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  1. Japan has an incredibly rich culture of tradition and technology - I highly doubt their ceremonies will be dull. They certainly wont need to bow to American tastes.
  2. An army of German discus throwers should dismantle it.
  3. How do you think they will extinguish the cauldron? Will it be broken up into petals again... Or Just turned off?
  4. Plenty of spoilers here: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/olympics/4480265/Games-finale-stars-the-Spice-Girlson-top-of-black-cabs.html
  5. Why did Rio decide to not host the opening ceremony in the athletics stadium?
  6. This cauldron is a wonderful reflection of British restraint an elegance. You can tell a lot about a nation by ts cauldron design.
  7. awesome - then we can see all the athletics played out infront of the cauldron. its going to look great.
  8. when does athletics officially start in the Stadium - tomorrow or the weekend?
  9. That's awesome. A bit different. It opens up the possibility of other summer venues being used for ceremonies in he future: imagine a water spectacular at the rowing venue or the aquatic venue!
  10. so, how many times in the past 50 years of Summer Olympics has the Cauldron been only visible to those within the athletics stadium? Seoul ? Montreal ? I have no trouble this... burning all that fuel seems like a waste... im glad London has down sized it. Rio is going to be interesting because for the first time in Summer Olympic history, the ceremonies will not be held in the athletics stadium, but rather a stadium just for the ceremonies (it is, however an athletics stadium...just not the one they are going to use for the Olympics).
  11. well, they certainly delivered the "unexpected".
  12. I agree - with the man who gave us the flaming arrow and Sydney waterfall lighting on your team, you are in great hands. Can't wait!
  13. Yes, it w I'll be moved to either where the Tor is or where the bell is.
  14. They have covered up the centre circle. Looks like the cauldron will be beneath it.
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