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  1. But will they respect Principle 6 the Kazakhstan Government right now is pushing for the anti Gay laws which are like Russia ones it already pass the upper house in Kazakhstan. It does not look great for Kazakhstan so may as well just give the 2022 Winter Games to Beijing China and be done with it.
  2. I think what Kazakhstan Government doing now over the anti Gay laws being pass the Senate things are not looking good for Kazakhstan to get this do the IOC want another bad PR after what happen in Sochi, What the Senate done in Kazakhstan was the kiss of death to the Almaty 2022 bid. Beijing China despite the protest of Free Tibet and environment issue I think Beijing will be a better city then Almaty to host the 2022 Winter Games, Pretty much all the Winter Sporting powers apart from Russia have protections for Gay people and the winter world is becoming more and more Gay Friendly it will be foolish to pick Almaty Kazakhstan. I wish time will hurry up too July 31st and put a end to this bad bidding race and just give Beijing China the 2022 Winter Games.
  3. http://www.gaystarnews.com/article/kazakh-senate-passes-gay-propaganda-bill260215 There goes any chance of them hosting the Olympics and Paralympics Games Kazakhstan the leader of the lower house also supports the bill. Can time just hurry up and for the IOC just give the games to Beijing China. Kazakh Senate passes 'gay propaganda' bill
  4. Could Nanjing China step in as host city for the 2019 Asian and Asian Para Games if Indonesia not going to budge, Nanjing China got everything ready for it and South Korea got the 2018 Winter Olympics and Paralympics Games on there hands, Things are not looking great for Indonesia 2018 Asian Games.
  5. Why bother to put one on man what a complete Joke of it the athletes like just walk in and out in a min. I would not have called it a high school show but a screw all show.
  6. Tony Abbott is a Embarrassment to Australia, Worst Prime Minister our country has seen.

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      Really?...based on what?

  7. Mitt Romney will not be running for President of the USA in 2016 I wonder where he will be the President of Boston 2024 bid or not or will Sarah Palin will leading the Anchorage Alaska USA bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics and Paralympics Games after all she is a sports manager. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/31/us/mitt-romney-2016-presidential-election.html
  8. I think the USOC made a foolish choice by picking Boston I have a bad feeling that Boston voters will vote No it it and it could very well take place in November being rejected by Boston voters if so it will leave them with out a bidding city. If so then the USOC should make a bid for Miami to host the 2023 Pan American Games and the 2026 Winter Olympics and Paralympics Games.
  9. AGE - 21 LOCATION - Perth Western Australia Australia NATIONALITY - Australian of Irish and Dutch descent SEXUALITY - Gay single RELIGION - Pentecostal Christian in the Word of faith movement who goes to the Roman Catholic church for Holy Week and Christmas so a Easter/Christmas Catholic. MADONNA I have no time for Madonna
  10. A Winter Olympics and Paralympics Games are much smaller then the Summer Games and I never said Lima Peru will host the games I said if they do a great job in hosting the 2019 Pan American Games and host another big event like the World Games then they could be likely to host the Summer Games. I personally know people and sporting people from Durban they say it's too small for the Olympics and Paralympics Games I don't see Africa hosting the games any time soon.
  11. Brazil was in the top 8 economies when they won the hosting rights to the 2016 Summer Games and on the high human development index area they hosted an super Pan American Games in 2007. Right now the economic superpower of Africa is Nigeria and I don't see them hosting the games at all for an while with the anti gay laws there and a civil war between Christian South and Islam North. The South African economy been stagnant for an while and South Africa does not have a good legacy from the FIFA World Cup. It may be another 50 more years until we see Africa hosting it's 1st Olympics and Paralympics Games I just don't see it happening in the 1st half of this century and what we seeing is no communications from the Government of South Africa and the Olympic Committee of South Africa in regards to the bids it's looks like it's only the Committee and Durban city government which is pushing it.
  12. I'm Gay and Ive been Open about it since I was 14 back in 2008 my parents has been very supportive of Gay people and they tell me about my year 5 teacher who is Gay they were the only parents who supported him, I was in year 5 in 2004 a real homophobic year in Australia that is when the federal ban on Gay Marriage happen. Every year it's getting better and better for Gay people in the Western World socially in Australia pretty every one apart from old people and politicians are for Gay Marriage the Liberal Party pollster says that 72% of Australians support Gay Marriage it's going to happen in Australia in late 2017 and early 2018 I believe it will be the law of the land in Australia. The Liberal Party under Tony Abbott is facing a wipe out election at the next election and one of the 1st things that the Bill Shorten government would do is to legalize Gay Marriage when the new Senate takes place in mid 2017.
  13. Rome Italy can pull the Vatican City card and a Olympics Mass with the Pope I believe if Berlin Germany and Paris France comes into play it will come down between Rome Italy and Berlin Germany. Paris France has not got anything like the Vatican and is already a two time host. Germany got an great story to it's bid the first games in a United Germany and 35 years after the fall of the Berlin wall, It could be possible it could come down between Rome Italy and Berlin Germany for the hosting rights to the 2024 Summer Games.
  14. I never said that they will be hosting the Olympics and Paralympics Games I said if Lima Peru does an great Job in hosting the 2019 Pan American Games and host another event then they could be in an great shape to host the Summer Olympics and Paralympics Games in the 2030s but things not looking great for Lima Peru.
  15. I am back now With the news on Boston is the USOC bidding city for the 2024 Summer Games the 2024 Summer Games will either go to Rome Italy or Berlin Germany if they will bid. Boston has really change things there is no way that Boston can host the event the next 5 Summer Olympics and Paralympics Games will be very likely going to 2024 Rome Italy or Berlin Germany Berlin Germany if they bid for it - 2028 Toronto Canada - 2032 Taipei Taiwan or Bangkok Thailand - 2036 New York City, Miami or Los Angeles USA - 2040 Perth Australia Winter Games 2022 Beijing China - 2026 Anchorage or Reno - Lake Tahoe USA - 2030 Barcelona Spain - 2034 Sapporo Japan - 2038 Calgary Canada
  16. With Rome Italy in this is an game changer and big big threats in this race I'm sure the IOC would love another Olympics Games mass with the Pope like they did in the 1960 Summer Games with Pope Saint John 23, Many many IOC are Roman Catholic it will be an dream come true to go to the Vatican City and watch Olympics events on the same day. Rome Italy only other bid race since 1960 was with 2004 up against Greece birthplace of the Olympics Games came 2nd place Rome Italy got big advantage other others cities with no other place can put on a Mass with the Pope. .
  17. I think the IOC will be pushing for Calgary Canada to make an bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics and Paralympics Games the IOC needs Canada to restore the faith in the Winter games movement for Europe to want to host the event. I could see IOC ringing up Calgary to make an bid for the 2026 games and then 2030 likely go to Sapporo Japan after another $50 billion games in 2022. Then Calgary can restore the faith and Europe will be back to bidding for Winter Olympics and Paralympics Games for the 2034 games and I think it could go back to Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina for the 50th anniversary of the 1984 games, With the far left wing on the rise in Spain I can't see them bidding for the 2026 winter games with Barcelona and the Ukraine is still in a civil war.
  18. Nevada has been making great come back with Brain Sandoval has Governor of Nevada the Reno bid will be an joint bid with California Gavin Newsom LT Governor of California supports the bid as well and Sacramento is likely to host the ICE hockey events and Snow events around Lake Tahoe, So two states will be in this bid. The Reno team been working for this bid for the past 5 years I could see Reno - Lake Tahoe hosting the next winter games in the USA. So the 2026 Winter Games bid race could be very likely USA vs Japan.
  19. 2026 Winter Games are likely to go to USA in Reno - Lake Tahoe for the 2030 bidding race it will be the same as the 2022 race Beijing China will go all out for the games big spending another $50 Billion games like Sochi 2014 so Europe will be pulling out of the 2030 games bid race so 2030 could be Sapporo Japan vs Almaty Kazakhstan but with the President in his last days in Kazakhstan will be unstable and unclear country so looks like Sapporo Japan could easily get the 2030 Winter Games.
  20. All they need to do for Berlin bid is to show Ronald Reagan speech from the Berlin wall in 1987 and spoke about wanting Berlin Germany to host another Olympics Games, Ronald Reagan is Germany international hero from the 18 min mark he spoke about Berlin future 2024 could be great timing for an Berlin Germany Summer Games. The 2000 games was bit too early for an united Berlin to host the games in building up East Germany. That will get the support from the people of Berlin.
  21. I think this also is an sign of the times with Europe and an clearly showing that Europe is in decline things keep the games how it is right now it's great, If Western Europe well the far left wing on the rise in Spain and Socialism on the rise in Italy I don't see Europe coming out of this economic mess soon, The only strong countries in Europe right now are Germany and Russia. Los Angeles USA is an clear frontrunner for the 2024 bid race it will be interesting to see if John Tory restarts the Toronto Canada 2024 bid will be giving the USA an fight an USA vs Canada show down for the 2024 games hosting rights.
  22. Good bye to Paris France 2024 bid, Italy may not bid as well and Germany is an maybe things are not looking too good for the 2024 bid race, I wonder if John Tory the next Mayor of Toronto Canada will restart the 2024 bid now that Rob Ford will be out of office in a month time if so it will be interesting show down between the USA and Canada to host the 2024 Summer Games, If not then I can see Baku Azerbaijan being the runner up city to Los Angeles USA in 2024.
  23. Commonwealth Stadium has been renovated in 2008 and expanded last year the stadium is in great condition and it will be great in 2022 with the retro 70s look.
  24. If Los Angeles USA host the 2024 Summer Games then it will be another at least 12 years for the Summer Games to return to North America then Calgary Canada would be great fit in for the 2026 Winter Games, Yes I will be bit of an Alberta Overdoes but I think it will be the best Canada can do for the next decade if the USA get;s the 2024 Summer Games. I think the IOC will be pushing Calgary Canada to make an bid for the 2026 Winter Games to restore the faith in the Winter Games movement then the IOC could go to the USA in 2030 for an back to back winter games if Europe is scared off again with the Beijing China 2022 Winter Games by the time Calgary host in 2026 it will bring back the interest for Europe for the 2034 Winter Games. The Commonwealth Games of 2022 it will be going to Edmonton Canada, Durban will be another Delhi 2010 and by the lack of communications on the Durban team Edmonton Canada got this in the bag, Singapore will be likely to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games South Africa has blew it for the Commonwealth Games I don;t see them hosting the Commonwealth Games nor Summer Olympics and Paralympics Games any time soon in the next 50 years for the SOPG and 30 years for the Commonwealth Games.
  25. Every country which hosted Winter Olympics has RED in their countries flags.

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