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  1. http://www.lemonde.fr/athletisme/article/2016/06/02/dopage-lanceurs-d-alerte-olympique_4931609_1616661.html A very interesting documentary about doping in sports, with athletes talking about their experiences with doping. It will be available on the ARTE channel ( a franco-german channel) in a couple of days. Unfortunately at the moment it's in french, but it also probably will be in german, and maybe with subtitles in other languages.
  2. Like Conor15, the use of the French royals is interesting. I wonder what they represent. Spain, giving away the trophee? Thanks for sharing anyway
  3. Lovely contribution from you about the EURO 2016.
  4. You're right JesseSaenz, that's definitely not worth it. Back on topic. Ruff, I still don't know why you consider Paris or Rome as having no story...?
  5. I do hope they keep those fan zones, cause I sure intend to go there when France is playing. And I'm probably not the only one. I have no doubt the Euro 2016 will go smoothly, and we must not forget that it's not being held only in Paris, but all over France. And the security in Paris will be massive. I'm not worried.
  6. Love you too honey! I can't wait for 2017, when Paris will be awarded the 2024 Games. I hope I won't be like you when I'm 60. Bonne soirée connard.
  7. **** off! Did I say France was the only one suffering from it? Do you really think I'm not aware of all the people dying everyday in the world because of terrorism or natural disasters? Is that a reason to make fun of it? What kind of person are you, seriously? You twat.
  8. Are you seriously still making jokes about the floods in France? People died because it, so quit the attitude.
  9. Oh you.... Tell me, what are LA and Budapest stories? And what makes you say that Paris and Rome are non story tellers?
  10. You meant 2012 of course. Well, yes I just read that, and this is not counting the probably massive results of the 2014 Olympics. This is definitely not looking good for Russia and the 2016 Olympics. And not looking good at all for the IOC either.
  11. Nothing. Don't worry too much about this, she is just going to make sure that the Chinese are fully supporting Paris 2024 (she did that as well with Japan). That's part of the bid thing, hidden under an "you've organized recent Olympics, give us advises please".
  12. Exactly. I guess we could also talk about a "New Paris" since the last Olympic Games in 1924. Back then, it had been 70 years since the massive transformations in Paris (the Haussmann project, making Paris what it is now), and now we're almost 90 years since 1924. And since Paris will be getting a bunch of new metro lines by 2024...
  13. Merci Neige for opening a thread on the Euro 2016, held in France (a good way to show the IOC how France could host such a big European event). I'm a bit concerned by those strikes, though I've always appreciated the way we French people can express our disapproval of a law by going so deep into the running of the country. However, I'm pretty sure, like in 2005, that when the IOC comes to visit for the 2024 bid there will be massive strikes which will definitely not help the bid. But, as the government has emergency oil, and they've started to use it, we'll be fine as of now. There's always a back up plan. I guess when we don't want something we make sure we don't get it (which I love and hate equally).Vive la France!
  14. The 2016 Olympic Games Will Take Place In Rio De Janeiro. (No, he who must not be named hasn't hacked my account, I was just a bit bored). So I just read that the TransOlimpica highway won't be fully operational during the Games. Transportation for those Games is getting seriously worrying... http://oglobo.globo.com/rio/transolimpica-sera-inaugurada-mas-tera-so-tres-estacoes-durante-jogos-19312040
  15. Well I'm afraid this is something all the bidding cities will offer. The concept of an "Olympic Park" is dead. Gathering as much venues as possible in one place is what costs a lot of money, and this is contradictory to the Agenda 2020. And you might not forget one thing: Paris is 15 times smaller than London. So the venues for Paris 2024 might look more widespread than for London 2012, but they're really not. Plus, the transportation is quite great here (and will be even better by 2024).
  16. OMG!!!! There is some sun on that picture of the beach volley venue with the Eiffel Tower on the background. They're definitely attacking LA 2024 here!!! Oh, and Mercury was passing the Sun today. LA should report this immediately. Arf, KIDDING. I'm glad you're back to your impartial articles
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPEmCUftcnc Great way to promote Paris (the goods and the bads).
  18. And yet, LA doesn't own the sun. Paris is bidding for Summer Olympics, so of course the sunny weather in Paris will be an important part of the bid. They're not trying to take LA's identity. They'll find their own eventually. It's just a bunch of pictures to celebrate sun's day. Saying it is stepping on LA's bid is slightly exaggerated. So, next time LA 2024 uses the words "force" or "dream" I'll have to consider they're stealing Paris' identity? Tssss, no.
  19. Mike Lee's response was perfect. So what, Paris 2024 is posting pictures of a sunny Paris and it's considered as a violent attack toward LA?! Come on...
  20. I I have to say though, Chicago 2016 had pretty much the same reaction as Paris 2012 when they realized they had lost... So since many people here are eager to talk happy Paris 2012's arrogance, how about Chicago 2016's arrogance?
  21. I agree with Yoshi. Back in 2005 it was completely different. We didn't know yet the effects of the 2004 Games on Greece's economy, Beijing and Sotchi hadn't happened yet. The numbers for Paris are quite alright I would say, enough for the IOC at least. And in the end, I'm not sure this has much of an influence on the IOC voters...
  22. Thanks Hektor. This was published one year ago. I wonder what are the numbers today, now that the French and the Parisians know a lot more about the bid plan (venues, etc.) Oh my bad, read that wrong! Nevermind
  23. Well hit me up whenever you're back for one of your business trip so we can go for a drink (always happy to meet up with one of you Gamesbids folks) And that's the thing, if LA loses to one of the other bidders, the USOC will bid again for the next games, and it is most likely they will get the Games. If Paris loses AGAIN, well you won't be seeing a bid from France for a loooog time. But anyway, back on topic. Les Anges....
  24. It's quite simple: Give the Olympics to Paris and they won't be bothering the IOC for at least another 50 years (unlike a certain country that demands the Olympics every 10 years).
  25. It's not. Paris may be an antique city, but it has adapted to this century. Paris is NOT a museum, and its bid is about showing what Paris used to be (and what attracts the tourists) as well as what it is now and what it will be in the future. Paris bid is about the past, the present and the future.
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