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  1. baron-pierreIV

    Ceremonies on UTube, Part 3

    Starting new thread. PanAm, please do NOT overload the folder. Do NOT feel that you have to load/share every Ceremony in every language. It just gums up the works.
  2. Where are the NO BRISBANE OLYMPICS'ers?? Time to come out now!! And this would all but kill a Jakarta-Shanghai-Korea bid for the same year, and a Durban bid for at least until 2040.
  3. baron-pierreIV

    Tokyo 2020 Ceremonies

    So, will the national anthems and the Olympic hymn at Opening/Closing and the medal ceremonies, be done karaoke style?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQJguzrAAZk LOL!!
  4. I was just wondering how much Beijing will spend on the 2022 Ceremonies, just to top 2008 and Sochi 2014. I will not be satisfied if they don't spend less than $350 million on the 2022 Ceremonies!!
  5. baron-pierreIV

    Who will light the 2020 cauldron?

    That Noemi Okura who beat Serena?
  6. baron-pierreIV

    IOC Changes and Problematic Venues

    Uh, what makes you think I don't know that? You're such a KNOW-IT-ALL sometimes!
  7. baron-pierreIV

    Ceremonies on UTube, Part 3

    Then how can it be a "rare find" if it's nowhere to be seen???
  8. baron-pierreIV

    IOC Changes and Problematic Venues

    I don't care what others think or prefer.
  9. baron-pierreIV

    IOC Changes and Problematic Venues

    That's your opinion. I prefer them in one or 2 volumes. Chacun sont gout.
  10. baron-pierreIV

    IOC Changes and Problematic Venues

    The simpler solution is to CUT DOWN the number of sports. That way, David Wallachinsky (and his estate) can resume printing the Complete Book of the Olympics with all the stats -- because there are just TOO MANY SPORTS going on, and then all the doping catches/re-assigning the medal assignments, made him give up the project. Less is MORE; but I guess the IOC doesn't see it that way. They must have half-a-dozen employees at their new headquarters just working on: correcting Olympic medalists lists, the re-assignment of the new winners; and all the footnote explanations of each one. It's really quite crazy.
  11. baron-pierreIV

    Tokyo 2020 Torch

    Where? I don't see the whole navy blue "wreath" thingie. It's just a few of the "confetti" and in red -- so that CAN'T be the Official Logo.
  12. baron-pierreIV

    Los Angeles 2028

    If harpy Meghan Rapinoe and the "WeToo Movement do NOT sue and DEMAND equal venues for the women's Games as well?!?!
  13. baron-pierreIV

    Tokyo 2020 Torch

    /\/\ Funny, that they skipped the "logo" design entirely on the uniforms. And will this also be the Paralympic torch -- or will have it have one petal less?
  14. baron-pierreIV

    Tokyo 2020 Media Updates

    Tokyo just unveiled their totally UNDERWHELMING, UNINSPIRED medals. Way to go, Tokyo! A big fat 0 so far, in terms of "knock-out" design.
  15. OK, Scoop! First footage/rehearsal of 1st (my) idea for the 2028 Closing Ceremony -- a sequel to the Closing UFO stunt in 1984! Enjoy!
  16. baron-pierreIV

    LA 2028 Ceremonies

    No; that won't be until 2036 -- wherever that will be.
  17. baron-pierreIV

    Los Angeles 2028

    WOW! What a great article, ejay! That's something the should go to an Antqiues Roadshow show or FAKE OR FORTUNE or even that Howell guy who does stories on California! Thanks for sharing! I will also share it on Skyscraper City -- becuz that is for stadium geeks over there!!
  18. Aside from the chaos of Indian, what month are they planning to hold the Games with a kind climate? November? December? THat alone kills the bid when Germany and Korea can offer the ideal July-August window. Just save your money, India.
  19. baron-pierreIV

    SEA games 2019 philippines

    But the Philippine Olympic Committee is in utter chaos. How can they get anything organized??
  20. baron-pierreIV

    Tokyo 2020 Torch

    was unveiled today. It does nothing for me. Nothing innovative. It feels very much like a reject from Beijing or OyeongChang. Doesn't even mesh with the logo design, which was already boring to begin with. Their pictograms are good; but I fear the rest of Tokyo's Look will be very much a retread of others. A "C" effort.
  21. baron-pierreIV

    Paris 2024 Ceremonies

    Roger, just came across this in the streets of Montreal. This oh-so-slow Lilliputian /Brobdingnaggian Syndrome must be so French! (Same guy as who did France WC 1998?) I hope the Jonathan Swift estate gets their royalties!
  22. In the long run, no one's really going to care about who bought what votes or not. I mean the supposed 2 guys who allegedly did the vote-buying for Salt Lake (when they actually didn't have to because of Salt Lake's overwhlemingly popularity anyway), were cleared by the Justice Dept. To me, it's just some weird thing that happens in these international bidding things. If you don't catch it and deal with it INSTANTLY on the spot, FUGGEDABOUT IT. And as you said, the drug cheating thing of athletes is TOTALLY different. That is ingesting something in bodies whose results leave their mark for posterity -- thus it is worth pursuing. Vote-buying schemes are he said/she said -- behind closed doors, eh! No one really cares. As you said, it all gets washed away anyway when an exciting Games are produced.
  23. OK, granted it's 3 years old, but here's an interesting New York Times' article on how they give out the building assignments to the 200+ nations who attend the Summer Games. Some interesting insights. https://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/14/sports/olympics/olympic-village-athletes-rio-games.html
  24. baron-pierreIV

    Pyeongchang 2018 Ceremonies

    Plus, it was again sung at the opening of the new IOC headquarters in Lausanne on June 23, 2019. Seems to be replacing "Ode to Joy" as the 21st century kumbaya, let's-all-join hands anthem.