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  1. The only advice I can give here from experience is to increase you RAM from it present size to a larger one.
  2. I would have loved Singapore to win. As long as NYCD2010 is living in Singapore, I would want Moscow to win. Hahaha...
  3. Huh! I don't he's what you guys are saying.
  4. I created an account with them about three days ago.
  5. I didn't help Glasgow to win and I never did anything to support Glasgow! PLz, refrain from calling me a traitor. If you like you can toast an elephant for the party, I wouldn't join in your toast.
  6. They are going to run at deficit on that.
  7. Are you saying the Olympic Games are not going to take place in Beijing or what?
  8. Yes! Let's not conclude at this time cos nobodu is coughing yet. Anold swatzneger and Jackie Chan were there.
  9. Atleast, I haven't heard that from Justin Gatlin, Asafa Powell and co.
  10. J-E-S-U-S! Am scared of you! It doesn't cos it's not what TIME painted it to look like. China will host as long it has been given the right only that it might be worse among Olympics if the air pollution is not taken care of. The opening Ceremony worked out just well,right?
  11. Not what you are taking it to look like. I wouldn't even want to see such too. And, that's not going to happen in Beijing! Never!
  12. It is. Considering her condition, it's right she has to pull out of the events. Not withstanding, did she need to be compensated by the Chinese authority for pulling out?
  13. I said this earlier excepting the athlete is not in good condition as in the case of Justin Henin you've just mentioned. One the other hand she's already an unhealthy athlete.
  14. Let's be sincere here no athlete has complained yet. We are still going to see athletes go to Beijing on those graceful days to perform their very best. You are not going to tell me that there are no chinese or other countries athletes living in Beijing live and sound as ever. Am not saying here that the Chinese shouldn't profer solution to the polluted air but people should paint the image as if when you enter Beijing you inhale the air and have a lung problem,is what the athletes are going to get by going to Beijing to perform. That's scary picture. When times are that we should take ca
  15. Death due to lungs diseases in uk. Death due to lungs diseases in uk compare it to China and make a good propotion with the population,ROB. Others countries are there which are worse off than Uk. So, what are we talking about here when athletes never complain about those countries. True the air in China is polluted but not as bad that athletes cannot adapt.
  16. I have read it. People are there in Beijing sound and alive. TIME is blowing it! Even in countries where the air is clean people still have lung conditions or whatsoever. The Chinese will definately have a measure to curb this what I call triviality-about-the-atmosphere. 3 weeks stay would kill no-athlete excepting if the athlete's been sick inside unknowingly.
  17. Not for the short time. I would call that an excuse on the part of the athletes. People have being living in Beijing with good lungs and health condition.
  18. Too many complaints about Beijing atmosperic condition. It's not going to kill nobody,PERIOD! Atleast Chinese are still alive in Beijing till now. The athletes should be aiming at the winnings rather than a meaningless air of which I don't see much problem at the moment.
  19. I never knew that you could smile not until now.
  21. That's me. Life is not always pleasing all the time. So, don't be tired not until when your are dead.
  22. I wouldn't even dare think of that at all!
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