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  1. got it wrong again eh? Boyle had nothing to do with the London 2012 closing ceremony.
  2. Japan has an incredibly rich culture of tradition and technology - I highly doubt their ceremonies will be dull. They certainly wont need to bow to American tastes.
  3. However a future Olympics in the USA will happen, it is just a question of when. So many other countries are eager to host the games, so why would they want to return the games to the USA so soon. it would show the IOC has a bias to the US - and in recent voting results for USA bids to host the games shows it obviously doesnt. considering the next SOG will be held in the America's, i imagine it might be in the 2030's or 2040's when we will see the games back in the USA. not sure if this has been posted before, but this is an interesting article about the above: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-08-12/return-of-olympics-to-u-s-hangs-on-a-risky-deal.html
  4. 'exceptional' being the 'exception' of being the 'BEST'. Juan said it all really.
  5. I think the IOC would have opted to leave SLC - especially after the bribery scandal
  6. Thanks. Just did a bit of an Internet search and read the history of London bridge. WOW!!!
  7. Totally agree. It is a shame it was ruined with the Americanisation of the original British classic. I suppose the new version was designed to appeal to the common American, which it obviously does.
  8. I worked for SOCOG and during that time we were briefed many times about how to avoid an 'Atlanta' situation. SLC were a fantastic success and i believe they would have redeemed faith in the USA if the bribery scandal hadnt been a tarnish. i really would love to see the games again in the USA soon - i feel the GFC has changed many aspects about the US culture and the people there really want the games again and need the games again to restore a fundemental human faith. yeah, like in 2020/2022... and actually, 2024 might be a little too soon. my guess would be 2028/2030/2032
  9. i believe the US will host the 2024/2028 games. I hope they try with Chicago/NYC/Miami. the timeline shows they dont like the Olympic games to venture too far from America or Europe for too long.
  10. The USA has presented its greatest cities to the IOC for consideration to host the Olympics - NYC and Chicago would truely host amazing Olympics. But the IOC do not seem to want the Olympics in the USA anytime soon. 1976: America 1980: Europe 1984: America 1988: Asia 1992: Europe 1996: America 2000: Oceania 2004: Europe 2008: Asia 2012: Europe 2016: America 2020:?????
  11. the only classy thing about the whole Atlanta games experience were the IOC members who kept a dignified silence when bribed during the bid process to hold the games in Atlanta. There were many many many things that went wrong in Atlanta - and the IOC saw these dangers during the games and have made sure they were never repeated. the biggest issue was the lack of a overseeing government body that had the power to properly coordinate all the consultants... Atlanta pretty much privatised everything: an example is the how the IBM (a consultant) designed software could not cope when the atheletes checked into the village causing the whole operation to crumble and delay.... the whole process was not tested, nor was it required to be tested... so there was no responsible body to make sure it worked... and this happened over and over in Atlanta. this spooked the IOC who now demands organising committees take the Sydney model of a government backed organising committee. Atlanta was a mistake the IOC would like to forget. USA is an amazing country and more than capable to organise awesome games (LA1984)... but Atlanta got the Olympics so so so wrong. It will take time for the IOC to trust the US again.
  12. this is not correct. Samarch did use the line again to describe the Sydney games. And in regards to logos: the Atlanta logo is rather 'boring': perhaps a reflection of the host city, its landscape and a premoniotion of its ceremonies. nothing 'wow' about them. the logos of EVERY other Olympic City have tried to instil a sense of culture... Atlanta's is just nothing. it is arrogant.
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