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  1. Thank you Yoshi for your work. Well yes, I don't want my previous entries to be part of the competition since I don't like them anymore. So not my former Spanish logo (which doesn't show anymore), the Argentina logo, nor the China one I posted a couple of weeks ago. But I'd like my entries to be the three I posted yesterday: New Zealand, China and Spain. Thanks again!
  2. It's weird, cause I also see my them both on my laptop and phone.
  3. Oh ok, I'll try again then. Because I want those 3 to be my entries, not the previous ones (I changed them a bit) if that's ok.
  4. So, here are my official 3 entries for this great competition: China, Spain and New-Zealand. Yet again, I'm having issues with the quality (resolution) of the images, but I hope it will do.
  5. Virginia Raggi bas been elected mayor of Rome. I suppose this is bad news for Rome's bid.
  6. Pfff, one day I'll improve my designer skills hopefully. I wish I could design like you guys, but I've just started, and I'm struggling with the size and the quality of the image... So I want to apologize about that (poor quality and massive image). If you folks have any tips by the way...
  7. Oh god.... Oui, the IOC should forbid Paris to ever bid again for that. After all, they've taken pictures of LA venues and posted an image of a sunny Paris. This is not cheating, this is TREASON! Off with their head!
  8. And? Like the LA2024 said, those venues are no secrets. Is bidding for the Olympics some sort of Cold War, with spies and stuff? No. It's not forbidden by the IOC. I don't know why they did it but after all, why not!? LA is more than welcome here in Paris to see the venues for Paris 2024.
  9. Sorry for the big image, I forgot to resize it. So, I thought I'd have a go at it. I got inspired by Spanish artists such as Miro, Picasso and Gaudi (that's also when I realized that the Euro 2016 was also inspired by such artists...) and football of course. As for the colors, I went for the obvious red and yellow from the Spanish flag, and the blue is about Spain being a sea country (with the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean sea on both sides). I'm not a designer. I hand-drew it on an Ipad, so it's not perfect, but I had a good time doing it. So thanks guys for this great idea!
  10. https://www.beinsports.com/france/euro-2016/video/euro-2016-revivez-la-ceremonie-douverture/276383 Try this one. Or this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXjFGmAMwpc
  11. Sorry if I offended any of you folks here, I didn't mean to. I do believe this should be discussed though, probably in a separate thread, indeed.
  12. That's is terrible news. My thoughts to the families.
  13. Another shooting in the US (Orlando I believe). Some maniac killing at least 20 people in a gay club. Ruff, any thoughts?
  14. Oh no, we're in again for a debate about Paris stealing LA's image.... It's just a "dégradé" of orange and yellow, like there is on the Paris 2024 bid logo.
  15. The location for the Aquatic center (blue star) has been decided. It will be right next to the Stade de France, and close to the Olympic Village (orange star). The stars can be seen on the map from the link below: https://sportetsociete.org/2016/06/08/jo-2024-le-centre-aquatique-de-paris-2024-sera-construit-a-saint-denis/
  16. Yes: 1. LA 2. Rome 3. Budapest 4. Paris
  17. Let's not rule out Budapest as of yet, though we all agree it doesn't stand much a chance. But if Rome's bid is cancelled, then the IOC wouldn't have to chose between two cities (Paris and LA) but rather between 2 continents. I see Paris and LA as equally strong bids. The question would be simple then: do they want the 2024 Games to go to Europe or to America. And, after Hamburg, Rome, and the European candidates of the 2022 Games cancelling their bids, would the IOC be mad enough to say "no" to Europe for 2024 when they know they can get the US whenever they want?
  18. Virgina Raggi had the higher scores yesterday during the first round of Rome's mayor election, and it's very unlikely she won't be elected. Since she is strongly opposed to the bid, do you guys think she could have the authority to cancel it, while the rest of the hight authorities in Italy support it? This is not looking good for Rome 2024.
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