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  1. That is so so so stupid. A good ceremonies needs lots of fireworks.
  2. Our next winter games should be held in Quebec City.
  3. I thought Atlanta was fun, it wasn't trying to take its self seriously. Maybe that's just 90s nostalgia.
  4. Different strokes for different folks I guess. I thought that was the worst segment iv ever seen in anything to do with the Olympics.
  5. You enjoyed everything? Even the texting segment? The rapping? The strange inclusion of the Cosby show?
  6. And on the topic of a domestic bid race, will the same bid book be used for both that and the overall race?
  7. So does this mean there will be no applicant stage?
  8. Yeah, that part was hilarious and random, adding to my not understanding of whats going on AT ALL.
  9. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/585/halifax26.png/'>
  10. Everyone iv spoken with personally who wasn't British didn't like it. Canadian, European, American, whatever.
  11. Mostly the texting segment, the only thing that really wow'ed me was the rings. The anthem, countdown, NHS segment were all pretty bad IMHO. Its annoying you cant edit your own posts.. Just pay attention to the bottom text.
  12. I could have excused the chaos completely had it not been for a few truly awful bits. Thats what in the end killed it for me.
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