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  1. Once again proves the Soviet (Commie Party) Russian character - virulent, vindictive and destructive. I'll never forget when I worked at the UN in New York. WHen we had our orientation session with my group (this was 1983, so Leonid Brezhnev's time), there were two young Soviet appartchiks as new clerks that season. We knew the 2 were KBG agents. They could not do eye-to-eye contact with their new fellow employees. It was really quite telling. (Even though my boss in Protocol was a long-time Soviet emplyee at the UN. He was already very cosmopolitan and had a trophy wife.)
  2. So, some people say that MTV was the first "dynamic" logo (but there really is no genre for MTV); and LA 2028 tried to be the first "sports event" to have one as well. I came across a reversal: an over a 100-year old logo, Lanvin, and they have updated it to be an "interactive" one for their company's website. (It was the first luxury brand logo I ever saw from my mother's early perfumes.) I think the update is charming and brings to life the story behind the formation of their logo. https://www.lanvin.com/us/maison/history/ Now, if they only did it in the Lanvin blue.
  3. The REAL reason LA2028 came out with their "dynamic" A logo 2 weeks ago - EIGHT years ahead of the actual Games: to beat Ekaterinburg 2023 in unveiling theirs. https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1098606/yekaterinburg-2023-logo-design-revealed
  4. Apples and oranges. Everyone knows that the cauldron/torch at LA Memorial was built w/o the benefit of having a Lighter. Even in 1984, tacking on Rafer Johnson was only to continue the tradition of having a HUMAN lighter bring the flame and somehow get it to the cauldron. With Sydney, it's always been associated with a human lighting it, Cathy Freeman. So having those 2 women just run under it, holding UNLIT torches just created a WTF moment? Why have those 2 women hold FAKE torches (UNLIT) and then have it ignite without their help? It didn't compute for me.
  5. OK, so the Sydney 2000 cauldron was relit per the InsidetheGames article> https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1098438/freeman-sends-message-to-sydney-event Huh? How? Is this one of those FAKE lightings where you just look at it, wish it happens, and then SWOOSH!! the whole thing just self-combusts by some supernatural force? Also, what is the torch of color on the left? Was that the Paralympic torch or have they decided to bring out a new one to be au courrant and so no one can say BLACK TORCHES MATTER?!?!
  6. But it's a different Org Committee and philosophy each time. So the 2x experience one would hope, would have a profound bearing on the next one.
  7. It's a good one, but they'll really have to pick one just for the records and even the displays at Olympic Museum in Lausanne where all the other logos are static, and then here's 2028 throbbing digitally?? How will that look? And what logo will also go on the Torch? Or will that also be a thousand different versions? I mean - I see the commercial possibilities. But what's the cut-off number? They usually have these books which specify everything about the use of the logos -- the size, the exact color palette -- where and when it can be used. How about this one? And where and when and
  8. So what if the MTV thing was first. It's just absolute garbage -- all over the place -- which is why it didn't even register in my ken. LA has done a very disciplined version of it. And nothing says it's the OFFICIAL and FINAL logo. I think it's the interim-Covid-period logo.
  9. Look at the Tokyo 2020 medals. I wonder where they will put the athlete's name and the sport? On the swirly (kinda "pastry"-like) sides of the obverse? Or on the medal's rim? It's actually quite a boring design.
  10. Paul, I'm not in/with the MTV crowd, so this thing is new and fresh to me -- as it would be to many others. Is there even much of a cross-over of Olympic and MTV crowds? I think not; so it would be a breakthrough for many of us.
  11. Except that is NOT an officially sanctioned campaign. She will probably get a Cease & Desist letter.
  12. If you will look at past Olympic medals, it has to be something specific to that set of Games. What would make it special if it contained such generic icons as those you mention? Remember, the Summer Medals are more conservative than the Winter Ones. One side will already be reserved for the Nike figure and the Athens stadium. So the back side will have to be for a small image (usually the logo or something to say " XXXIV Olympiad, Los Angeles 2028") and then the sport; event, and name of the probable winner.
  13. Is it a "coincidence" or what -- but this Asian Games 2026 logo unveiled in late July, also has a play on the letter "A" for the Aichi prefecture. Or at least that's the explanation from the OG. Not a bad design, a very "Paul" design, but to me, it looks like another "Barcelona-Paralympic" design -- a runner missing the other leg. So, we should be seeing the Milano-Cortina 2026 and United World Cup 2026 logos next.
  14. Maybe it's a hint to a certain website to stop making all those fake "Olympic logo" contests? But seriously. My guess is that the IOC OK'ed its early release just to sustain excitement over things Olympic. With almost everything in the sports world shutting down, PLUS the question of whether Tokyo 2020ne will even happen, pending a vaccine, the IOC must've felt this is as good a time as any to release something new, exciting and innovative as a dynamic logo -- even if that's just a small candle flame for the moment. It can't hurt. Besides they aren't calling it the "permanent" log
  15. I doubt it. There would be horrendous copyright issues then -- and can you just imagine the logistics of receiving all those entries. Which is why only a "selected few" were invited to give/share their ideas -- and because this is the United States, I am sure they were asked to sign "WILL NOT SUE" waivers. My big question is, if this logo becomes permanent, which one will appear on the medals? Or will they disregard it completely for the medals?
  16. Wow. Also a great bid-launch video to show how ready they are. Logo's OK too for a bid one. I don't see how Riyadh and the more conservative Saudis can match this.
  17. I guess it's a breakthrough. The idea of diversity and inclusion behind it is great -- but it also dilutes a strong identity for the Games. I guess this is THE EARLIEST an official logo has been released -- 8 years before the actual Games. Will see how it sits for 4 years, and if it needs to be changed, they have another four years to work on a replacement. I don't like the font of "L" and 28. Too uninspired and heavy. Also, notice the outer frame. It is an odd-shape and changes for both the regular Games and the Paras. How will they reflect this on the medals? Will it
  18. New Trivia question: (Just learned this a few minutes ago) - What is the only (I think it's the only one for the present) sport where 'able-bodied' M & W can be on the same team PLUS, visually handicapped are also allowed to compete on the same team? I know this event has been included in a World Championship but NOT YET in an Olympics due to the mix of "Able" and "Handicapped" athletes.
  19. /\ Interesting. Thanks. We actually watched some of the Women's Indoor Volleyball matches in Spokane that July. Then we flew to Seattle becuz we were then visiting my partner (Kathy)"s sister there. There were no actual events in Seattle that I/we were interested in. On the plane from Spokane to Seattle, the Russian women's volleyball team was with us -- and I have a picture with them (once we deplaned) somewhere in my files. Will try to report it when I find it.
  20. Beijing 2022 is, if anything, an impetus for China to come out with a good vaccine to fix a virus which started in their shores.
  21. I guess Athens 2004 can now be looked back on as the Games of the Crazies. Remember this? I tell you, the Olympic Games can drive some people crazy. Old Greek saying: those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad/crazy!!
  22. It's worth what somebody will pay for them. Why was there a "team fleece" for a Summer Games? Sounds suspicious to me.
  23. Wow. Sounds exciting, Petrus. For your sake, I hope it will happen. All the best. If you can, you should go to Kyoto and Nara. BTW, there is a Le Petit Prince Museum (tres japonnaise ) in Hakone (which, if ever I go back to Japan in the future, I would like to visit).
  24. Yes, I'd like to. Can you email me @ razor323@gmail.com, so we can chat? Thanks.
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