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  1. It is not my opinion. It is that of the IOC. The VP of the IOC does not go on public record without there being an issue. London cracked down heavily on all non-improved commercial activities And the directive regarding public funding comes directly from the IOC. Since 1996 bids for both the Summer and Winter Games have been rejected outright if this has not been forthcoming.
  2. Just for you: Transportation for IOC officials and the media was described as an unmitigated mess. Samaranch even took the unprecedented step of telling SLC to make sure that their bus drivers were adequately trained. "If not they get lost as happened at a former games" ... they also had shoddy quality transportation. There were so many technological breakdowns, the games became reminiscent of a Third World Country. Street vendors were not controlled at all, and downtown was transformed into a tacky flea market. This was because Atlanta found they had a shortfall in budget. "From the IOC's point of view, most of Atlanta's problems can be traced to the reliance on private funding, which kept the organizers scrambling for money right up to the July 19 opening ceremony in order to meet a $1.7 billion budget." "The IOC has made it clear it will never bring the Olympics to another city without assurances of significant public funding." Finally there was a lack of cooperation between the Atlanta 96 organizers, the city government, the USOC and the IOC. YES there was http://juneauempire.com/stories/071197/olympics.html I never said that IOC members said a badly prepared Athens would have been better. You cannot tell. But Atlanta got the gig and failed to deliver as they should have.
  3. This is exactly correct and despite much mocking from other members, I have always said any bidding city needs a team to take over the stadium post games. With all of the stadia architectural experience in the USA it should be possible to build an athletics stadium and convert it into a football stadium. The Redskins desire to move back into the DC area should be of interest to Washington. The Hurricanes may want a stadium closer to their stadium in Miami. The Temple Owls may want their own downsized stadium in Philadelphia. A new MLS stadium could use a NY stadium OR the Jets could find themselves in a position to move out of the Metlife in accordance to their lease. But with San Francisco and Chicago you do wonder who might use the stadium post games. In Europe it is different because there is that concept of a national stadium and London despite having Wembley and Twickenham, was very poorly served for a city of its size compared to other European cities in Athletics, something now addressed.
  4. Did you read the actual link? It goes into detail about why this guy said what he did and he provides examples of this. Again, a number of IOC members have gone on record including the respected Dick Pound, former VP of the IOC who went on to become President of WADA. These people have gone on record as to illuminate specifics of why they were unimpressed, Pound stating that Atlanta had failed to present itself as a World Class city despite being presented the opportunity. People at this level and with this sort of experience DO NOT make these comments lightly or without due consideration.
  5. Not until there is complete gender equality ... this rules out most of the Persian Gulf and Arabian peninsula and leaves us with Turkey and North Africa ... turning it into an Islamic games rather than a Middle East games.
  6. ``Commercialism in and of itself is not an evil - only when it becomes vulgar, bizarre and gross,'' Lucas said. ``That's what happened in Atlanta.'' (John Lucas, who has done extensive research on the history of the Olympic movement, Professor at Penn St) "Nevertheless, the memory of Atlanta could be a negative when the next U.S. city bids for the Olympics, especially when powerful IOC officials such as vice president Richard Pound say Atlanta had a chance to show ``it was a world-class city, and it failed to do it.''
  7. I could say the same "Juan Antonio Samaranch has a different view. Not only did the president of the International Olympic Committee insist on calling Atlanta's Games ``most exceptional'' instead of the ``best ever'' - ensuring he'll never be invited back for a Coke and Varsity chili dog - he seems intent on keeping the memory of them as the ``Glitch Games.'' alive. Samaranch advised organizers of the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City a few months ago to make sure out-of-town bus drivers are adequately trained. ``If not, they get lost, like it happened in former games,'' he said." http://juneauempire.com/stories/071197/olympics.html
  8. I would see a 2026 Winter Olympics games and then a 2032 Summer Games as they'd even have the centenary card to play and hopefully a 2026 games with no problems would enhance a US bid. I don't think the 6 years gap only would be a problem - there are only so many places a games can be held. A WOG could also be seen as a warm up for a SOG
  9. the logo was the only classy thing about the entire games
  10. as has been said he used the term 'best ever games' for all the others
  11. Disagree ... I think Durban will need a trial run before South Africa wins in 2028. Up against the world's great cities in New York, Paris, Rome etc and South Africa offer their 3rd city?
  12. I personally think both Toronto and Melbourne could have done better
  13. I can understand why people think Atlanta is given an unnecessarily hard time and I am more guilty than most. The problem with Atlanta was .... it was unexceptional. Having beaten out the people's favourite Athens because of what many thought were commericial links to the likes of Coca-Cola, Atlanta HAD to deliver at a level considered excellent - and at most it was good to very good. People resent Atlanta for depriving Athens of the iconic centenary games and being held in the most powerful and technologically advanced countries in the world, people might have had overly high expectations and were disappointed with what was ultimately delivered. This is why Atlanta is regarded negatively IMO
  14. Well you had Barcelona 92, Atlanta 96 and Sydney 2000 Think of making a sandwich using two slices of the finest baked bread, and then filling it with dog food - Barcelona and Sydney represent the slices of bread.
  15. .... sour grapes, and envy for such a tactless games which is hung round the necks of subsequent American bids like an albatross? I don't think so Delude yourself if you like but Samaranch said Well Done Atlanta because the games simply did not meet the standards of the IOC Atlanta was to the Summer Games what Reno would be to the Winter Games
  16. I do think that the organisers and the city of Toronto missed a trick here. Having moved away from the Hamilton location, what I would have done would have been to build a single tier 25,000 seat stadium in the Portlands, future proofed for expansion. Once 2015 had finished, the Argonauts could have moved in. If Toronto won the right to host the Olympics, two extra modular decks could have been added producing a 75,000 - 80,000 seat Olympic stadium. Post games and depending on future needs, you either remove both decks or just the top one, leaving a 50,000 seat venue for either the Argonauts, major Toronto FC games, the Grey Cup etc. There might even be space for a new ballpark and all of the infrastructure would be in place.
  17. I was responding to a comment made. Direct your comments to the right person
  18. London more commercialised? The fact that the IOC gave Atlanta very litte praise is what people base this on, especially when the games were held by the richest and most powerful country in the world. Having beaten out Athens for the centenary games, Atlanta had to justify that decision and in the opinion of the majority, didn't
  19. In many ways I wonder if Sydney is regarded with overly rose tinted glasses because of the car crash which was Atlanta.
  20. and that it was the most blatantly over commercialised games of the modern era. Joao Havenlage could only bring himself to say 'Well done, Atlanta' when every other games was described as the best ever ... damning praise
  21. Which means Auckland would still host before Brisbane
  22. Pot calling kettle black - your moniker doesn't even indicate your country
  23. You're kind of looking at NYC Chicago San Francisco Los Angeles and that's it The success of London might convince NYC that a mega city and hold the games without excessive disruption
  24. and Los Angeles is 4,800km to Boston In 2016, Chicago proposed LA 3,300km away
  25. this was in an era when as many cities could bid from a country as they liked. Minneapolis, Philadelphia and Detroit have all bid multiple times before one city per country was selected Here are the US cities which bid per games 1916: Cleveland 1920: Cleveland, Atlanta, Philadelphia 1924: Los Angeles 1928: Los Angeles 1932: Los Angeles (hosts) 1944: Detroit 1948: Baltimore, LA, Philadelphia, Minneapolis 1952: Chicago, Detroit, LA, Philadelphia, Minneapolis 1956: Chicago, Detroit, LA, Philadelphia, San Francisco 1960: Detroit 1964: Detroit 1968: Detroit 1972: Detroit 1976: LA 1980: LA 1984: LA (hosts) and New York
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