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  1. It looks like Eugene 2021 will become Eugene 2022 -- so running right up against CWG 2022. The postponement of Tokyo 2020 will have a whole DOMINO effect on the entire sports calendar.
  2. Well, that's NOT true. Their M & W's Indoor Volleyball teams qualified for Tokyo -- if this happened. I think their flag cannot appear in the OC or at the medal ceremonies -- but select athletes and teams, those who have qualified fairly, are in. But if they meet all the penalties required of them by next spring, then I don't see the IOC banning their flag from full participation. Because only 57% of sports had finished their qualifications (and some Russian teams are already in there), they are going to try everything to change the picture and be fully accredited by 2021. They have one more year to try and fix things in their favor.
  3. Did anybody think about them? Did the IOC consult with this all-important bloc? Why is it all about the "athletes"? What about Mama-san and Papa-san Shinzaro's plans for the little concession stand at the corner of Cherry Blossom Avenue and Rue Pikachu in the Shinbun district of Tokyo? The Yakuza will now squeeze the Shinzaros of their life savings, just to have the same space in 2021!! We need to start a GoFundMe page for the Shinzaros and others like them -- or send all the bills to Lausanne!!
  4. Bit of history: Who was the Japanese official who said that Tokyo has had bad luck in being named an Olympic host city -- and he may have been right. Specifically, I wonder if he referred to the late naming of Sapporo to stage the marathon events -- and as a coupling, it recreated the JOINT cancellation of the 1940 Olympiad? At that time, it was the same country that hosted both Summer & Winter Games. So, when Nazi Germany grabbed Poland and the Sudetenland, and Imperial Japan bombed Pearl Harbor (crazy nation of Japan pretty much sealing its own fate in terms of Olympic dreams), it was NOT only Tokyo that was the loser for 1940, but Sapporo as well --although of course, preparations at that time were all on a much smaller scale. And here we are, 80 years later -- and a Tokyo-Sapporo configuration of the same year, again has to be cancelled. Is everything on a century cycle? To wit: - the double awarding of 2024/28 mirrors that of the same horse-trading arrangement of 1924/28/32. - the 1918 pandemic of the Spanish flu - the cancellation of Tokyo/Sapporo 2020 to +1. (What will happen to Russia's participation for next year? They were also not playing in 1940.)
  5. I don't understand this. Why would anyone pay $400 million for an arena, only to tear it down? (I mean, even the nutcase Donald Trump can't be that crazy to execute such a move.) I know it's an old facility but wouldn't throwing, say , another $150 mil to upgrade it, make the most sense -- thereby spending like $500 mil in total instead of another $1 billion+ for a state-of-the-art arena like Chase Center in San Francisco which supposedly cost $1.3 billion (including the land)?
  6. It's rumored that the IOC has at least $20 billion in the bank (supposedly 3rd only to Apple and the Vatican in terms of reserve cash). This is the time to open that reserve box. That's what it's there for. They can easily recoup the amounts by Beijing 2022 and Paris 2024.
  7. But the virus is arriving later at island nations naturally, and because they can limit or cut off access to their territory quickly. - look at the late arrival of the virus in Cuba; - Japan; very low numbers in the Philippines (a few weeks ago) despite the large presence of Chinese nationals there; - Taiwan (which practically does NOT have direct contact with mainland China); - very late in Oahu, Hawaii. What about stats from North Korea? Mongolia? Unless hospitals report the numbers to their respective Departments of Health, there really is NO accurate count for this virus.
  8. From The New York Times -- putting it mildly. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/25/sports/olympics/coronavirus-olympics-postponement.html?action=click&module=News&pgtype=Homepage
  9. No; it's NOT the athletes nor the sports. The IOC supervises the World Games (or gives it its blessings)as well. They do that so that they have control over these other wannabe Olympic sports-- so those sports that can't get in, DON'T mutiny, then band together and stage their own counter-Olympic Games. So the IOC lends its organization as a subtle way to keep those "other" sports in check. The IOC can concentrate on ONLY ONE event a time per season. Remember, Bach is the only fully salaried member. All other IOC members are "volunteers," thus their get-togethers are limited to one or 2x a year. Also, remember why they moved the Winter Games to the other "even" year? So World Games-Birmingham 2021 will probably NOT happen while the SOGs are on in Tokyo in 2021. The IOC is a very "hands-on," "micro-management" organization. So just wait. If they were willing to sacrifice shifting the MAIN EVENT, what's the fallout for also shifting or cancelling an altogether more minor event for them? And remember, it's NOT just the main body of the SOGs at stake. There are also the Paralympics (to which the IOC has a contract to support as well) to deal with, which happen a few weeks after the main SOG event. So I fear, Birmingham 2021 and Eugene 2021 will be two major victims next year.
  10. Cruise ships docked in Tokyo Bay could be the 2021 Villages -- but the IOC's going to have pay HEFTY prices to turn the vessels around and lock in the cruise ships for 3 weeks in Summer 2021 NOW! I've already received the sales brochures for 2021 cruises -- so they are selling those spaces now. And I guess it would actually be in Yokohoma since that is Tokyo's port -- and they're going to have to refit the Yokohoma and Tokyo harbors to accommodate 7 or 8 of the behemoths simultaneously -- if they can get them. Housing the Paralympians will be the MORE difficult task because those cruise ships aren't exactly equipped for the more complicated quadraplegic configurations.
  11. They'll deposit it at some temple in the Tokyo Prefecture; or that's where it should go.
  12. One consequence of moving Tokyo 2020 to 2021 is that the World Games 2021, scheduled for Birmingham, Alabama, would probably be moved up to 2022 in which case it would run smack up against the OTHER Birmingham 2022 (in the UK), the Commonwealth Games. The World Games are held under the auspices and supervision of the IOC -- so they could not possibly handle both events in the same season. Thus, unless that is cancelled; the IOC could probably push that up to 2022 -- in which case there would be TWO Birmingham 2022s!! Good luck in going to the right city then!
  13. Like the ancient Battle of Salamis too place in 480 BC. But because if it had been postponed one year later, actually was fought in 479 BC; but Herodotus' eraser had run out, so it stayed 480! (Hypothetically, of course & going by this "Tokyo 2020" time-shift.)
  14. What's the saying: you want to make the God/s laugh? Plan well in advance.
  15. April is still cherry blossom time in Tokyo. The thing is the IOC wants the Olympics when there is NOTHING else -- no other major conference or such thing in the anchor host city. So, if there are other major conferences or championships of non-Olympic sports already planned for June-July-August '21 in Tokyo; they're going to have to ask those organizers to delay or move THEIR event in order that the Olympics are the only show in town. The postponement impacts all other events already scheduled for when they want to move it to. And don't forget the royal family's participation. If the new emperor had already scheduled a month's retreat or something like that for July; and it can't be moved -- then the Olympics will play either in June or in August.
  16. Lessons for the IOC and future OCOGs: 1. Make 90 days the cut-off before finalizing everything: materials, torches, brochures, medals, uniforms, etc. 2. Scale down the number of sports and athletes by even 25%! Why does it have to be 10,500 athletes and like, 28 sports? Why aren't 7,500 athletes good enough in 20 sports? NBC will have enough to broadcast even with 20 sports. NO ONE gets to watch all the SPORTS coverage anyway. 3. Have a standby neutral logo that can be tweaked a bit quickly. 4. Shorten the goddamn Torch relays: why does it have to run throughout the entire country? Won't 30 days do, and just hitting 5 or 6 majors cities. Why does Greece have to run it for 7 days every two years? (I know it's just an excuse for Greece to obtain like 200 torches from which the Hellenic OC sells off and gets to raise some of its funds. It's such a cheeky maneuver.) 5. Or make it so, so that if the delay were 4 years, then the postponement becomes a "domino" chain: i.e., the hosting duties are postponed one cycle each for the succeeding hosts. The matter of the Villages is still problematic but could be partially alleviated if only they cut down the # of participating athletes!
  17. I say Japan should just recycle their present "2020" calendars for another round. That way, the Tokyo 2020 geegaws will stay current. Edit: Even the quadrennial ISOH (Int'l Society of Olympic Historians) meeting set for Paris on May 13 was cancelled. I guess now, we can resked for, hopefully, Paris again next May.
  18. /\/\ I'm good with that! I want the Official drONE franchise!! Or they could simply make them "TOKYO 2020+1." It'll make things off-center but it might work. I hope Eugene had not started on all its printed material -- although of course, that is where Team USA will probably hold its Olympic qualifying meet; OK, so no waste for the "Eugene 2021" material.
  19. Yeah, I don't see them re-doing all those 10,000 torches. Even putting a sticker over the old logo might not work for the torches. For the over the 1,500 medals, I guess they can just stick a "1" over the last "0." Well, if there is space, it could be called "TOKYO 2020*" (*- 21) or "TOKYO 2020+1" to make it factually correct because it's going to be odd/funny wearing medals which say "2020" when you accomplished your feat in 2021. Not unless Tokyo 2020 changes ALL THE calendars in Japan to stay 2020!!
  20. I told Abe that they can use the Village as Covid staging areas! He agreed.
  21. So, immediate fall-out from the postponement: 1. 2021 needs a NEW logo! I think the dumb 2020 logo was bad luck. Will GamesBids provide a new logo for 2021? 2. Did Kremlin-Putin scheme with "No-Olympics" to scuttle 2020? I think so. As we speak, Putin is probably ordering Russian labs to develop a new virus to also scuttle new Year's games until Cheatin' Russia will be allowed back in once more. Other views?
  22. So that kills Eugene 2021. Wonder what they do with the Villages for a year? Rent them out as Air B&Bs? Do they replay all TEAM sports qualifications? Do they restage the Lighting of the Flame (or just keep it lit in some temple there?) What if a NEW virus pops up in spring 2021?? Quaker,
  23. Forgot about the Paralympics -- but they're really secondary to everything. The Olympics are the main star; and the Paras only exist on the largesse of the IOC. It is what it is -- but to me, the P's shouldn't even be in the picture. Sorry, I disagree, Quak. I think you're wrong. Overall, a slightly delayed SOGs or full cancellation is the lesser evil from postponement for one year. I just don't see it happening in 2021.
  24. Nope; not going to happen, yoshi. The Summer Olympics are held in the Leap Year or NOT at all. There are so many moving parts that have to re-jiggered if you were to do this Tectonic shift. It would then mean having to move the WOGs (and the two YOGs as well). So; nope, a SOG 2021 will NOT happen. It's either maybe Aug-Sept 2020 or not at all. And if NBC has any say in it -- which they will, I'd think it would be maybe 14 days (from August 15 - Sept 14). Not past Labor Day. Both TV seasons in Japan and the US PLUS the school year in Japan, would all have to resume by then. (As it is, the Japanese schoolyear will already have lost 6 months by August).
  25. Question for this group: do more than half the sports have already picked the athletes/teams who have qualified for Tokyo? If MORE than half have not reached their final qualifiers, then they should just cancel altogether. If it's less than half the sports (esp. the marquee ones) then they should hold off on a decision until 90 days before the start -- so around April 24, a final decision should be arrived at.
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