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  1. Kazakhstan has been working on its international profile for some time and I wouldn't discount their chances. Firstly, it gives the IOC the opportunity to award the Games to a relatively stable Muslim majority country that has good relations with most of the world and certainly with the USA, Russia and China. It's a cultural crossroads between East and West and I would expect them to make much of that. The IOC can also be seen to be spreading the Games to different areas. They are currently experimenting with a period of visa free travel for a limited time to promote tourism. They promote themselves a lot in international leadership circles. At work I get various glossy magazines aimed at diplomats and leaders and there are often features on Kazakhstan paid for by the government. And as has been mentioned, they do have hosting experience. It's not an ideal host by any means but I would prefer it over Beijing and I think they might be seen as the least worst option by many.
  2. It's a straight-forward question but I don't seem to be able to get an answer. What is this forum's policy on hate speech?

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    2. DannyelBrazil


      There are no limits... When I complained in the past, all I got was a statement about freedom of expression in the board...

    3. DannyelBrazil


      Years later I got a thread locked because an innocent parody...

      Some people have free pass here.

      Just get used as most of us.

    4. markun


      I'm leaving anyway. Had enough of wading through rubbish to find information easily available elsewhere.

  3. Can the moderator let us know what the forum's policy is on hate speech and how this is implemented?
  4. Well that depends on a) if they actually adopt it and how they implement it. That's not supposed to be an emoji it's supposed to say 'b'!
  5. It does matter. Homophobic legislation is about much more than sex. What message does it send out about tolerance, acceptance and celebrating diversity? These issues are as relevant for kids as they are for adults. And homophobic bullying continues to be a serious reality, sometimes even resulting in suicide. What message does that give young people who are GLBT or questioning? It tells them that they don't matter.
  6. http://www.thelocal.se/20141028/stockholm-to-host-world-cup-ski-race
  7. To be completely honest I think the first European Games taking place in Azerbaijan just reinforces perceptions that major international events are just the playthings of dictators. Russia, China, Qatar, Azerbaijan... terrible place to start in my opinion.
  8. No it isn't. It isn't called the British Commonwealth and hasn't been in some time. It is factually incorrect to call it that.
  9. It is the Commonwealth not the British Commonwealth. Personally I think the appeal of the Commonwealth Games is their smaller scale and friendly nature. That would be lost with any major expansion which is neither necesarry nor desirable.
  10. Seb Coe has said that Glasgow has 'saved the Commonwealth Games' BBC described it as an opportunity for cities to host an event that is 'Proud, passionate and within their means'.
  11. The conflicting messages coming out of South Africa regarding this bid would be massively problematic for any other bidder. South Africa can probably get over it if they go on to get there act together and bid. But that seems a big 'if' at the moment.
  12. Great opening ceremony! Warm, informal, good natured, inclusive. Good job

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    2. markun


      Remember the Commonwealth Games aren't the Olympics

    3. mr.bernham


      They were okay...the beginning threw me off.

    4. woohooitsme83


      I had to watch it at a restaurant since I was out of town. People were staring at me during the beginning ._.

      The kilts was suspicious to some people, I suppose :P

  13. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/commonwealth-games/28015180?ocid=socialflow_twitter
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