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  1. Yes that would be hilarious. I might struggle to raise a smile personally with all those dead bodies lining the streets of Ukraine but if you want to roll around on the floor pissing yourself laughing then go for it. Just for your info Great Britain do not take part in Eurovision. The United Kingdom do and they have done so since 1957 scoring victories in 4 different decades with 5 wins.
  2. I really enjoyed it. I can see it working well as host nations not cities. Then you can use an athletics stadium in say Birmingham but use the velodrome in Manchester.
  3. If I was her I would have gone again but I understand why she didn't. God knows what will happen in Israel if anyone storms the stage with a backpack.
  4. If anyone wants to watch the performance they have put the jury version up as obviously the middle part of the song was never performed on the night. The staging was pretty good again the crowd were clapping and singing along. Lets hope next year we put forward a stronger song and we actually get to perform it on the night so we can be judged by everyone on a level playing field.
  5. The UK didn't deserve third from last at all. In the audience you could hear the crowd singing the song. Didn't hear that for anybody else. It wasn't the best song by a mile, but it deserved more than it got. What really annoyed me was that there was no mention of what happened. They just brushed over it. She had her moment in the spotlight stolen. Why should she have to perform again? It shouldn't have happened! Its a stain on the contest as far as Im concerned, it keeps happening and they need to get a grip of it.
  6. I wasn't hopeful about the Birmingham handover at all. I thought the short notice would be the excuse but the pictures Im seeing from Birmingham city centre look great. Im not a fan of Lady Sanity, but the Floozy in the Jacuzzi has had a make over, there are banners going up everywhere, it could actually be a good segment. It will be interesting to see how they switch between the stadium in Australia and Birmingham but I'm quite excited now
  7. There will be a film by Daniel Alexander and Rapper Lady Sanity who I can honestly say I've never heard of. I am reserving judgement for now. Culture Central are organising it. I visited their website for a moment and got bored. Fingers crossed it will be amazing!
  8. Well I didn't enjoy the closing half as much as the opening. Didn't excite me at all. The Beijing handover, I loved the Tron movement mixed with the projections but by the end it all looked so tacky. If they had used a smarter colour palette or at least more refined I think it could have looked really cool, it just all looked like they were throwing everything at it. I liked how they linked to past games though, that was a nice touch. Im going to put this out there, Im starting to get bored with the projections on the floor. Its starting to feel lazy now. We've been there we've done it. I know it means high impact and low coast but I want something new now.
  9. Details of the handover will be announced in the next couple of weeks according to Twitter
  10. I was just thinking this and realised Rob had posted the same thing in December. But they have a really short time to pull together the hand over segment. Will they launch a logo? Anybody seen anything? The website hasn't been updated since before they were awarded the games, so that worries me. So I think we should give them some help, some ideas. I think they need to play Hello, Goodbye by the Beatles. Bloody perfect apart from the Liverpool link (sorry Liverpool, but maybe a nice nod to them at the same time) Then give all the audience those foam hands with the new logo on to wave.
  11. I always saw it that when it went really small they became the sun rays and didn't need to be read. I sent the logo to the people at LA2028 saying it was a little project that I'd like to show them, got nothing back, not even a thank's for taking the time. So I hope their games are a disaster. Only joking ; ) It will be interesting to see what they come up with and when they reveal it as they have such a long lead up
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