadians, there were parts that Britons will appreciate and understand more then an international audience.

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I found (and still find) the "minute of silence" for the victims of all wars and the lit-up Olympic Rings during the industrial segment very memorable and impressive.

Coincidentally, I also re-watched parts of Beijing's opening last night - and I must say that the Fou drums segment, compared to London's opening, almost scares me. London's ceremony was so much more humane, relaxed and "unperfect" while that mass precision and sheer demonstration of power of Beijing now actually puts me off.

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I'm not sure whether this has been posted before -- it's an offical LOCOG interactive webpage about the contents of the opening ceremony. And that page will apparently be expanded by the contents of the closing, the Paralympic opening and Paralympic closing ceremonies.


Also. some secrets about the opening ceremony have been revealed:




Furthermore, the organisers have posted several short behind-the-scenes videos of the ceremonial preparations on their official Youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/london2012/videos).

Here's one:

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my god - the opening ceremony was fantastic!!!

I loved every second of it - I just reread the thread and it brought back my memories - for an Olympic fan it was freakin' amazing to be in the stadium during an opening ceremony of Olympic Games

LONDON 2012 is one of my best life experiences - my Oz trip, Berlin 2009 and the ESC in Düsseldorf are some of my other ones, but the Olympic Games in London was something really special!!!


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