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  1. the volleyball arena was placed in the new expansion hall.
  2. they still carry our public executions in saudi arabia, and every now and again they behead people by sword for offenses like witchcraft, so I'd say human rights would actually play a role here
  3. What the **** did you just fucking say about mom's spaghetti, you little spaghetti? I'll have you know I graduated top of my spaghetti in my mom's spaghetti, and I've been involved in numerous spaghetti raids on my mom, and I have over 300 confirmed bowls of spaghetti. I am trained in spaghetti warfare and I'm the top spaghetti in the entire spaghetti. You are nothing to me but just another spaghetti. I will wipe you the spaghetti out with spaghetti the likes of which has never been spaghettied before on my mom's spaghetti, mark my mom's spaghetti. You think you can get away with spaghetti ove
  4. Says the guy who uses memes from 2007
  5. basketball finals at td garden and badminton at agganis arena. from early reports, handball was at bcec but in the actual plan its volleyball and handball is no where to be found
  6. Yeah I realized that too, but, additionally, they also didn't include conte forum or matthews arena as the primary venue for anything either, leading me to believe that those to arenas are home to basketball and handball respectively. No idea why it's like that though or what it means.
  7. Co: too small Jak: too poor & underdeveloped Joburg: plausible, but its more likely durban gets the first african games because Joburg aint as developed SP: wont be for awhile until the next sa games, and Id say by then its more likely to go to another country
  8. jesus who cares what the media says about the venue plan of the, or anything about the games when we know they're wrong or mislead 9/10 times. Just stop wasting everyone's ingckuf time
  9. I see you've started experimenting in stream on consciousness.
  10. "I am back now" Gold coast lions, you truly might be the world's next shakespeare.
  11. thank you for that astute analysis stir .ts
  12. oh hmm http://skift.com/2014/06/18/20-most-popular-u-s-cities-among-international-travelers-in-2013/ Furthermore, Boston logan just recently opened direct flights to & from China, and the amount of new tourists was significant enough that either 60 minutes or the national news-can't remember which-ran a segement on it. The best part of said segment was when they showed a mom and pop restaurant in maine with chinese text on all their menus. Also, urban planning and airline hubs? Boston is global yet not global enough? Again, theres that list arbitrary demands. And your argument is so un
  13. wtf does global capital mean. A large city? The seat of the government? A historical center? Epicenter of scientific discovery? Its near completely arbitrary to the situation at hand. Take for example, Bernham, your film and superbowl examples. You can't honestly tell me you didn't just pick those at whim as mandates for prestige. (oh hey boston meets three of the four randomly plucked criteria above.)
  14. I understand that the actual amount of tourists for a city decreases during the olympics, but what can gum up traffic are the olympic vip lanes and road closures for street events/safety concerns/traffic control. That's especially problematic for a city like boston which largely still adheres to its congested 18th century street layout, and its overall compact sprawl. But I'd like to know. Anyone at london or another olympics know the extent at which ov lanes effect traffic? How so?
  15. well isn't that quite the catch 22. To save money on the bid, they remained silent, but in order to inform people that they are saving money they have to be unsilent, defeating the purpose
  16. is it too late to change my vote to sf lol
  17. If were gonna talk financially unstability... http://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/13/opinion/will-boom-lead-to-bust-in-silicon-valley.html?_r=0 *financial ^
  18. If they end up working something out raiders, then I believe the nfl and team owners actually do have to contribute money (However, I'm not so sure about) to that stadium which is great because a permamnent nfl stadium-that would probably end up having a track removed post games-is gonna cost a lot more money than a temporary stadium. Also, Due to nfl stadiums, in recent memory, having come to largely at the burden of taxpayers, I wonder if another portion of funding actually wind up coming from them. Nevertheless, it seems average americans are more ok wasting their taxpayer money on footba
  19. thank you, baron, for reaffirming the concept of chaos
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