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  1. Two cauldrons would be expected..one in Beijing for ice events and another one in Zhangjiakou for snow events.
  2. Do you know him? Ning Zetao,maybe 2moro you will know him in swimming pool.
  3. Its said by IOC that Harbin is too cold to host WOG, and the snow quality in Yabuli is not good enough. I don't know if it was true...So if it's true, Harbin will never host WOG.
  4. Yes, i think baron-pierreIV should know more about the concept of "Host City".
  5. Actually, they hope or even wanna help Beijing win after final short list. Because, they dont want to work...hahah they r lazy. And Beijing is the most safe choice for IOC in the short list. And or,maybe they want to change the rule of Continents Rotation Make more cities more passion... Just guess...ok,,, take it easy
  6. Also, In fact, we should pay attention that there is no Continents Rotation provisions in Olympic Charter. It is just a game rule recognized...so maybe Beijing would say like that...
  7. At the beginning, i really didn't look to BJ&ZJK. And its not fair to Harbin as well. But these days, as a Chinese, i have to say that i do know China government's habit...They really cares about their "face", i mean if it was just a exercises for future bid, they will show a low profile for that, for example when Harbin bid for 2010 and 2018, all the medias are all showed low profile for that. But 2022 bid this time, they really got a little too high key for that...i mean they are not just play for the next bid...trust me, maybe some internal information or even request from IOC was accepted by China government.
  8. Believe me...Beijing will not solve this big problem in short time. Because Beijing's geographical location is a big problem. Three sides by mountains make Beijing in a harder situation.
  9. Well, maybe Harbin is not a best place for WOG. Indeed, the Harbin's winter cold is not good for the quality of the snow and athletes. But i think China OC could solve these problems in some ways. For example the time of the games, and also Harbin and Changchun could bid togrther one day. Anyway,im so sad, disapointed and a little angry that Beijing be a so rude role grabbed all national resources(as Pui saying). Hope you could understand... Maybe i will never see Winter Olympics in my home city, no matter 2022, 2026,2030,2034, 2038............. Harbin would be a desperate housewife forever...a COLD desperate housewife...
  10. Oooohhh,believe me CAF, no matter B/Z 2022 is a joke, rehearsal bid or other things. China goverment has no confidence that Harbin as a provincial capital city Northeast China could handle WOG this big thing. They only believe that Beijing as a national capital and super big city could make everything safe and good control. And They make excuses that Harbin's winter is too cold for athletes, and Harbin's snow events' facilities and area are still not up to standard and (*&^T&^%)()_...in fact, these are not excuses at all. I dont know if Liu Tian agree with me... PS.....B/Z also have a big problem....HAZE.... And if Harbin didn't participate in the bid. i also dont like China goverment splashing the cash in this way....
  11. in fact i do have the same feeling about what Soaring_Higher feel. In this 4 years, China had already won women 3000m relay many times. And this time, you know, "a little flaw in the diamond". But what 4seasonscentre said is more important. Anyway, good result.
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