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  1. Apple

    2030 Commonwealth Games

    Hamilton agrees to partner with Hamilton 100 group to bid on 2030 Commonwealth Games https://www.hamiltonnews.com/news-story/9545554-hamilton-agrees-to-partner-with-hamilton-100-group-to-bid-on-2030-commonwealth-games/?fbclid=iwar2-q-a3mslvvk0r-fdtskxecexx8gdoai29s1qtn8uqxspthrhhbwldvsi Hamilton councillors have agreed to partner with a private sector effort to land the 100th Commonwealth Games in the city where the sporting event began. The general issues committee agreed Aug. 12 to a memorandum of understanding that allows the city the flexibility to exit the process if it wants to, while also assuming no financial or legal obligations in the bid process for the Games. The cost for the Games could reach over $1 billion, officials have said. The 2018 Games in Australia cost over $1.8 billion, while the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, in 2014 and the 2022 Games in Birmingham, England, are about $1.5 billion. Jasper Kujavsky, vice-chair of the Hamilton 100 group that will be making a bid to Commonwealth Games Canada to be the Canadian city to host the Games, was pleased with the decision. “Our side wants to sign (the memorandum of understanding),” he said. The document addresses both parties’ primary objectives including areas of collaborations, due diligence, communications, contacts and effective dates. It also states that the city “shall assume no liability for any obligations” from the bid proposal. Hamilton will provide the group with advice in such areas as affordable housing, health and wellness, tourism, economic development, sport development, recreation, security and special events. Kujavsky said currently Hamilton is the only Canadian city that has made it clear it will be putting a bid in to host the 2030 Games. The Games began in 1930 in Hamilton and were then called the British Empire Games. P.J. Mercanti, who is heading the Hamilton 100 effort, has already told councillors that the “100th anniversary is a once-in-a-generation opportunity” for the city to host the Games. Mountain Coun. Terry Whitehead, a supporter of the city making a bid for the Games, said such an event could allow the city to address such pressing issues as affordable housing, poverty, jobs and training. “If our ducks are aligned, we will be hosting the Commonwealth Games,” he said. Kujavsky said by approving the document it will allow the group to prepare a Phase 1 document for council on the bid that will be before councillors Nov. 6. The group must submit a hosting proposal document to Commonwealth Games Canada by Nov. 22. The document will include information about the impact the games will have on the community, programs, dates, venues, financial estimates and stakeholder assistance. Commonwealth Games Canada is scheduled to select its preferred city to host the games in the spring of 2020. Representatives from Commonwealth Games Canada and the Commonwealth Games Federation were in Hamilton recently to tour the city and visited potential sporting event locations. “We were very excited by the site visit,” said Kujavsky. Kujavsky said the decision by council, scheduled for Aug. 16, will also allow the group to launch a Hamilton 100 website and create a presence on social media.
  2. Apple

    2030 Commonwealth Games

    Commonwealth games officials feel 'excitement and energy' in Hamilton visit https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/commonwealth-games-hamilton100-1.5234711 Commonwealth games officials wrapped up a three-day whirlwind tour of Hamilton Friday as the community continues its campaign to bring the event back to the city where it all began for its 100th anniversary. The 2030 games mark a milestone for both the games and Hamilton, the city where the first-ever version of the games, then known as the British Empire Games, back in 1930. Since then, every attempt to spark enthusiasm around hosting the games again has fizzled. But this time a community group called Hamilton100 is leading the pack with a focus on engaging the community and building excitement around the games. That passion wasn't lost on David Grevemberg, CEO of the Commonwealth Games Federation during his visit to various venues across the city this week. During a media conference he spoke of a "fantastic swell of enthusiasm, excitement and energy" and said the city could be a "real contender." "We're really proud to call Hamilton a proud city of the Commonwealth, because the citizens and communities are really benefiting from the power of sport," Grevemberg added, saying the city is home to world-class venues that are already being used to attract business. 100th anniversary no guarantee As for the idea of circling back to Hamilton for the 100th anniversary, the CEO said doing so would provide an opportunity to showcase how both the games and the city have evolved. "I think there's some wonderful synergies there. If the planets are aligned and this looks like something that's going to work for everybody … I think there could be some really amazing opportunities." But, despite the novelty of circling back for such a significant celebration, there's no guarantee the games will wind up in Hamilton. While the milestone might be important to Canadians, it will most likely be lost on other 70 nations and territories that vote on which city will be host. "For them it's going to be the 100th anniversary no matter where it's held," pointed out Linda Cuthbert, director of Commonwealth Games Canada and chair of the country's bid and hosting committee. She said several Canadian cities are interested in hosting the games. Each hopeful will have to submit Part 1 of their hosting plan, including its vision and general ideas around finances and budgeting by Nov. 22. Part 2 of the plan is due in March and Cuthbert said all levels of government must be on board with a bid before Canada's preferred bid is moved forward internationally. That's important because while words like "destiny" and "excitement" were tossed around during Friday's update, there are still plenty of unanswered questions around the games. Hamilton is still at the dialogue stage of the process. The bid is in the exploratory stage meaning the city hasn't locked down the games, let alone been chosen as the Canadian city which will get to try for them. Business plan will be brought to council in November Although council has supported Hamilton100's involvement in the bidding process, some councillors are still raising questions about how much of the cost the city will have to carry. Preliminary estimates for the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia indicate a price tag of over $1.8 billion. The cost to hold the 2022 games in Birmingham, England is expected to hit about $1.5 million. Hamilton100 bid president P.J. Mercanti said over the next three months they'll be working to put together a business plan which will be presented to council in November. He stressed the bid is all about delivering maximum value to Hamilton's citizens, with plans for accessible youth sports programs before and after the games, along with a focus on affordable housing solutions. Now, thanks to the visit, he added, the team is also armed with new "operating models and efficiencies" passed along by the commonwealth federations which will help reduce the cost of the games and make sure they're "right-sized" for the city. In the meantime, Mercanti said, the biggest challenge they face is making sure everyone in Hamilton — including council —understands the benefits the games could bring. "The games are a catalyst for change in the community," he explained. "It's more than just sport. It's about community building."
  3. Apple

    2030 Commonwealth Games

    PJ Mercanti, a spokesperson for the sports and entertainment community group that will organize a 2030 Commonwealth Games bid and is wearing a reproduction of the white 1930 Hamilton Empire Games blazer as he speaks in front of Council seeking their endorsement of a bid. https://twitter.com/JoeyColeman
  4. Apple

    2030 Commonwealth Games

    All done, Hamilton city council voted unanimously for staff to examine a possible bid for the 2030 Commonwealth Games.
  5. Apple

    2030 Commonwealth Games

    City council is debating, however, based on the feedback, it looks like Hamilton will be part of the bidding process. Brian McPherson, CEO for Commonwealth Games Canada, is present at council and is encouraging the city to submit a bid.
  6. Apple

    2030 Commonwealth Games

    Should Hamilton bid to host the 2030 Commonwealth Games? A past council rejected the idea of making a play for the international event even though the original British Empire Games started in Hamilton in 1930. NEWS 05:40 PM by Matthew Van Dongen The Hamilton Spectator https://www.thespec.com/news-story/9220905-should-hamilton-bid-to-host-the-2030-commonwealth-games-/ Amateur sport boosters will try to convince a new crop of Hamilton councillors to bid for the 2030 Commonwealth Games less than two years after local politicians rejected the idea. City council refused in 2017 to even study the notion of hosting the international games despite encouragement from Canadian organizers who noted the first event — then called the British Empire Games — was hosted in Hamilton in 1930 on the site of what is now Tim Hortons Field. Now, a sports coalition dubbed "Hamilton 100" will resurrect the anniversary games pitch to a newly elected council with five new political faces in the hopes of getting a better reception. "Hamilton is to the Commonwealth Games as Athens is to the Olympics," says an introductory letter to council signed by P.J. Mercanti, CEO of convention centre operator Carmen's Group. "This potential once-in-forever project could transform the city and provide a lasting legacy that the community would enjoy for generations." By comparison, a modern-day games would likely be a $1-billion-plus, multi-government undertaking attracting 6,000-plus athletes to the city to compete in up to 17 sports like swimming, cycling, and track and field. Mercanti's letter notes McMaster University, Sport Hamilton and private businesses have jumped on the Hamilton 100 bandwagon and plan to "explore the self-financing" of a Games bid. "Our community coalition feels very confident in our ability to impressively bid — and win — the 2030 Commonwealth Games," he wrote. Mercanti is also part of a consortium that has expressed interest in redeveloping aging city-owned venues like the hockey arena and convention centre into a downtown commercial and entertainment "precinct." Mercanti has said in the past a prospective redevelopment could tie in to a 2030 games bid. It remains to be seen if a majority of city councillors are willing to get in the game. Mayor Fred Eisenberger has said in the past he would like to explore hosting the anniversary games. But other longtime councillors like Sam Merulla and Tom Jackson admitted to "games fatigue" following a tumultuous 2015 Pan Am Games. That event helped Hamilton build a new $145-million football and soccer stadium with provincial cash — but not before late construction and ongoing repair issues spawned a lawsuit between the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, the consortium that built that stadium, and two levels of government that was only recently settled. The search for a Pan Am stadium site also spurred the infamous purchase and razing of several Barton-Tiffany neighbourhood homes and businesses for no reason, after the Tiger-Cats announced the site was not suitable. The city has also experienced Commonwealth disappointment via failed bids in 2010 and 2014. Ironically, council nixed a study of another bid in 2017 despite encouraging hints from Canadian Commonwealth Games officials. CEO Brian MacPherson told The Spectator there was a "natural feeling" among international games organizers that centennial events "should go to the birthplace." Games boosters are expected to address councillors at a meeting March 20.
  7. Apple

    2030 Commonwealth Games

    Looks like Hamilton will have to wait to revisit a possible bid in 2019 or so, just not now. Hamilton council closes door on Commonwealth Games bid https://www.thespec.com/news-story/7554094-hamilton-council-closes-door-on-commonwealth-games-bid/ City council has refused to even study the possibility of hosting the 100th anniversary Commonwealth Games in 2030 despite the encouragement of Canadian games officials. Mayor Fred Eisenberger made a last-ditch plea for council support Wednesday to seek information about possible costs and benefits of hosting the centennial games, which were born in Hamilton as the British Empire Games in 1930. "Make an informed decision," he said, later adding council may ultimately decide its contribution to a $1-billion games is "too rich for our blood." But to do so without the facts, he said, would be "truly unfortunate." A growing number of councillors decided Wednesday, however, that they already knew enough to say no. .... City staff said Wednesday there is a theoretical possibility that a new, post-election council could revisit a bid study in 2019 or later. Eisenberger expressed hope that the debate "would rise again."
  8. Apple

    2030 Commonwealth Games

    There's always the option of using the McMaster's track and field as well. The point is, it's not a major challenge.
  9. Apple

    2030 Commonwealth Games

    MacPherson said Hamilton could make room for a 400-metre track at Tim Hortons Field by using scaffolding to raise a temporary running surface overtop the first 15 to 20 rows of seats. But he cautioned the required work could put the football stadium out of commission for three and six months leading up to the games. https://www.thespec.com/news-story/7530596-city-to-mull-commonwealth-games-bid/
  10. Apple

    2030 Commonwealth Games

    City Council to vote on launching a bid for the 2030 Commonwealth Games.
  11. Apple

    2030 Commonwealth Games

    http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/commonwealth-games-2030-1.4269193 After hosting 1st games in 1930, should Hamilton bid for the 2030 Commonwealth Games? 'I'm certainly keen': Mayor Fred Eisenberger The people who think far ahead about these things are beginning to talk about Hamilton as a host city for the Commonwealth Games in 2030. It would mark 100 years since Hamilton hosted the first version of the games, then known as the British Empire Games. The Civic Stadium, later Ivor Wynne, where Tim Hortons Field now stands, was the original athletes village, pool and track and field stadium. "It's somewhat premature to use the word 'bid'," said Greg Maychak, who works for the city's public works department and also serves as a member-at-large at Commonwealth Games Canada. But, he said, city staff are working on a preliminary report to present to city council members next week, awaiting councillors' direction to explore or investigate what that would look like. "There's some logic to hosting the 100th anniversary of those games," said Mayor Fred Eisenberger. "I'm certainly keen on doing that." 'The 2030 Games would surely go to Hamilton' Eisenberger emphasized that his colleagues on city council would have to sign off on the idea, but said "there are certainly a lot of good emotional reasons" to host it here, where a Hamiltonian invented it. "I would think the organizing committees would be pretty keen on having it come back to Hamilton where it started." Elsewhere, at least some eyes are on Hamilton for Canada's chosen city for a 2030 bid. On the heels of a failed 2022 bid, the Commonwealth Games Federation encouraged Victoria bid organizers to look at 2030. But David Black, the bid organizer in Victoria, told the Victoria Times-Colonist he doubted they'd stand a chance for federal support against Hamilton. There's sentimental value attached to the chance for a special centennial celebration in the place the games began. "Victoria 2030 would be great. But the 2030 Games would surely go to Hamilton," he told the newspaper. Hamilton would have some wrinkles to iron out. The city got a new stadium when it hosted the soccer events in 2015 for the Toronto Pan Am/Parapan Am Games. But it doesn't currently have a world-class pool and diving facility. The city's stadium, though ready by the time Pan Am and Parapan Am Games kicked off, was a debacle to construct and finish and is still giving the city headaches. And it would need provincial and federal buy-in, as international games come with hefty price tags. But, the Queen's Baton Relay – equivalent to the torch relay for those other international games – came here last month on its way to Gold Coast in Australia next spring. And the Hamilton baton stop did get some wheels turning. "As the founding city, it'd be a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the Commonwealth Games, on our city and how we changed, how we're growing," Maychak said. The bid process usually begins about eight years ahead of time. But a headstart could leave enough time to develop a special centennial celebration. Games founded in Hamilton The games were dreamed up by M.M. "Bobby" Robinson, the sports editor of the Hamilton Spectator. He came back from the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam with the idea to launch a games for British Commonwealth competitors. The city pitched in $30,000 (about $425,000 in 2017 dollars) to cover travel costs for athletes coming in from 11 countries to compete in athletics, boxing, lawn bowling, rowing, diving, wrestling and swimming. The Commonwealth Games nearly returned to Hamilton for 2010, but the inaugural host city lost out in the bidding process to New Delhi, India. And then Hamilton lost again its bid for the 2014 games, which were awarded to Halifax. When Halifax later withdrew its bid, the games went to Glasgow, Scotland.
  12. Apple

    2030 Commonwealth Games

    It's been a dream of mine since I've joined this forum and it's finally taking shape....Hamilton is preparing for the 2030 Commonwealth Games bid! Come back home.
  13. Apple

    Toronto 2015

    Not liking the CBC coverage. It's all re-cap and highlights. I wanna watch some live sports dammit.
  14. The cauldron is based on a pine cone.
  15. I remember it clearly. I was there. It was massive and long firework display.