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  1. People complain endlessly that the IOC is out of touch with reality, so do you honestly think that a system of fines, for I don't know, logically think about the cost and taxpayer situation, is the right thing to do? Moreover, this fits in with agenda 2020.
  2. there needs to be a perth swear jar
  3. Because a slight drizzle is gonna stop Usain bolt from winning the gold medal... Besides the weather would effect everyone equally meaning no ones going to get a clear advantage. And honestly I don't think atheletes who train their entire lives to compete in the olympics, are gonna blame their shortcomings on the cold but rather them just not being up to snuff.
  4. oh no not the Australian winters! Hold the games in September because god forbid anyone having to wear a jacket.
  5. I recommend Rootkit.ex. E-mail me your social securirty and credit card number for more info
  6. And big events go to big cities that can handle the influx of people. Also i dont think any of the nba,nfl,mlb,nhl, etc care where the stadium/arena is, they care if you give them what THEY want, and a big part of that is event space, and that event space usually ends up as a bunch of tents on a parking lot surrounding the stadium. One example, supposed fan hellhole Jacksonville has hosted the superbowl before.
  7. What about the local government?
  8. lol, pickpockting as the worst crime in paris, stateside you have to worry about getting mugged.
  9. My I suggest /b/ as your forum of choice and not his one
  10. Don't read to much in to just one sentence. After all he is a politician, half of his job is selling an image.
  11. Dumont flew the first airships, aka glorified hot air balloons. However, your confusion with baron comes from airplanes; in 1903 the wright brothers flew the worlds first airplane (or as they were classified back then heavier than air aircraft) in kittyhawk NC, whereas dumont flew in 1906.
  12. A metric fuckton attend T&F (obviously helps that it's in the largest stadium). The main problem is indoor track facilities don't have tracks that are the IAAF standard; indoor tracks are a bit smaller. And that doesnt even include the fact the Reggie Lewis CEnter only hold about 5k people
  13. Everyone in Boston know full well the message of the organizing committee, and they think they're full of ****. Given the cost overruns in past olympics, even the better planned ones like vancouver and london, there is a logical reason to assume that the same applies for Boston. And since Boston's plan centers around temporary facilities-which are actually fairly expensive when construction, deconstruction, operation, paying for the land they're on, and wages are taken into account-there is very little actual legacy, which makes it hard to justify spending any money whatsoever. Furthermore, security costs have been stated as coming from the gov which means the taxpayers are picking it up, the absolute opposite of what they've been saying. Then you got all the infrastucture plans that are coming anyways, and that always leads to your prototypical bereaucratic clusterfuck. Also, that leads to another question, if boston can scrape together public money for an olympics, then why can't they do that for things that are an actual necessity for a city? Plus you've got the way Boston is planning to finance the whole thing, and it's largely based on ticket revenue, tv deals, private investment (is that one correct I cant remember), the IOC, plus any other miscellaneous crap. What happens when one of those things doesn't meet the minimum capital? Then it's pretty likely the taxpayer picks up the slack. Thats what you need to recognize, that this isn't an ideal world, and that there isn't always a cut and dry answer. People aren't stupid, the globe is biased towards reality, and when you are in the spotlight, you are going to be scrutinized by the public. And if the Boston Organizing Committee has the same attitude as you , then they're as good as dead.
  14. from what I know rome 2020 venue plan had nearly every indoor sport in the fiera roma, and after that , a bunch of temp+existing sites throughout the downtown core of the city. I think the only things that were 100% new were the velodrome and flatwater course and whitewater slalom.
  15. Tony has basically taken over these boards, it's literally every other comment is in response to him or about him. Like it or not he's made everyone-all these grown 'adults'-bend to his will. All hail lord tony.
  16. Ill have you know my nake is SKEETER, and I have a JOEY LOGANO t-shirt, and I'm from STARKVILLE
  17. The more and more I read your comments, the more I think your some white guy named cletus, with a dale earnhardt shirt on, who lives in birmingham
  18. Whatever the hell happened here, but I get your point
  19. American college sports is taken pretty seriously, even at smaller levels like the one boston has. They can easily accomodate figures in that range. Look them up would ya?
  20. Baron, Behance is a site designed for the art and design community, specifically for self-promotion. Unless, that person was announced as the torch designer, then it's just some freelance dude working on self promotion.
  21. 1. The last execution done was in 1997, and gov kitzhaber has blocked all executions under him. 2. The death penalty is only considered for murder. No one is executed beacuse of medieval beliefs such as practicing "witchcraft' or renouncing islam 3. THEY BEHEAD PEOPLE IN PUBLIC
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