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  1. It seems the response from the hockey players was not the usual one expected from other lnaguages like the French and English. Atleast that was a step forward. I hope Canada to continue with this kind gesture.
  2. What part would the native canadians(I mean the native Americans) take?
  3. SABC representing Africa broadcasting right in the Beijing sounds absurd cos it alone cannot meet the wide range of audiences in Africa. It should be noted that this presents a vague idea of TV audience in Africa, which the Olympic movement has being ignoring for quite some time now--- I think. A clear table needs to be drawn by the Olympic commitee to curtail this no good Tv monopoly giants like NBC and its clonies. There`s no discrimination in Olympic games and the media broadcast shouldn`t be exempted . If not there`s a need for us in the developing countries to whine and not be told to stop. The world cannot be so divided in watching these games meant for all by monopolizing the media due to affluence.
  4. Am grateful of the Chinese courage to continue with the relay torch.
  5. You should check the type of keyboard that you are using cos this your gibberish or gobbledygook typing is getting rediculous!
  6. This photo just keeps disturbing my mind. Those young dead students! WOW !JESUS!
  7. He didn`t really mean it that way. That`s why he is Devil Satan meaning, opposer slanderer.LOL!
  8. The Olympic games are going to be mix-feelings.
  9. I wish to say here how much I am touched by these incedences which caused the many thousand dead and displaced people in Burma and China disasters. I pray the LORD to grand you the fortitude to bear the lost. For those dead victims, I pray GOD to keep you in its bosom till we meet to part no more. I am really touch by these deadly disasters that rocked Asia. We are sorry for the incedence. On behalf of Nigeria, I say we are very sorry of the misfortune.
  10. They beleive many thousand people could be burried in the rubbles in the Sichuan province. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/7396650.stm
  11. Nigeria Road to Beijing 2008 Weight Lifting 10 men and 10 women lifters were invited to camp in Abuja immediately after the two-day national open trials for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games qualifiers in January in Lagos. 19 weightlifters left for Cape Town, South Africa already. There`s the confident that Nigeria will be in Beijing for weight lifting. Wrestling Nigeria to Repeat Beijing Wrestling Qualifier. One has already among four the earlier qualified wristlers. Due tto some circumstance beyond our control we are going to contest the remaining three in Canada. I am sure we will progress with them to Beijing 2008. Soccer The national U-23 football team is get set for Beijing. Players are on their way preparing to win the gold cup.
  12. Freedom of speech to some extent is trampled upon any nation(be it west or developing nation) is one time of the other. Chinese have free access to the internet, just that some areas of the internet that would be of national disturbances(it exist in almost every country).For example I don`t US would allow it citizen to confidential information belong the CIA---we it`s done--- it`s called spy.Have you forgoten Youth wings of political parties in China exist apart from the Communist? We shouldn`t be biased when judging others based on personal views but be fair enough, so that the truth can really be uphold successfully.
  13. Besides collecting of ring in Sonic the hedgehog, I think it has alot to do with the Olympic than most game producers. I am an avid fan of Sonic, anyway. I hope Sonic takes the leading role in Beijing2008.
  14. China is not practicing dictatorship at present. We know that China has poor human right records but it`s not as you are taking it to be here. C`mon, CAF!
  15. Some of those wears are like bikinis.Huh!
  16. Maryjane! Maryjane! I can now sit back and laugh. I am not the only one to be laughed with this time around.
  17. Grrrrrrrrr...BBC is not an international media! How did you mean BBC is not an international media? What is international media and what do you think disqualifies BBC from it?
  18. I was expecting demonstration sports from Beijing and it`s not a surprise at all to me when this news came up. If angling seems like sport here to many people maybe hunting and chain saw practices can as well be included in the group of games known as sports.
  19. Nobody ever said BBC is 100 percent perfect, Maryjane. When compared to most international media all over the world, BBC is just as close as to the number one or two position.
  20. When the Torch got to China mainland yesterday it was no protest and there was no disturbances. Those flying dragons in the air were interesting to look at. Meanwhile, I think the step the Tibet Dalai Lama has taken in dialoguing is the best possible one and I perfectly agree with it.
  21. Of course they should. The Island is Chinese's.
  22. James would be tasteless this time around when an Olympic apparel is been misjudged on colors and quality through photos. I think we will always have people who would want things done their own way. Those Sports wears are just to ok.PLZ!
  23. Jesus! Should I call this fanatism or what? You hope Canada don't win again?
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