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  1. Sorry, only just realised I'd had some replies! Thanks for all your help! That's great!
  2. Hi Guys, as we get closer and closer to the big day I've been looking at some videos on youtube of the bid process and announcement. There is however, one video I can't seem to find. I don't know if anyone can remember but during the bid presentation there was a short film about London as a city and what it offered the olympics. It had music that was used in the film gladiator as the backing track, does anybody know where I could find it or where I could find a full video of the London 2012 bid presentation? Thanks!
  3. Is that 9am UK time or French time? Hopefully 9am in France because I'll be at work!
  4. I really wish I'd known about the DERTOUR website before. I've signed up to the French NOC website for tickets but it seems that you have to buy them as part of a package with travel and hotel too? My french isn't great and I transalted the site using google translator, so does anybody know if this is the case?
  5. Since I personally have been unsuccessful in all of my applications, I've decided to start looking at other options for tickets. Could somebody explain to me how to apply to other EU NOCs for some of their tickets? Would really appreciate any help. Cheers
  6. Well, I've got nothing, unless by some miracle the payment comes out later today. My friend ordered two category A tickets for the 100m final by mistake, she didn't realise that there were different price bands! Anyway, she got them and has offered me the other. £725 seems a lot but it looks like it's going to be my only chance to see something decent!
  7. I'm feeling a bit disheartened now! I've been checking my credit card about four times a day in the hope that some money will have gone, but nothing.... Does this basically mean I haven't been successful at all? I applied for about 15 different sessions, granted they were all finals and for popular sports, but I thought I'd get at least one of them! Like most of you on here, I've followed London2012 right from the bid stage and to not get anything would be so annoying! I guess I'll just have to keep hoping...
  8. 1. They were meant to represent all of the different ethnic groups in China, dressed in their traditional clothes. 2. No idea! Sorry!
  9. Russia is a strange one, I remember in Athens, Russia coming back strong in the second week but I don't think they were in the position they are in this time round
  10. Not sure if this topic is in the right place really, since it isn't sport specific, sorry.
  11. What does everybody think? I can't believe the success team GB are having, I'm always optimistic, but it put everything into context today when I realised they have already beaten their gold medal tallies from Sydney and Athens.... can they hold on to 3rd place?!
  12. Sorry, not sure how to edit my post, I meant to say 2 girls better than her in Nottingham alone, not even the whole of GB
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