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  1. Los Angeles would be great if they can 1) Redevelop the coliseum This image shows no running track but if they implemented a bottom tier where the stands could cover the track during USC games, then that would be ideal 2) Develop the area in the immediate vicinity of the games, to improve it as I understand its pretty run down, including maybe an Olympic Village which could subsequently be used for affordable housing, also creating the LA version of London's Olympic Park but with the main stadium already in place. Whether California could afford to do this is another question.
  2. FALSE Someone makes a comment, I respond back If someone makes a further comment, I respond further If someone responds to that response, I respond again Do you see the pattern here?
  3. Will you stop sticking your head in the sand, and accept that many independent assessors as well as the IOC have said the same thing time and time again? You make a statement based on comment .... you then get told that person is not good enough ... then get told to find another comment Here you go just for your deluded little world "ATLANTA 1996 was the GREATEST BESTEST EVER GAMES OF ALL TIME - NOTHING AT ALL WENT WRONG, IT WAS IN FACT BETTER THAN PERFECT" It is in fact a massive set up by the jealous and anti-American IOC, encouraged by the marxist and muslim President Obama, who wasn't
  4. Before or after the successful Rugby World Cup 2011? A bid centred on Christchurch using Mt Hutt and Porter Heights and some of the new stadia/arenas being constructed would not be exceptionally taxing. The idea of using Wanaka/Queenstown is - they are simply not big enough especially as the only possible location with the required vertical is Treble Cone in vertical and it would take a massive undertaking to get that access road ready for any event. Mt Hutt is far easier to develop as is Porter Heights.
  5. With all due respect Athens, when events are at risk of being delayed or cancelled from their start time because the athletes have only just shown up, what term would you describe it as?
  6. Carolina The problem is not so much whether spectators found it great or whether there was a good legacy. It was that the IOC felt that throughout the 17days they were lurching from potential disaster to potential disaster - from the transportation system meaning athletes barely arrived on time for their events, to the IT system which apparently crashed every day to bus drivers still getting lost well into the second week The issue was not so much that it was privately funded, but that the ACOG underestimated how much money they would raise and at the 11th hour had the begging bowl out tryi
  7. And its American Football, so its not like its real sport
  8. What extreme conclusion? I've not said that I personally thought it was a bad games as a spectator. I remember watching Steve Redgrave, and Ben Ainslie and Donovan Bailey as well as the superb Michael Johnson and is 19.32 run in the 200m. What I've said is that Atlanta disappointed the IOC not delivering to maybe a too high an expectation and there were a number of problems which they IOC insisted were addressed in future bids. Funding and rigid commercialisation controls were implemented post Atlanta to the benefit of the Olympic movement Stick in your head in the sand and pretending this d
  9. Sooner or later the IOC will actually sanction a Winter Olympics in the Southern Hemisphere
  10. One slight problem - If the IOC weren't impressed, they are the one group you must impress if you want the Summer Olympics awarded again
  11. That the fact that the spectators enjoyed it is not disputed .... or that the ceremonies or events looked good. What the International Olympic Committee had to do behind the scenes to represent a respectable games is what they measure - the budget shortfalls, the tacky commercialisation, the appalling transportation of athletes and officials, the chaotic IT system - and this has been recorded by American journalists in details. I once organised a conference at a venue, where despite written agreements, the venue failed to deliver in IT support, catering, sound etc ... if anything could have
  12. A rather inaccurate comment. Wembley in its 1948 form was already 25years old. By 2000, it was 75years old. At a certain point it is physically impossible to keep updating a stadium and rebuild it. The Olympic Stadium of 1948 is still at its exact same location. As for the 1908 stadium, it was only demolished after being in existence for 75years, and having all the streets around it developed to the point which hamstrung what the owners could do. Ironically it would have been a great site for the proposed QPR stadium. If the USA winning city plan to build an Olympic Stadium and operate it f
  13. I think it is a little erroneous to use London costs 1) Building in a 2,000 year old city is always going to add costs to any construction both in terms of sites, and built new transportation links to reach those sites - tunnels are more expensive than overland links as a rule 2) The London Olympic Park had to be expensively cleaned up before the first brick was laid. This might not be necessarily true of Auckland 3) Security costs went through the roof both because of size of population, location and political postion of the UK government. It is far easier to restrict entry into NZ, and th
  14. because after (west) Europe in 2006 , North America in 2010, (east) Europe in 2014 and Asia in 2018, the next in the loop would likely be in Western Europe. I cannot think of a US city that could beat Paris if Paris goes for it in 2024 ... forget the centenery ... Paris has all of the facilities as well as the desired legacy. Only if Madrid win in 2020 will things change, in my opinion
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