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  1. Boston, home to crumbling **** like Harvard, with its pitiful 36 billion dollar endowment. Did you know they dont even have an 90,000 seat stadium? Or MIT not smart enough to fix that GODDAMN FLICKERING LIGHT. Or the Boston Convention Center LEED certified. More like CrapEED. AND WHATS THIS ABOUT THE CHARLES NOT BEING ABLE TO ACCOMODATE ROWING? Forreal doe, I heard that there are leaks in the big dig Hey Quaker (btw fenway wouldnt do **** for an olympics as it stands), if we wanna talk about crumbling stadiums why not talk about Cal's football stadium which is built over an active fau
  2. YOU MEAN KHOUSEMAN1986 WANTS TO DISCONNECT FROM TECHNOLOGY, SO HE CAN ENJOY THE PLACE IN WHICH HE IS VACATIONING AT? *gasps from the audience arise *younger cop pukes in horror ^it would appear i misread vacation
  3. ^I understand fed ex field is basically new, but for some reason most washington fans just hate it bc doesn't have the same pathos/ethos of rfk, or its too far from the fanbase, etc whatever. And out of this there have been talks to return to rfk. With an olympics you have a reason to go back there (and also implied that the track just gets removed post games) Thing is that if of course a huge waste of money.
  4. The new dc united stadium at buzzard point has been along time in the making, so I'm really not suprised. DC's bid is supposed to be centered at RFK, and the stadium would eventually get left to Washington's NFL team. http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/capitalbusiness/redskins-olympic-backers-both-eye-new-stadium-at-rfk/2014/08/29/9557bcea-2ef2-11e4-9b98-848790384093_story.html
  5. They should stage a youth olympics at vatican ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  6. I guess I was just being too assuming on my part, for my previous comment. What I should have clarified is why get so bent out of shape when Latin brings up numbers proving his point that, California and its cities, are not third world, autocratic, hell holes which simultaneously disproved your argument?
  7. Why even bring up local economies if youre just going to brush statistics aside so quickly?
  8. holy **** people really care where they pick the hosts
  9. 2024-beijing 2028-shanghai 2032-nanjing 2036-shenzen 2040-gaungzhou 2044-chengdu 2048-qingdao 2052-xi'an 2056-tianjin 2060-wuhan 2066-shantou 2070-dongguan 2076-shenyang 2080-chongqing 2084-wenzhou 2088-harbin 2092-hangzhou 2096-jinan 2100-urumqi because f you
  10. 16 is to big because you would end up devaluating the whole point of a playoff, being the best. ie having a a three, maybe even a four, loss team in a playoff is just stupid because what claim does a team of that quality have of saying they're deserving of a championship? In addition, the way football works, ESPECIALLY college, there is a huge lack of parity between teams. Even between #1 and #10. So what would happen is 90% of the time some above average team is gonna be quashed by an omnipotent team. Finally, it would just take to damn long to finish, and Id doubt there would be high tu
  11. I think its safe to say people who go to mit and harvard and major in anything besides communications, end up being innovative. Hell they probably even go to silicon valley when they graduate. Anyways, its not like you are required to contribute to the intellectual pool if you want a phd.
  12. ^^ also dc has some nasty congestion along the beltway
  13. dc does have a good subway system but the way the venues are so spread out, its basically neglected.
  14. The problem isn't being too spread out, but the real problem is being spread out in a way that doesn't seem to suit the transportation of the city or the existing sports infrastructure (as some have pointed out, DC is car-centric, therefore they have ass traffic).
  15. Stadiums at the expense of nepalese migrant workers slaves. (thanks fifa!) One does wonder how cost benefit analysis works in autocracies.
  16. Well in Japan they're well educated, they have a wealthy middle class, they have one of the highest standards of living, they have a huge economy , and their culture is grounded in respect for one another. So all in all, I can kind of understand why they are safer there. also its really hard to own a gun
  17. Rio won because it was south americas turn. Not to mention the levels of crime were points of contention for those cities, and for Rio, it still is. And, the way the venues were organized for both cities, most of the events would take place in areas far removed from the high crime areas. But one would imagine that Durban (or maybe even Johannesburg?) would do the same. And to add to Baron if you have to highly similar cities, wouldn't you say that crime level would be an important intagible?
  18. don't forget the level of crime in JO as opposed to Durban
  19. its like theyre starting from scratch with the stadium. Im afraid an otherwise excellent legacy for london might be tarnished with a big owe 2.0.
  20. The North Island has Mt Ruapehu, and while there are no ski resorts with a 900 meter vertical, there are two main resorts. However, the big drawback is the distance from auckland at about 345 km. Nevertheless, from a mere feasability stand point Auckland is probably NZ's best chance to land a winter games (although we all know how difficult that could be).
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