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  1. Try Seoul station area, and buy KTX Pyeongchang Rail Pass. Once the time table is available in Dec 2017, make reservation as early as possible, to avoid miss out the Games session.
  2. I booked a 2-star hotel near Seoul station. Planning to travel with KTX (exclusive for foreigner during Games time), to PyeongChang and Gangneung.
  3. Yes, no news yet from Mediacorp, SingTel or StarHub about the coverage of Rio 2016. Mediacorp is focusing to promote subscription of Euro 2016 package in its Toggle App. Very bad news for Singapore sport fans if no live coverage on TV, as we are the 1st YOG host.
  4. 10:30am local time will resume. 10 more minutes from now. http://www.mediafire.com/view/9c2mqkoo8l309zr
  5. Outside the hall now. Lots of Malaysian are coming over and support Beijing. By the way, how to post the photo here?
  6. I am in KL now. Tomorrow will go to KLCC Park area. I am in KL now. Tomorrow will go to KLCC Park area.
  7. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_uvye0U_Jpo Watch live from YouTube. Courtesy from Sport Singapore.
  8. Let it be with Delhi, and make things more messy! Times to re-structure OCA!
  9. If Singapore to take over the 2019 Asian Games, she will need to face the problem of providing the Games village, as well as the venues for some big events, such as Football (need several stadiums. YOG only have 1, and only 16 countries (8 Boys 8 Girls) in football tournament), Canoeing, Cycling Velodrome, etc. YOG Swimming and Diving are not the same venue as well. For Games Village, what I can help to think is to rent the cruise during Games time, or co-host with Iskandar region, as there is a lot of upcoming property projects coming up (Iskandar region is in Johor Bahru, 2nd largest city
  10. Will the members that can vote in the final round to think about whether to place the Games back-to-back in Asia in 2018 and 2020? I doubt some might switch the votes from Tokyo to Istanbul in the final round...
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