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  1. 1. They were meant to represent all of the different ethnic groups in China, dressed in their traditional clothes. 2. No idea! Sorry!
  2. Russia is a strange one, I remember in Athens, Russia coming back strong in the second week but I don't think they were in the position they are in this time round
  3. Not sure if this topic is in the right place really, since it isn't sport specific, sorry.
  4. What does everybody think? I can't believe the success team GB are having, I'm always optimistic, but it put everything into context today when I realised they have already beaten their gold medal tallies from Sydney and Athens.... can they hold on to 3rd place?!
  5. Sorry, not sure how to edit my post, I meant to say 2 girls better than her in Nottingham alone, not even the whole of GB
  6. She is a true legend of British Swimming! It couldn't have happened to a nicer person! She paced the 400 to perfection and the 800 speaks for itself. I used to swim with her on Nova, the strange thing is, when she was younger, there were at least two other girls who were far better than her! I guess it just goes to show that success at a young age doesn't always mean success when it really counts!
  7. So, what does everybody think? http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/olympics/7450289.stm I think it looks ok...but a bit plain though....I dunno, maybe less is more!?
  8. I'd like to see some kinds of dragon themed lighting. How about if a dragon is brought into the stadium and then its flame is lit (with the torch), and then (forgive me, I don't know the technicalities of this kind of thing) they increase the pressure of the fuel (I don't know if anyone remembers but the Queen lit something similar in the mall during the Golden Jubilee celebrations, it was like a flame that shot 30ft into the air), and they flame then lights the cauldron? I hope this makes sense! Probably not lol
  9. Ah nope on that one - Estadio Azteca in Mexico City has over 110,000 seats - and while there is no roof as such, the awning does cover the whole seating area. Obviously as the sun moves across the sky some seats are in direct sublight - but technically they are all covered. The new Wembley will be the largest fully enclosed stadium when the roof is closed - but there are at least 3 stadia in Latin America with higher seating capacity. As for unobstructed views - hundreds of stadiums can claim this. While it is an impressive stadium, the attached hyperbole is bullsh!t. You may say this, but as far as I know the capacity of these stadiums would be much lower in a FIFA staged event. The capacities you quote may be true, however, due to health and safety in an international event the capacities have to be drastically cut.
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