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  1. Before or after the successful Rugby World Cup 2011? A bid centred on Christchurch using Mt Hutt and Porter Heights and some of the new stadia/arenas being constructed would not be exceptionally taxing. The idea of using Wanaka/Queenstown is - they are simply not big enough especially as the only possible location with the required vertical is Treble Cone in vertical and it would take a massive undertaking to get that access road ready for any event. Mt Hutt is far easier to develop as is Porter Heights.
  2. Sooner or later the IOC will actually sanction a Winter Olympics in the Southern Hemisphere
  3. I think it is a little erroneous to use London costs 1) Building in a 2,000 year old city is always going to add costs to any construction both in terms of sites, and built new transportation links to reach those sites - tunnels are more expensive than overland links as a rule 2) The London Olympic Park had to be expensively cleaned up before the first brick was laid. This might not be necessarily true of Auckland 3) Security costs went through the roof both because of size of population, location and political postion of the UK government. It is far easier to restrict entry into NZ, and therefore far easier to police the games at a substantially reduced cost.
  4. Not until there is complete gender equality ... this rules out most of the Persian Gulf and Arabian peninsula and leaves us with Turkey and North Africa ... turning it into an Islamic games rather than a Middle East games.
  5. I do think that the organisers and the city of Toronto missed a trick here. Having moved away from the Hamilton location, what I would have done would have been to build a single tier 25,000 seat stadium in the Portlands, future proofed for expansion. Once 2015 had finished, the Argonauts could have moved in. If Toronto won the right to host the Olympics, two extra modular decks could have been added producing a 75,000 - 80,000 seat Olympic stadium. Post games and depending on future needs, you either remove both decks or just the top one, leaving a 50,000 seat venue for either the Argonauts, major Toronto FC games, the Grey Cup etc. There might even be space for a new ballpark and all of the infrastructure would be in place.
  6. and Los Angeles is 4,800km to Boston In 2016, Chicago proposed LA 3,300km away
  7. In 1984, LA used stadiums in Boston and Maryland and for the football In 1996, Atlanta used stadiums in Miami and Washington In 2000, Sydney used stadiums Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne In 2008, Beijing used stadiums in Shanghai and if you look at the LA, NY and Chicago bids for 2012 and 2016, the football was spread around There is no reason not to use stadiums in Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Montreal to host the football group games before moving the semi finals and finals close to Toronto.
  8. Jacques Rogge said in 2010 that a Southern Hemisphere (Winter Olympics) bid from Argentina or Chile were viable http://www.latercera.com/contenido/732_279917_9.shtml He has also said that New Zealand could host an Olympics http://www.latercera.com/contenido/732_279917_9.shtml Do you have more recent information because these both claim direct quotes from Rogge which disprove your comment especially as Santiago is closer to the equator than Christchurch
  9. Maybe so but the reason why football at every games is widely spread is so that the games had reach people who can't make it too other events. I don't think concentrating the football would enhance the bid, and could in fact detract from it.
  10. He'd been injured and whilst he tried to recover and entered the qualifying round, he missed so much training and was still lacking in fitness, that he failed to make the final
  11. You need about 5 football venues most of which are 30,000 seats+ .... I don't know if Toronto has this capacity?
  12. I'd doubt they'd drop the Frank Clair. Interestingly the football is the one event that is spread around a country so using BC Place, Commonwealth Stadium, Canads Inn (or whatever the new is called) the Frank Clair and Montreal's Olympic stadium makes sense. What the Rogers offers with its roof closed seems too valuable to me.
  13. I am not convinced it is so 'out of whack' in terms of when it would be. The FIS season often starts in mid October, whilst you get decent snowfalls from mid to late September. Any normal games held in February disrupts the existing seasons of most winter sports but a mid-late September games, falls right in the pre-season training regime for most of the outdoor sports so works pretty likely. And if London 2012 proves anything, it is that in the build up to hosting a games, the enthusiasm created can lead the host nation to 'bat above average' = the Kiwis would certainly turn out in droves to support the games.
  14. When they say covered do they mean as in 'Dunedin' or a sliding roof facility, or just a regular stadium with a roof over each stand only?
  15. Finally got some tickets for the athletics - seven hours during the day on Thursday, though it took me 5 days online to finally grab them
  16. Err, as the entire post referenced winter sports exactly what did you think I was referring to? Clearly it would not have been Sydney, because Melbourne 56 was the first southern summer games A southern Winter Games could be held in September just before the FIS winter season kicks off in October. As for paying for it, lets not forget that New Zealand already face a capital cost of rebuilding Christchurch including most of the sport venues such as Jade Stadium and QEII stadium - as the government are already going to be paying for this, it would not be overly challenging to rebuilt venues so that they are suitable towards hosting events in a Winter Games. With regard to outdoor facilities like the sliding track and ski jumps, these would be a source of ongoing revenue as the site for training camps post games.
  17. I wasn't aware Syndney had held the Winter Olympics. Maybe you should read properly before commenting?
  18. The option of a Christchurch games would be very interesting. 1. A lot of northern hemisphere teams use NZ for their 'summer training' so it would not be a totally alien environment for them - and to hold the Winter Olympics out of season on a single occasion would not be completely unwarranted if the notion is to grow the sports represented. Similarily this could be extended to building Ski Jumping hills, for ski jumpers to train 'out of season' whilst the advent of temporary sliding tracks means such a solution could be offered in a NZ Winter Olympics bid. 2. Much is made of the biggest vertical in the South Island being Mt Hutt at 693m, below the minimum FIS 800m requirement. What isn't mentioned are the following two points. In Calgary 1988, the normal vertical on the mens downhill course was below 800m, and what the skiers did was travel further up the mountain to a purpose built ski hut. The actual 'prominence' of Mt Hutt is 1,292m (2,185m above SL) so unlike Quebec where Le Massif is 806m and the vertical already 770m, Mt Hutt has quite a lot of potential ground to extend the vertical upwards. Mt Hutt is about 90km from Christchurch, and there is a secondary club field at Porter Heights with an existing vertical of 620m which could be extended. 3. After the trajedy of the earthquakes, Christchurch will be rebuilt, and it would be an ideal opportunity to include new arenas and stadiums. A new stadium for the Crusaders and Canterbury Cricket will likely be built and at 35,000 seats+, would be big enough for the opening and closing ceremonies. Canterbury Arena could be rebuilt or refurbished to provide one of the larger indoor arenas and is mainly used by the popular netball team. Both a local basketball team and two ice hockey teams play in seperate arenas which could extended to form the two smaller arenas. A speed skating track could be converted into a conference venue as in Turin, or a local community sports facility as in Vancouver. This means a single temporary 10,000 seat arena need be built to be moved elsewhere afterwards and I imagine there are several cities that would fancy a 5,000 seat arena in their midst post games With an international airport, and seen as the gateway to the South Island and the mass influx of tourists on a yearly basis, Christchurch could be an extremely interesting candidate for 2026 with at least three catches to woo the IOC with - 1) rebuilding a city, 2) taking winter sports to a new part of the world 3) the first 'iconic' southern hemisphere games.
  19. It won't happen like this as it would turn the Euro's into a joke. How about London 2020 though .... there is enough stadia Wembley 90,000 seats Twickenham 80,000 seats (if approval can be given by the local council) Olympic Stadium 60-80,000 seats (depending on how much alteration has been agreed to) Emirates 60,234 seats New White Hart Lane 56-60,000 seats Stamford Bridge 41,837 seats and 4 teams who could expand their stadia The Valley (Charlton) 27,111 seats Selhurst Park (Crystal Palace) 26,309 seats Craven Cottage (Fulham) being increased to 30,000 seats new QPR stadium - 30,000 seats + and just outside of London is the Madjeski (Reading) which may be expanded to 36,900 seats.
  20. yes but also Rio and maybe Istanbul offer a true uniqueness in their bids - first games in South America, first Muslim games etc - whilst a city which has already held the games twice won't have that PLUS to outweigh the MINUS of a spread out bid.
  21. Looking at a Toronto bid - and I still think 2028 might be a better option than 2024, I think it will pose a massive challenge to any US nominee. You are talking a North American bid, so the US networks won't be totally upset. There will be government funding unlike the US and this is something that the IOC will like. Outside of the Big 3 (LA, NY, Chicago), no US city exceeds Toronto in terms of infrastructure, transport, sporting facilities suitable for the Olympics which are already in place. Whilst New York and Chicago might offer a vow factor, Los Angeles may need to work hard to come up with an imaginative new twist ..... unlike London whose 1948 austerity games bailed out the IOC, a 3rd games in LA would be a genuine 3rd selection. San Francisco could be interesting but if they can't even get a 49ers stadium built within the city limits, what hope is there for the facilities needed for an Olympics? Philadelphia and Dallas have made noises but can they genuinely put together as compact a bid as Toronto?
  22. I never brought up Syria, but hey, don't let the truth stand in the way of a good lie
  23. How convenient you forgot my mentioning that if that were to occur the Chinese might be drawn in as they were in the Korean War, and for all the typical American sable rattling would they really want that for a localised incident. I have not said they don't pose a threat. They've a proven record of actions against Japan including the kidnapping of their citizens, but think it is no more likely than some how thinking that Syria might bizarrely impact on Istanbul because they are in the same geographical region.
  24. I argued it was technically closer (800km to 1,000km) merely to illustrate how stupid the suggestion about Syria was I take it you didn't read the quote you are referring to because no where did I say bigger or larger at all, I merely said that if that was to be considered then Tokyo had similar questions to answer
  25. Oh didums - have I upset you? You don't seem to understand so I shall try to avoid big words - I said Tokyo/North Korea when you said Istanbul/Syria because they are both equally to have same impact i.e. zero. It was your drivel which started it but because you can't take the heat you choose to leave the kitchen. Your choice And I least I use proper English rather than degrade this board with your txt abbreviations
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