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  1. There is no such thing as "best games". All this nonsense started in the 80s with Samaranch and it really has to stop. Of course people may have personal favorites based on completely diverging criteria. Rio games were highly enjoyable. Yes there were issues but they didnt spoil the enjoyment of the sporting spectacle. Thank you Rio!
  2. Speaking of bad behaviour... Lochte case: Who's gonna offer a huge apology to Brazilians??
  3. OK, after Rio and London, the IOC needs to put some ground rules about the flame. Even for the non purists, this is ridiculous...
  4. About the the"bravo for the understated, quieter, less stellar tone" argument that i hear i a lot. The scale of Rio's opening was not a choice but a need.. Let's be honest, if Brazil wasn't in financial crisis, they would have taken the Beijing road...
  5. Very first impressions Given the money spent, it was a decent effort. I liked it until the parkour segment, but i m afraid it went completely downhill after that. Heavily based on projections. And lets face it, its 2016 and not many are still impressed by visual effects of that type... 7/10
  6. As much as i adored Athens ( best ever for me), i wouldnt want brazilians to imitate it because their culture is very different.
  7. They are not crystal clear, so it's a scandal
  8. So far, only the australians have complained about the olympic village. Every host city had operational problems before the opening ceremony. Have we forgotten London buses who lost their way, thelost keys to Wembley etc.? Let's give Brazilians a break, at least for now...
  9. THE GUARDIAN Russian athletes will be allowed to go to the Games if they satisfy their sport’s governing body they can prove “to the full satisfaction of his or her International Federation (IF)” that they are demonstrably clean. However, crucially, the IOC has raised the bar on Russian entry by deciding that “the absence of a positive national anti-doping test cannot be considered sufficient by the IFs”. Instead, individual federations will be required to “carry out an individual analysis of each athlete’s anti-doping record, taking into account only reliable adequate international tests, and the specificities of the athlete’s sport and its rules, in order to ensure a level playing field”.
  10. Did any of you read the IOC decision? Every single russian athlete lost the right to the presumption of innocence and has to prove himself clean based on specific criteria>>> Am i wrong?
  11. Thanks savas It's been 10 years... and I still have in my ears the heartbeat and the "Olympic games welcome back to Greece!"...
  12. It's amazing how ridiculously and unabashedly biased these threads have become.
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