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  1. Well Councilman Tom LaBonge has announced that he would put forward this motion, but is LA the best American option? I think it is. If you consider recent American bids, there have been issues and questions about the crucial main stadium, an issue LA would not suffer from. There has been discussions for several years about updating the 93,000 seat LA Memorial Coliseum, which already has a tenant in the USC Trojans football team. Even if a dedicated football stadium, a temporary deck should still allow the minimum 80,000 seat USOC capacity. Above is an artist impression of a previous option but shows a lick of paint on the old gal would look great. In this pdf by the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission, there is talk of demolishing the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena alongside the Coliseum as it is losing significant money and with no real prospect of profitable redevelopment. This structure could be replaced by a Velodrome and with an update to the LA84 Foundation Swim Stadium could result in an Olympic Park type surrounding http://www.lacoliseum.com/eir/lamsarp/Draft_EIR.pdf Whether it would also be possible to built an Olympic Village in the immediate vicinity I am not sure. There are also an abundance of indoor arenas (I have included capacity and distance from the stadium) Staples Center 19,060 - 21,000 seats, 2.4miles The Forum 16,000 - 18,000 seats, 8miles Pauley Pavilion 10,067 seats, 15miles Galen Center 10,258 seats, 0.5miles LA Convention Center, 4 miles In Long Beach: Walter Pyramid 5,000 seats, 24miles Long Beach Sports Arena 13,600 seats, 22miles In Anaheim Honda Center 17,000 - 19,000 seats, 32.3 miles As for outdoor arenas there is The Rose Bowl 91,000 seats, 14.3miles (Football?) Dodger Stadium, 56,000 seats, 6miles (Football?) Angel Stadium, 45,957 seats, 31.4miles (Football?) Home Depot Center, 27,000 seats 12miles (Football?) The Los Angeles Tennis Center, 5,800 seats, 15miles Weingart Stadium, 20,355 seats, 9,9miles (Hockey?) Spieker Acquatics Center, 2,500 seats, 15miles (Water Polo?) Santa Anita Park at 21.3miles was proposed for the equestrian events, whilst Long Beach Harbour was suggested for rowing - I would assume a suitable lake/reservoir might be better with the Harbour used for sailing events. Clearly there is the massive LAX, but since 1984 there have been a large number of commuter rail lines built and there were several lines under construction which were planned to be ready if the 2016 bid had been successful. What cannot be argued is the amount of public support for the bid in 2016 which was running at over 85% in favour or the fact that apparently the only two Olympic games which turned a reasonable profit occured in 1932 and 1984. With other potential US bidders in NY, Chicago and San Francisco, there would be continued uncertainty about the main stadium and it would possibly still be a paper design when the design was taken. Whilst LA has to overcome the 'been there, seen that' attitude, realistically is there a more ready and more capable American city ready to host the Olympics?
  2. Los Angeles would be great if they can 1) Redevelop the coliseum This image shows no running track but if they implemented a bottom tier where the stands could cover the track during USC games, then that would be ideal 2) Develop the area in the immediate vicinity of the games, to improve it as I understand its pretty run down, including maybe an Olympic Village which could subsequently be used for affordable housing, also creating the LA version of London's Olympic Park but with the main stadium already in place. Whether California could afford to do this is another question.
  3. FALSE Someone makes a comment, I respond back If someone makes a further comment, I respond further If someone responds to that response, I respond again Do you see the pattern here?
  4. Ostersund have said they won't bid again because of continued Swedish Government refusal to provide the necessary financial guarantees A pity as Sweden should get the chance to host the games
  5. Will you stop sticking your head in the sand, and accept that many independent assessors as well as the IOC have said the same thing time and time again? You make a statement based on comment .... you then get told that person is not good enough ... then get told to find another comment Here you go just for your deluded little world "ATLANTA 1996 was the GREATEST BESTEST EVER GAMES OF ALL TIME - NOTHING AT ALL WENT WRONG, IT WAS IN FACT BETTER THAN PERFECT" It is in fact a massive set up by the jealous and anti-American IOC, encouraged by the marxist and muslim President Obama, who wasn't even born in the USA, so should be president? Does this set better in your world Krow? p.s # Shouldn't be President Pot calling the kettle black Misinformed comments - that would be direct quotes from IOC Members including VP Richard Pound Sweeping Generalisations - with specific quotes and links to those individuals making those comments. Find me quotes apart from ACOG members who are well informed that have said the opposite? The GreenandBlue character seems to prefer living in a world where they can remain ignorant and uninformed
  6. Ostersund-Are and Zaragoza-Jaca have already both pulled out. However Barcelona-La Molina is still moving forward
  7. Before or after the successful Rugby World Cup 2011? A bid centred on Christchurch using Mt Hutt and Porter Heights and some of the new stadia/arenas being constructed would not be exceptionally taxing. The idea of using Wanaka/Queenstown is - they are simply not big enough especially as the only possible location with the required vertical is Treble Cone in vertical and it would take a massive undertaking to get that access road ready for any event. Mt Hutt is far easier to develop as is Porter Heights.
  8. With all due respect Athens, when events are at risk of being delayed or cancelled from their start time because the athletes have only just shown up, what term would you describe it as?
  9. I don't know about that - I've driven there in snow in mid May Interestingly the biggest vertical in Norway of over 1000m in Norefjell which could be used for an Oslo Olympics but has an overall height of 1600m Ben Nevis has a height of 1344m, and a prominence of 1344m so there is possible to find the necessary vertical drops required.
  10. 1. BC Place was simply used as the largest stadium - indoors/outdoors were irrelevant 2. I think this is a bit of a red herring - the distance between the Maracana and the Estadio Joao Havelange is a massive 8km. All the athletes are still based in the same Olympic village. As the Maracana holds an extra 30,000 people it is not surprising to use this for the ceremonies. If Madrid win 2020, they could use the Estadio Bernabeau 3. Sacramento to Truckee is under 180km, Harbin is over 240km from Yabuli but there are more recent hosts of the Winter Asian Games in Changchun/Jilin which is much closer (160km) to the mountain areas. There is no need to consider two different locations over 200km between each.
  11. I disagree. I think it might be physically impossible to do this because any land improvements will draw the anger of environmentalists and air travel cannot be guaranteed in winter conditions. If anything, we might see more games held at repeat locations. I think it more likely they'd look to the Southern Hemisphere, the Pyrenees, locations like Portland, Oregon, Boise, plus Denver, SLC, Reno, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Ukraine, Almaty, Bursa etc. There are plenty of locations that meet the existing criteria before you consider Norway, Switzerland and Austria. The problem with too much distance is you psychologically start creating two seperate games, held seperately but occuring over the same dates.
  12. Carolina The problem is not so much whether spectators found it great or whether there was a good legacy. It was that the IOC felt that throughout the 17days they were lurching from potential disaster to potential disaster - from the transportation system meaning athletes barely arrived on time for their events, to the IT system which apparently crashed every day to bus drivers still getting lost well into the second week The issue was not so much that it was privately funded, but that the ACOG underestimated how much money they would raise and at the 11th hour had the begging bowl out trying to scrimp together as much as they could. That is why the IOC insist that there is a government pledge to make up any budget shortfall As for over-commercialisation, it was because allegedly there was a free for all selling items associated with the Olympics by organisations who had nothing to do with the Olympics. The IOC protect its brand jealously, and for an example in London they cracked down hard on any non-sanctioned merchandise. I think that the IOC are happy for a games to be privately funded, but want a guarantee that if the budget massively increases that either state or federal government will step in to cover a shortfall, rather than risk selling the Olympic brand to the highest bidder just to make ends meet.
  13. And its American Football, so its not like its real sport
  14. What extreme conclusion? I've not said that I personally thought it was a bad games as a spectator. I remember watching Steve Redgrave, and Ben Ainslie and Donovan Bailey as well as the superb Michael Johnson and is 19.32 run in the 200m. What I've said is that Atlanta disappointed the IOC not delivering to maybe a too high an expectation and there were a number of problems which they IOC insisted were addressed in future bids. Funding and rigid commercialisation controls were implemented post Atlanta to the benefit of the Olympic movement Stick in your head in the sand and pretending this did not occur is not going to help. Most games to the spectator are brilliant, it is the impression that the IOC form which becomes important, And I think a future New York, Chicago, LA bid etc, will pay very close attention to make sure the same problems don't occur.
  15. Sooner or later the IOC will actually sanction a Winter Olympics in the Southern Hemisphere
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