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  1. Off topic MOD . I am crying racism here LOL. Jim jones
  2. Except for a Scottish Nut case who has his nose in the business of a games that does not concern the Children of the Sheep. Athlete Baw Haw Haw Haw Haw . The only workout he does is running his mouth about things he is complete ignorant to IE what is an IAAF class one certified facility and how a stadium gets that stamp from the IAAF. Jim jones
  3. Back to the topic Child of the Sheep LOL Jim jones
  4. you never get the point . no one goes out that says Gee I am going to risk putting an athlete in a situation that is rare in the the course of his or her's career . that is the bottom line . Yeah you can have some record broke or you can have Ron Clarke in the process . Unless your athlete has run mountain races or long durations which would not be the case of a sprinter then they would pass on voting to put a sprinter in that position . Jamaica , Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba , St Kitts and other Caribbean Nations would vote for a Toronto or Lima simply on the basis of avoiding bogota. Jim jo
  5. It is hard adapt to altitude that quickly especially if you are from a Caribbean Island living at sea level most of your life. Broken Records at the pan am games might be restricted to Pan Am Games Records which are generally far off the mark of World Records. The competition is generally not there as American's send a C team of Athletes and many teams send B grade competitors who are young and in development. You are not going to have a Usian Bolt running at altitude in Bogota or even any of the Semi finalists of the 2012 olympics or the 2016 olympics for the Americas. Those people qualify at
  6. Ron Clarke a very good high ranking middle distance runner from Australia nearly died running at altitude in Mexico city 68' . no major problems ? Gee i think nearly killing a man is a major problem. Jim jones
  7. Man Again you have half a clue . Sprinters at high altitude you don't have much of an effect on them as durations are short for their events but who would want to risk a career on what the unknown is for each individual. The Jamiacans are unlikely to say . Hey lets travel 6000 miles to live in an athletes village a mile high in mid european Athletics Season risking our pay checks on the Pro Circuit in Europe or even our entire careers . We are talking sprinters who generally can command appearance and endorsement fees into the 100's of thousands and millions . Lima or Toronto would get those v
  8. Well apparently the screaming infant knows Capitalization and upper case letters . Do you know what I actually mean by Children of the sheep ? There is not defining it because I invented the term . Jim jones
  9. So where you do think a federation or the athletes should go on Delhi 2010? The Child of the Sheep would say oh it should not have been awarded to anyone without pale white skin but the fact remains it has been awarded simply because you cannot deny the Largest Democracy in the World the Games in 2010 while China was awarded the only games that really amount to anything two years prior being the 2008 SOG's . The Federation would look totally out of touch with the rest of the world including the Only Games that matter celebrating the youth of the world VS the festival that celebrates our commo
  10. Racism against the UK ? Gosh you are the people who cornered the market on racism IE the BNP. Jim Jones
  11. Well take care of your own backyard and staging on the Commonwealth Games afterall the last time Rob Maxwell and a Japanese mobster were the White Knights Edinburgh had to go to trying to salvage those games . Jim jones
  12. Well hey considering you call me a racist bigot when it is your country who aired a BNP leader the other night on the BBC with people in violent protest outside the Studio's trying to suppress freedom of expression of a Neo Nazi I take that comment with a grain of salt. How long has it been since the Campbells Slaughtered the MacDonalds in Glencoe and yet the Mac Donalds still hold a grunge more then 3 centuries later ? Jim Jones
  13. Yeah the opinion of Manchester People really holds water . What major event did they ever host in the recent past ? THe 30th anniversary of Coronation Street ? If you go by the schedule for Test events posted for New Delhi 2010 and what happened in that Story you would be looking at the athletics portion of the Games having the Test Event in New Delhi staged 4 months before the opening compared to 5 weeks before the opening. Whether New Delhi actually carries through on that schedule we will see but 5 weeks before the games the venue with the vast amount of events does not spell exemplary st
  14. well hey maybe they are following in the Path of Manchester who threw together those Fantastic Games in your opinion when the Turth was the following MANCHESTER, June 16 2002 AAP - Manchester's new Commonwealth Games stadium passed its first test this weekend as the English athletics trials went off smoothly. There were minor hitches as volunteers and the public struggled to find their way around the unfamiliar 38,000-seat stadium, built with STG135 million ($A387.15 million) of lottery money. Several athletes, including Australian pole vaulting couple Victor Chistiakov and Tatiana Grigor
  15. They could have had it before a venue was even constructed as long as they have the building designed in Computer Aid Drafting. Autocad can spit out databases for seat labelling and a Font for the Labelling could then be serialized so you take that cad file database and not have to change the number and letter characters in progression. India may be a developing nation but I am sure they are employing this simple technology that is about 25 years old. My Autocad Teacher in College was brought to Auckland prior to the 1990 games to teach in a university there. Reading some of the stuff in r
  16. Friendly FYI the Queens Baton Relay . the Olympics has torch relays . The Queens Baton first made its appearance at the 1958 Cardiff British Empire and Commonwealth Games jim Jones
  17. Well thought out post on the place of the Pan Am games in the US. The problem for Summer olympics bids for America seems to be having legacy that will appeal to voters. Many of the Voters are connected to International sports federations . Rio is on a project course similar to Seoul had in the late 1970's and early 1980s. Asian Games Followed by Summer Olympics. America it is a we are the biggest on the block and we don't really need the olympics to boost our country's standing in the World. It gets more basic to a city level . Atlanta I certainly would have put in a case of underdog cit
  18. I tend to agree Danny in regards to more emerging economies bidding because of Rio 2016. The way people from up north talked about the Staging of the 2007 Pan am Games in Rio being spotty you would think Rio was gone in the first round. The problems Rio 2007 had the 2016 bid seemed to ID . A key Sports Admin in the Americas does not like the Rio was awarded based on what he experienced in 2007 but at some point the mountain has to be climbed. Rio I am sure will be positive and memorable . Now how do we get the half naked women from Carnival into the opening ceremonies with a Family electro
  19. You are right it is not Hoopers Fault that he has sat in New Delhi for two years not coming to a conclusion that perhaps the plug has to be pulled on the New Delhi Hosting of the games . The problem is again politics of staging the games and how the Federation has to bend whether it is New Delhi with their mess or Glasgow Reneging on a huge transportation commitment CONTAINED IN THE BID BOOK. This is the CEO of the Federation after all and could certainly bring the board together and Say . We have to find a City with an IAAF Class one Stadium , a Fina Pool , a Schuermann Velodrome , the fina
  20. Mike Fennell in not an IOC member he is a Jamiacian Olympic Association President and the President of the Commonwealth Games Federation . Under F for IOC members are Rene Fasel the President of the body governing International Ice Hockey a Swiss National Timothy Fok a Citizen of Hong Kong Frankie Fredericks former Athletics Athlete from Namibia Jim Jones
  21. Thing is games go on in many cases no matter what . Europe was on it's knees post world war 2 yet London hosted 1948 . Sports Festivals make adjustments to what is presented to them . As to throwing manpower and money into this India has plenty of both but it also takes public support to get the job really done . Workers on these sites are having the hardship of not getting paid for months on end by contractors. Whether laborers are going to step up to the plate with that well known in India is another matter. The problem seems to be lack of project management and this is why Hooper h
  22. exactly we ignore how the superior Races of Northern Europe has conducted the very same games in their recent pass ? Is there not a saying he who lives in a glass house should not cast stones ? Jim jones
  23. Well of course I have to excuse you Hairy Head Wound as apparently you can't read . too many knife wounds on a friday night ? For how long did I present the Evidence while all you did what present stupid photoshop mark ups ? Not one Good News story presented in that Thread . It is pretty clear without a paragraph of commentary that was not there purposelly on my part that you have absolutely nothing to contribute to my Thread Manchester 2002 the Good the Bad the Ugly. In other words there was no solid evidenced of good only 'oh gosh we staged the games no one watches on earth raw raw from e
  24. So basically lets ignore history and say it is India's fault ? Please the Federation are Adults who author their own misfortunes time and time again . Jim jones
  25. well this why you really have to think if you have many electors to the Commonwealth Games host as IOC members or National Olympic Committee executive that the Old Practices of Bribery with the IOc will Still go on with the Commonwealth Games if the Commonwealth Games indeed does not take up the new standard Jacques Rogge introduced to the IOC. Visiting candidate Cities for he Federation is still there, th Giving of gifts to electors still there . College Educations well Glasgow UNI has 50 students from Developing Commonwealth Nations as their post "win" package. Draw your own conclusions.
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