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  1. When Versailles was built (the equastrian venue for the Paris 2024 bid), LA didn't even exist. King Louis VIX went from Paris to Versailles, because Paris was becoming too busy of a city, too dangerous, too noisy (well back then people had already been living in Paris for more than 2000). So please, don't even bother about "LA history" here. That's not going to make them win. An american bid is NEVER going to win over a European bid based on their history. And anyway, if you really think the IOC voters vote according to the city's history.......
  2. I can't wait for Rio 2016! I'm sure those will be great games. And you guys might want to enjoy them even more cause they will be the last non-Asian Games until 2024 (in Paris hopefully ). At least a great opportunity for the world to finally understand the difference between Japon, China, and South-Korea!
  3. The IOC should have known better. It was the same issue in 2008, and it's not getting any better. Thank god this time the venues in Beijing for 2022 will be the closed ones, with roofs.
  4. But seriously, are you guys aware that the rotatating system for the Olympics is not betwenn Europe, Oceania, Asia, Africa, the US and the rest of America? You do know that, right? I won't have this debate here over and over again, but to me, Rio 2016 counts as American Games. Yes, they will be held on the AMERICAN continent. Oh and by the way, the US hosted in 2002, so...not in that century?
  5. Yes, it's going to be renovated and used for field hockey. It would be freaking amazing to have the Games back in the same stadium after 100 years (a but like Athens).
  6. Their strongest market? How about alienating Europe? How do you think that would benefit the IOC?
  7. And indeed, after Games in South America, Asia, Europe, and no planned bid from Africa, where would the 2028 go? Be patient, my American/Canadian friends, your time will come (after such a loooooooooog wait)
  8. I quite love the fact that they're integrating the 1924 Olympic Stadium in the bid.
  9. Exactly. The thing is the reason why the US were not chosen for 2012 and 2016 is only because last time they hosted was 1996! When I hear the LA Mayor say regarding 2024 "it's about time the Games come back to the US". Jee, are you guys aware that the US don't have to host every ten years? There are plenty of countries capable of doing this, and yes, doing this well! Madrid tried a lot (2012, 2016, 2020) but they forgot that Spain hosted in 1992. Too recent (the IOC didn't forget). It woud be insane to give the 2024 Games to a city that hosted TWICE since Paris last hosted. And yes, the IOC needs to go back to Europe, especially after all those negative referendums in European biding cities. After 3 Asian Games. The IOC needs to show they want Europe to host again. And there's no wonder why for this 2024 race there are 3 european cities (4 originally) and 1 American one. It's Europe's time. Deal with it.
  10. Alright then. So setting. Like I said, how about the Eiffel Tower? Yes, that's beach voleyball, but who really cares whether it's hosted at a beach or not? All you need is sand....
  11. * Sorry about the F word, didn't mean to (oh, you know, temper). Anyway, LA is presenting a very strong bid. There is NO DOUBT they would host amazing games. And yet, I still would hate for them to get those Games over Paris (but you guys already know why...you know...1924...1984 (1996)). I do think Paris is presenting quite a strong bid as well. So I might not be objective here since I'm supporting the Paris bid, but I have to admit LA has became a major threat regard Paris. Que le meilleur gagne!
  12. How does this make a difference regarding performance? It's just all about fucking sand.
  13. Paris 2024 bid logo is on the Champs Elysées http://sportetsociete.org/2016/02/14/jo-2024-le-logo-de-paris-2024-sur-les-champs-elysees/ And the Paris 2024 would be held from August 2nd to August 18th 2024. The Paralympic Games would be held from September 04th to September 15th. http://sportetsociete.org/2016/02/14/jo-2024-paris-propose-dorganiser-les-jeux-du-02-au-18-aout-2024/
  14. What's with the capital letters, seriously?? I'm not a native speaker but when I learned English, they didn't tell me I had to put a capital letter at the beginning of each putain de word!
  15. I agree. I don't think it's plagiarism, since it is a very simple logo that is supposed to represent both the numbers 2 and 4 as well as the Eiffel Tower, a way to remember Paris 1924 as well as this new bid. It's not quite easy nowadays to come up with something new and original that hasn't been done before. Even the Rio 2016 logo had been accused of plagiarism. This is the 21st century, that's it.
  16. It's very similar indeed. Are we in for some major plagiarism crisis again?
  17. Oh my bad, I didn't notice that if you look at the top of the logo you get the blue, white and red from the French flag.
  18. I quite like it. Simple and yet eye-catching. I love that this is colourful, not only blue white and red, I love that the Eiffel Tower is not THAT obvious, I love that it shapes into 24, and I hate the font.
  19. Apparently it will have the Eiffel Tower in it, just like Rome has the Coliseum. And it will probably use the colours of the website. Can't wait to see it tomorrow!
  20. I don't see this as bad thing at all. Way to involve the whole France into the Games instead of just Paris. And anyway, with the new biding process, if the IOC is not happy about it they'll make sure to tell the Paris Bid Committee.
  21. Because no Bid city that presented firts ever got the Games. And Many Bid citiies that presented last were awarded the Games. The IOC members, when they vote, remember best the last city that presented their bid. That makes sense.
  22. That is such good news for Paris. It does increase their chance of winning (they were first for 2012, London last)
  23. Not a chance. At all. France might not bat at its strongest, but even if she passes the first round and make it to the second round, it would be all like 2002 (with her probably getting a higher score, true). The French just need a charismatic leader, and that's not happening at the moment from the left or from the right. But when I think about that day, January 11th, with 4 milllion people in the street, demonstrating in silence, with words like "We are all Jewish and Muslims"..... We are tired of racism and religious wars. So no, the bitch shall not pass.
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