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  1. Israel is one of the worst human rights abusers in the world, what else is there to elaborate on? The sporting ban on South Africa played a large part in placing international pressure on South Africa to end their apartheid and I think that if global sport has the ability to influence the world in a similar matter today or tomorrow then they should place similar bans on countries that are guilty of such crimes. I mean, it's not really an outrageous proposition if people are willing to ban Iran who, while they are guilty of pretty serious human rights issues, don't commit the war crimes that Israel commits on a regular basis.
  2. While some states may have serious issues with human rights abuses, I think that it is important not to demonize entire ethnic groups or religions. Israel deserves to be banned from any sports federation it may be apart of in the same way South Africa was boycotted.
  3. Boston is not going to build a second Boston Garden sized arena. There is no use for another arena of that size and moving the Celtics or Bruins out of that area to utilize a new arena would be incredibly unpopular. I also don't see why they would need a venue of that size if the sport we're trying to accommodate is indoor volleyball which does not require capacities that large. If we're building a new Garden for the sake of building a new venue then that seems to run contrary to the cheap games idea. The question of renovating the arena or building a new Garden is really up to the Boston Bruins ownership anyways and isn't a necessary cost in the first place. There are a bunch of pockets of land for things to go in Boston, particularly if you are talking about a temporary venue.
  4. Ok so going back to those prospective venue plans, I made this map which plots out the venues name dropped so far (along with other major venues in the city and infrastructure upgrades mentioned as well). As far as I know, the only special venues that would need to be constructed at this point would be a velodrome and the aquatics center. If some people who have more knowledge about venue plans and Olympic scheduling could clarify how much venue space would be required for the remaining events, or point me in the direction of a good resource to find the information myself, that would be helpful.* The events of interest would be: Basketball, indoor volleyball, wrestling, badminton, boxing, rugby, shooting, tennis, and weightlifting. I am also unclear on the language used to describe the venue plan in Franklin Park in regards to the modern pentathlon and equestrian, because they describe renovating White Stadium and that damage may occur to the public golf course nearby. Some clarification on how equestrian and pentathlon venues are typically arranged could be helpful to find out what they may be thinking about or planning there. * I also think that it would be useful for this sort of information to be collected and placed in a sticky somewhere in this forum, as I feel that would help with discussions on this particular sub-forum.
  5. There are currently no plans to do either of the things that I mentioned. The state transportation plan that you linked was never fully funded and is out of date. The Red-Blue Connecter in particular was also never mentioned in that proposal. The problem here is that the people trying to organize the Olympics in Boston are saying that current transportation plans are enough to handle the influx from the Olympics when that isn't true and misses the point of hosting the Olympics. The only legitimate argument for going through the process of hosting the games is so that the city can receive some infrastructure upgrades that it wouldn't normally get. If the transportation plan for the games is the same as the transportation plan without the games then why are we doing this at all??? Also the current plans for transportation improvements are already severely lacking when accounting for current demographic shifts and expected increases in ridership and population. If you try to host an Olympics in Boston while only investing in some DMU vehicles then the rapid transit system, especially the Green Line spurs and the downtown core stations, will have major congestion issues.
  6. Projects and spending from the State Transportation Bill have nothing to do with the Olympics. Some projects there might help somewhat with transportation in the region, but there will be other necessary projects to improve transit to handle capacity issues that the system would face in the future with or without an Olympics. If the MBTA doesn't get things like improved signal systems or the Red-Blue Connector then there is literally no reason to support the Olympics.
  7. I have seen nothing anywhere about Mitt Romney actually working with the Boston bid or running for any political office.
  8. Choosing Dubai would be a mistake because it would have the same problems as Doha in regards to labor, lack of legacy, and corruption
  9. I figure that Baku would try to style themselves as both European and Middle Eastern in the same way that Turkey might. There is a benefit in styling a bid as being part of a new frontier. Also the chances of any of the Arab Gulf states hosting the Olympics is pretty much 0% at this point thanks to the World Cup debacle in Qatar.
  10. Putting an Olympic Stadium near Castle Island is obviously a joke, thats like putting a stadium on Liberty Island. Again, Beacon Park and Newmarket would be the two locations where an Olympic Stadium and larger Olympic Park would be viable.
  11. You can play hockey outside, its starting to be a popular trend in the NHL. Its probably not the ideal venue situation though. I guess they could work for bandy if that ever gets into the Winter Olympics, but if you need an association football sized area to play in then football stadiums are probably better suited and more common.
  12. The stadium here could have been used for a lot longer and doesn't currently have any real signs of wear and tear. The Braves are moving because they think they'll get better attendance in the suburbs (they won't), not because of anything to do with the stadium. Stadiums can be used for a long, long time and you can look at Fenway Park to confirm that possible longevity. The issue is that current American sports franchises are able to put political pressure on municipal governments in order to get newer, publicly financed stadiums. and of course they abuse this because no one is going to stop them.
  13. If the US bid with Atlanta again they would be kicked out of the Olympics.
  14. Those are some very different regions, whats the reason for bunching them together? If it was about regions that haven't yet had an Olympics (other than Africa which obviously has already seen a fair bit of discussion), then why not also include Central Asia and the Middle East? Singapore is a very well off and developed city, but it obviously has space issues. There are plenty of other cities in Southeast Asia like Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and Hanoi that will eventually host the Olympics in the far future. South Asia really only has India as an option, unless you think Pakistan's political and regional headaches will be solved anytime soon. India has a lot of cities for bidding, but looking back on the Commonwealth Games it doesn't seem like India will be hosting the Olympics anytime soon. Delhi would be the first Indian city to bid I would think, but again not until the far future. The Caribbean does not have a city large enough to host the Olympics.
  15. Lets put a city in the middle of a desert. (Terrible Idea) Lets put an Olympics there. (Worse Idea)
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