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  1. How are we sure they are genuine? Thatsnomyppupy must have gotten a ticket already ,I guess. I beleive people here can now see the important of organising big games in populous countries.
  2. Hahaha...that video is great,men! That was hilarious, Phil Me In. Good way to do a national anthem by you.
  3. Good for her! Maybe I will be doing mine on CNN. LOl...
  4. If that`s true, I would say it`s a good innovation. However, is this not going to create a kind of identity theft?As regarding people information on ticket that would be disposed off after the games.
  5. C`mon, Maryjane! The studio doesn`t belong to her.
  6. Durban Sandshark, your contributions are invaluable. I really appreciate them.
  7. It`s one of my favourite games but am only used to NBA. It`s surprising to note that I don`t even know that other countries are good in basketball than the Americans.
  8. Thank you for that explanation. Is that the way London-Chicago going to look like?
  9. It`s nice to see legacy in another way cos it`s not good to have stadia everywhere when it can be used by home developers for housing. One thing I don`t like about the moving of reusable parts is that it can keep on rotating in circle and it`s going to create some problem. When Rio, I mean Chicago, for example, after using these materials it is likely will have to send them to Cape Town(I know Cape Town won`t accept that) and Cape Town would have to send them to the next host. This is somehow going to be disturbing to the quality of stadia we are going to have in the future.
  10. So, what is the legacy to these temporal structures?
  11. Why is Red colour all over the interior of tthe Stadium? To what significant is this colour to the Chinese that it becomes so pronounced in almost every thing about the games?
  12. I am not really happy with the way African countries are handling theirs.
  13. What`s so funny? I know what you are driving at. I am not after. I just want to know the lifespan cos I could find that on google.
  14. This is a very unique stadium. Does anybody know the lifespan of that stadium?Cos there`s nothing going to be like it for the next 5 years.
  15. Brilliant images! I love this amazing stadium.
  16. Long time , Tanaka Ray? You still do randomly come around. I can see that you are so much interested in Olympic tv updates these days.
  17. In a whole, what is the end result?
  18. The tracks need to be given a bright color to help athletes keep to thier various path.
  19. Lol! Hahaha...you are explaining this in circle. Like begging the question.
  20. If only you agree with me that development is prosperity and advancement. You can check up the post #290 in this link: http://www.gamesbids.com/forums/index.php?...9686&st=280
  21. We have be told here over and over again that hosting big sports games don`t bring development. So, what should we call this once in a life time regeneration to that part of London?
  22. The YOGs are more or less of educative ones than sport events.
  23. It seems the response from the hockey players was not the usual one expected from other lnaguages like the French and English. Atleast that was a step forward. I hope Canada to continue with this kind gesture.
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