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  1. In "I, Tonya", right before that scene when Tonya skates on a ZZtop song, while the skater before Tonya is finishing, they used the Albertville look by mistake.
  2. Here you have the CBS coverage of the Albertville 1992 opening ceremony. It's in several parts, and begins way before the actual opening ceremony (which was kind of interesting)
  3. Of course, yes. So films have to pay a lot of money to the IOC if they want to use the official logos and stuff. Cause in "Eddie the Eagle", the logo and branding and everything seemed very accurate. I guess it depends on the film's budget.
  4. And here's a comparison video between the actual video and how it's portrayed in the movie. Indeed, it's quite alright but, they couldn't get the official logo right, or even the "look of the games" right.
  5. I have this feeling too. With 3 consecutive Games in Asia, then Paris, then 3 consecutive Games in North America, Paris will feel like quite a breathe of fresh air
  6. I love the opening ceremony from Albertville 1992. It's so unique, so different from what was done before (and after). It was the first opening ceremony I watched, I was 5, and I still remember how amazed I was. But I know for sure the opening for the 2024 games will be very different. I just hope it won't be too generic or cliché like what they gave us for the opening of the 2016 euro cup.
  7. I was thinking the exact same thing. So Paris 2024 is accused of giving ultimatums when they say they can only bid for 2024, but then when LA 2024 say they won't be bidding again that's not an ultimatum? Tsssssss...
  8. https://www.lequipe.fr/Tous-sports/Actualites/Jeux-olympiques-de-2024-paris-a-tout-bon-los-angeles-aussi/816164
  9. Ok. So just because Gamesbids isn't talking about it, the Paris 2024 bid report was really really good. There you go. No surprises here, but since there was a whole article about it from Gamesbids, I thought I should balance it up a bit. My sources are from a French website, so I thought it wouldn't interest you. But just in case, here you go: http://sport24.lefigaro.fr/jeux-olympiques/jo-2024/actualites/paris-2024-encense-par-la-commission-d-evaluation-du-cio-867055
  10. What's crappy is this comment. Dang. We all thought you were gone for good after you realized LA would not get 2024 but 2028 instead. You just cannot help it. Whatever comes from Paris 2024 is crap, isn't it? You twat.
  11. Interestingly, last time the IOC awarded the Games to 2 cities during the same session (june 1921) was for the 1924 and the 1928 Games. And Paris got 1924.
  12. If LA gets the 2024 Games and Paris is offered 2028, I really hope Paris is going to tell the IOC to go **** themselves.
  13. They're all talking about their fond memories of the 1984 Games, because LA's mayor was there and apparently two people from the Evaluation Commission participated in those Games. I bet it's not going to be the same when they visit Paris, and you all know why. That's why LA can wait a little bit longer. Paris has waited long enough. Paris 2024 Los Angeles 2028
  14. Yes, I don't see how Le Pen would be elected. Macron will be our next president, and this is all good regarding the Paris 2024 bid.
  15. Very interesting article. It's in French but it might be easy to translate. It explains in a very clear and constructive way why it's unlikely LA2024 got so many likes without "cheating". http://www.lemonde.fr/pixels/article/2017/04/06/sur-les-reseaux-sociaux-les-chiffres-tres-gonfles-de-la-candidature-olympique-de-los-angeles_5107066_4408996.html
  16. Seriously? That sun scandal again? WTF? I just read in the L.A topic that Ruff guy mentioning it, AGAIN! So, let me make things clear here: A. The sun doesn't belong to any country or any city. It is our star. Earth's star. So yes, there is sun in L.A, but yes, there is the exact same sun in Paris. And in every fucking country on this planet. B. Renders: Yes, wouldn't it be great to have renders of a cloudy and rainy Paris? The problem is...it gets freaking sunny and warm in Paris during the summer. So, just deal with it. I'm not adressing anyone in particular, but you really need to cut the crap with that follow the sun / day of the sun bullshit.
  17. I seriously doubt that Le Pen will win the election. She might make it through the second round, like her dad did in 2002, but just like in 2002, the people of France will realize that there's 50% chance that an extremist might be president, and will make sure that this won't happen. I will, anyway. And even she is indeed elected president of France, she is NOTHING like Trump. So you might be hoping that she wins so that LA gets a better chance a getting the games (and that is a terrible thing to wish), but I don't think it will happen. France is not the US.
  18. If LA get the Games, I wonder how many countries would be allowed to participate, knowing that there probably wouldn't be any delegation from Syria ,Iraq, Iran, libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. And how about the Mexicans? Would they have to climb that wall?
  19. I thought about this thread yesterday when, leaving work, I stumbled on the première of 'La La Land', on the Champs Élysées, and saw Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. It was quite cool. - End of pointless contribution about the The Film That Must Not Be Named -
  20. Well then it means for sure that the IOC won't chose Paris in September. Well done L.A! I hope you'll organize great Olympics in 2024. ...
  21. No worries Paul. It's fine, you can use it I really don't mind. It's a nice matching font for Havana, so that makes sense that you went for that one! And Sirl Rols, I will resubmit my Havana and Kathmandu logos very soon, before the deadline. And I do hope to see your submission in the competition!
  22. Interesting poll that shows what people from different countries would chose between the 3 candidates for the 2024 games. Of course, this is just a poll. But it's quite nice for the Paris 2024 bid. https://sportetsociete.org/2016/12/21/jo-2024-des-chiffres-favorables-a-paris-avant-le-debut-de-la-phase-de-promotion-internationale/
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