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  1. And could also be the MOST RECKLESS. What experience does he have in putting on big shows? NADA. I don't find his "Open-Air OC" using Paris anything quite original. I mean he has a great canvas to work with. But I think the parameters of an Olympic OC are far too large even for a photogenic city like Paris -- to carry it off safely and on message.
  2. I don't really DETEST it. I just don't believe they have covered every contingency and that Estanguet will fall flat on his (and the whole 2024 games) face if the winds aren't with him on that day. It's OK to reinvent the wheel but in this time and day, it is such a high-stakes event that I would err on the side of being conservative rather than being HIGHLY adventurous -- when you don't have to. And yeah, I will harp that unless proven otherwise, it really is a foolhardy idea -- and the French don't have a very good track record on doing innovative things. At least, I just DON'T reproduce the sycophantic PR grist that you keep posting and re-posting. Don't you have any original thoughts of your own??
  3. YOU're telling me to relax when YOU ARE THE #! MOST SLAVISH BELIEVER AND PROMOTER of EVERY single breath and whisper that these orgs put out and how you SLAVISHLY repeat, promote and TRUMPET them as if you were a paid PR hack -- which I think you are! SO F*CKING STOP TELLING OTHER PEOPLE how they should react to & interpret the ENDLESS CRAP that you post!! Look in the mirror first -- or maybe there's no image in your mirror? LOL!!
  4. If it were a Birmingham-Manchester 2036 bid, #1 - after Brisbane, and India;s bid is that Ahmenadbadabad instead of Delhi or Mumbai, the IOC would then be going with 2ndary and tertiary cities. I don't think that the IOC would be enthused with that idea. #2 - Why build new facilties / white elephants again in the Midlands when London has all of them? #3 - Would Birming-Manchester-Glasgow have the collection of 1st class hotels that London has? #4 - My only question for a 4th London bid would be: where would they place OV #4? Is there still space in QE2 Park?
  5. ANd,, of course, if LA (or whichever future host city) has the right faciltiies already in place and/or they wish to undertake any belated sports programs or not. A future host can ALWAYS reject belated sports additions since they were NOT part of the original bidding package and would be considered TOO burdensome and onerous belatedly added for the host city. Plus, it will change the # of athletes that were orginally estimated to be billeted in the Olympic Village.
  6. Luv those delegations ALL crowded together like pictured!! NO WAY can the virus get through all those bodies huddled together! And of course, if the teams, delegations, barges are spaced farther apart, a 3-hour ceremony would turn into a 5-hour Ceremony! WHAT GREAT FRENCH INNOVATION! Simply marvelous and INGENIOUS!!
  7. /\/\ Great find, Nacho, and thanks for posting it. It gave me shivers seeing it again. I remember it as if it were yesterday. When I was standing there (with one of the Blue Drum Tower crews), and as the first notes were playing, I felt those shivers down my spine -- there we were commemorating the 100th anniversary of the modern era Ganes -- and still connecting with a tradition over 2,000 years old!! I am SO GLAD I did it!!
  8. Nope. Barcelona 2030 is dead. It'll be between Salt Lake and Sapporo. Vancouver is still a big IF.
  9. Wow. Really clutching at straws. /\/\ They're not even of the same genre.
  10. So that'll free up one Roland Garros arena.
  11. In ruminating about LA 2028, what do the Ceremony-dreamers here think can LOGICALLY and FEASIBLY top the - 84 grand pianos used in the opening? 168 baby grands? And the Space Ship at Closing? I hope there will be some of sequal to the Space-ship thing since the Closing will be at LA Memorial. Far-out ideas OK, but no stupid, unoriginal ones please.
  12. Stop trying to KNOW more than me. It'll be BIGGER when I SAY it will be bigger. Not BEFORE THEN!! Got it??
  13. Yes - but that's one country only. The IOC wants universality in the new sports it features.
  14. Here's a strange one . . . what I take to be the Opening Ceremony of the 2008 Euro Rowing Championships in Marathon, Greece. It's . . . , well. very Greek.
  15. If Sapporo happens in 2030, it would be the FIFTH Winter City to repeat their 2nd try. So that would equal FIVE 2x hosts of the Summer Games: REPEAT OLYMPIC HOSTS: Summer - Paris, London, Los Angeles (3x'ers), Athens, Tokyo (2x'ers). Winter - St. Moritz, Innsbruck, Lake Placid, Cortina (1.5x) and either Sapp, SLC or Vancouver would be 2x hosts. 1st Bisexual host - Beijing!!
  16. But those are Russian stadia. The grass was ordered by the Kremlin to deliver for SEVEN matches . . . or else. 2026 will be OUTSIDE Muddah Rossiya!!
  17. But this City doesn't have a REFERENDUM -- so why is it proceeding??
  18. I think some will have more -- because the large ones (Rose Bowl, So Fi (if they use it) and MetLife in NJ) are being reserved for the semis and the finals -- unless they always place Team USA there in the bigger stadia -- if I understood the early prelim placements. I guess they can use/ "repair" the turf fast enough, every other day?
  19. Wow! LA28 has become the first OCOG (as far as I know) to purposely involve ex-Olympians and Paralympians in the early organizational planning of the Games -- in paid fellowships -- and have so publicly declared. (I think this means single people in their late '20s - 30s who can undertake the relocation to LA.) And it's NOT just limited to US citizens. It's for Para/Olympians who have legal residency to live and work in the US. LA28 is truly putting its $$ where its mouth is. Deadline to apply is 10 May 2022. Kudos to Casey Wasserman and his team (unlike Estanguet and his which seem like rank amateurs). Get involved in the LA28 Olympian/Paralympian Fellowship Program - Athlete365 (olympics.com)
  20. Eh. With Paris going for black & gold, I doubt that sunny LA would use "black" again so quickly. I think a lot of LA's final identity decisions will be determined by Paris' choices. If anything, LA could do a repeat of the 1984 colors because those strong NEON colors really represent LA's very tropical/desert setting. And they would echo London 2012's choices which did not represent a London environement actually but something London wishes it has.
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