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  1. It's not Iraq but Iran so there's no all-Arab connection really there, especially as Morocco is also quite far from the Middle Eastern nations both culturally and geographically.
  2. Probably that and the fact that they would have to play at noon or in the afternoon as happened in 2000-2008 when the final was played at the main stadium. Also there might be a desire to include more venues to the Games, even if it's at the cost of a smaller crowd. Also, if the expansion plan goes ahead, in 2024 PdP will have a capacity around 60k so the loss will be only 15k spectators.
  3. Of course attending Olympic Games isn't cheap especially far from home but seeing only a couple events doesn't have to break the bank. For me the biggest obstacle apart from the money would be Japan's hot and humid monsoon season which I don't find ideal for travelling to the country.
  4. I don't know what he has said about Tokyo before but I'd be curious to know if CAF is planning on going there in 2020. Like I said earlier, there can't be bigger contrast than between London-Rio-Tokyo.
  5. Also I want to add that by the end of last week I was feeling a bit exhausted after having spent most of my time awake glued to the TV screen or my computer. It's something of a relief having more time for normal things. I don't know if I could have continued in the same manner for a third week in a row.
  6. Yeah, it's pretty much universal I guess, at least in cultures with a western linear concept of time or something similar. The exact reasons aren't known but I remember an experiment where persons of different ages were asked to guess when a certain duration of time, maybe 10 minutes, had passed by without seeing the clock, and the younger the persons were, the more impatient they were to wait. Older persons were more likely to instead underestimate the speed of time. As a teenager four years felt an eternity but yes, it does seem like London ended just yesterday but now Rio is also well behind us. Like you say, the good thing about all this is that Tokyo is just around the corner. I don't know if it's the age thing but I don't really feel the post games blues yet, unlike after London and Beijing when it hit pretty hard but I would say it's due to a major life change that I find myself in which is quite stressful and is taking most of my mental energy and focus for sometime now. Back in 2012 and especially 2008 I was much more idle so the end of action led to a bigger emptiness.
  7. I would like to know the reasons for this, rising temperatures, rising sea level or what? Even now I feel the IOC:s insistince on a strict July-August timeframe is somewhat limiting. Even Tokyo with its monsoon rains and sticky humid heat is far from ideal in hosting at that period. The most limiting aspects are set by the IOC itself. They really need to start downsizing the games. Instead of adding new sports reduce the amount of them to 15-20 core sports with a few rotating/changing options depending on the preferences of the host country and less strict venue requirements. That way they could make smaller cities interested again.
  8. Because they were boorish pricks?
  9. That's a pathetic excuse if you've paid for the ticket. There is a roof and it's not even cold out there! Would they leave the World Cup final with Brazil playing if it started raining?
  10. Yes, it does have some effect if the public seems disinterested. The Brazilians simply don't care about these games. We can discuss about the reasons for that and whether it's legitimate in another topic.
  11. Couldn't get too excited while seeing the stadium less than half full for a Brazilian gold medal and the crowd booing at Lavillenie. Not the athlete's fault of course, he did an exceptional job.
  12. I don't know the sport's code of conduct but whether or not that was legal he was the biggest asshole in any discipline I've seen in a long time. I hope there are some mitigating circumstances.
  13. I'm pretty sure uncle Vlad will keep the hooligans in order on his home soil. He doesn't want the image of Russia tarnished in that way or problems on Russian territory. What happens in foreign countries is a different issue. Also, ironically the most frightening thing about Russian hooligans is that they probably prefer to function without alcohol.
  14. Sochi's OC was the most beautiful and harmonious for me too, combining different elements perfectly. Beijing's grandeur was a bit overwhelming and almost mechanical.
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