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  1. you are right roltel - his profile is a kind of eternal place for him - RIP Todd - you are a great guy and I hope you are fine in heaven!

  2. So sad to come back here - really missing you Todd!

  3. *yawn* 30 years ago nobody could imagine anyone but ABC hosting the Olympics with Jim McKay. Then NBC got their groove going around Barcelona. Anyone can broadcast these things.
  4. I really want to see Toronto win this - I am on record as saying they got screwed. But I have questions. I don't see how the Pan Am plan would help Toronto in winning a future SOG. It's been several years since I have been in the Toronto area, but I do recall how spread out The Golden Horseshoe was. That and how traffic on I think it is the 401 can get? Can't this be centralized more? What happened to the island the 2008 games were supposed to be held on?
  5. Nadia said the same thing and I guess I agree with her assessment. But rules are rules. Mark my words, it will come out 20 years from now they were under aged, much like the East German and Russian women swimmers admitted they were doped in 1976.
  6. Oh geez. Deal with your Indian issues like we do. Give them thousands of acres to put a casino on where they can collect revenues with very little tax or contribution that they give to members of their tribes, and give little back to the communities and they are happy. Lord knows, here in California most of them are living better than I am.
  7. If I go, I think I am driving up. It's only 15 hours from San Francisco. Stop in Portland and then continue. Otherwise fly to Seattle and rent a car. I am not even going to think about flying into Vancouver - that would be a nightmare. Although I imagine customs will be a nightmare all around. Accommodations - my supposed friend at the Four Seasons has not gotten back to me
  8. It would be great - I would love to meet you and Kendegra and even Mr. X - if he can get out of Jr. High home room to do so. (j/k) Check your PM. Like Puppy, my tentative ticket order hovers around $2500 U.S. I am not going to Whistler if I go. I would like to but sitting on a bus on a mountain roadway for 2 hours without a ciggy and a beverage is not my idea of a good time.
  9. I have pretty much - I am only hesitating because that year is also my parents 50th wedding anniversay and my sister and I promised to take them to Hawaii or go on an Alaskan Cruise. Plus, if I get the tickets now I will get charged this December right when Christmas and property taxes are due.
  10. I went on and registered. Still haven't decided if I want to go or not. But in the registration it asks where you found out about CoSport - ATR was a choice but Gamesbids wasn't?
  11. Try living next door to them! j/k btw You know, it's not bad. When I first read it I was like, o.k., how unoriginal. But now I am thinking it's got potential. Altho, unfortunately, that damn national anthem is now stuck in my head.
  12. Oh dear! Is this a preview of the OC in Vancouver?
  13. Your right! I missed that - sorry Congrats NZ! YOU are one of the biggest medal winners!
  14. ^^^ Another of the best quotes of the games. Thank you - you have been a wonderful audience but I am now bored with this topic.
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