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  1. I heard the King of Spain has invited Michaelle Jean and some Inuits to come to Madrid to Gut dead Bulls outside the Bullring After the Spaniards have killed them for entertainment and nothing more . Then Nicholus Sarcosy is going to have her to France to remove the Livers of Geese for fine French food called Fais Gros . Wild Bore Gutting in Poland , Butchering dead Foxes for entertainment in the UK and Deliver of the Black Bear Skins for the Queens Guards Hats will end her Tour of Europe in the Fall Before She opens the Olympics in a Seal Skin full length Coat. Hey nothing like sustainable hunting . Jim Jones
  2. thing is Kendegra Who cares about what Europe or the rest of the world Really Thinks ? Michaelle Jean IS OPENING the 2010 GAMES. and probably with a Seal Skin coat on . I think we should pick an item to embargo Europe on . There is a production problem with Radiological Materials at Chalk River and we are sending much of it to Europe denying our Hospitals those supplies to keep EU stockpiles at the same levels . Lets think of our own people first . Canada is so evil for killing a worthless Pest of the Sea while the same thing in regards to shoot on site in the north goes on with the Fishermen of Europe Michaelle Jean has done this in prior years and former Governor General Adrianne Clarkson joined the Northern Tour yesterday at Pond Inlet. Clarkson was accompanied by her hubby deck out with a Seal Skin vest on . Geezzzz yuo would think Michaelle Jean threw a wine glass at her partners head because she was embarrassed on Larry King live in front of a World wide Audience ? Oh I forgot that happened to Heather Mills and Paul McCartney the save the Sea Rat People . No wonder the Plague killed have of mid ages europe. LOL Jim jones
  3. Who cares about what the EU thinks really . We don't in Canada . Provoke the EU ? you people made your beds with a Band on Seal Products what next ? Deny the jewellers of Holland Canadian Diamonds ? Ban the car parts from Magna Industries to our newly acquired German asset Opel Motor Cars ? So what will you do take the Olympics Away from us for a gesture that is a courtesy to her Inuit hosts. That would be very extreme considering Tibet Monks died in Tibet months before the Beijing 2008 olympics . WE do what the hell we want in Canada in our country and have no problems with it . As an independent Country we never unilaterially invaded any country in our 130 plus history, never engaged in slavery and in fact were a save haven for American Slaves. We near developed atomic weapons but we do make 60 percent of the radiological medical materials used in the World including the EU. We invented UN peace Keeping Missions and took part in them more then any nation on earth including all of Europe Combined . We stood between the Greek and Turks for 30 years on the Ilse of Cyprus with only the British making up the European part of that force. We were begged by a Europe to intervene in your latest genocide in Bosnia and again get slapped in the face in return. Thing is Michaelle Jean yesterday was further supported by her predecessor Adrianne Clarkson and her Husband at Pond Inlet on Baffin Island . Clarkson is also a immigrant to Canada originally being from Hong Kong. Romeo Le Blanc the only other living Queens Representative in Canada is likely to weigh in as well as he is a poltican from a Fishing region in New Brunswick Watch for Michaelle Jean to Wear a full length Seal Skin Coat to declare the olympics open because guess what kids our olympics and a head of States channel to the Queen can do what she wants . Europe hold nothing on Canada simply because we export raw material essential to europe industry while twice as much in value of finished products we get from europe. We can replace rolls royce Jet engines with GE . We can say no to french wine replacing it with other including our own . European Defence contractor lost out big time two years ago when they started with Seal Ban Talk . The Harper government retooled the Tenders so Europe could not fill the Specs. That was a multi billion dollar contract that went to boeing So yesterday 66 percent of the Living Governor Generals past and present expressed their support for the Inuit way of life. Much of Canada is behind her calling her a hero and actually talking of her form Prime Minister. Jim Jones
  4. First fox you are right it is illegal to hunt White Coat Pups and second to the poster you quoted from what elevates a wild animal to a Human . Humans are murdered Seals are harvested LEGALLY . There is no such thing in the would of a legalized murder of a human being . Jim Jones
  5. Well it is Pretty Simple why they did this . It is called Standing up for Canadians VS submitting to European Political Desires and are hypocritical in nature. Can you imagine for a Second if an MP from Alberta , Saskatchewan or Alberta did not stand up in support of this ? The constituents of these MPs would then Ask Hey what if they ban Canadian Wheat or place a similar ban that has prevention of transport thru EU Waters or AirSpace of our Products to other Markets ? THis is what the Seal Product ban says . WE can't transship thru the EU to lets say Russia , Norway or Denmark who all hunt seals as well. This indeed is probably in violation of WTO fair trade agreements and is going to be challenged . Think of the BC forestry workers and how they have been attacked by their Euro hypocrites who deforested their continent long ago and multiple times ? Then their is the common Fisherman who has no involvement with Sealing. LET this stand as a MP of Canada and you can kiss your political career goodbye because indeed the Germans will be coming after other Canadian Industries next as they did in the past with BC logging being the best example recently. This is from the Continent again that was the greatest of Colonial masters via Spain, France , Portugal, Great Britain, Italy, The Netherlands , Germany and Belgium . A continent responsible for more death and destruction then any other for their own continent and others . Not really the place to take a Moral Stance from considering their history of destroying their own soceities. Yeah the Female Ski Jumpers Whinning . Who shares the hill distance record at Whistler for Ski Jumping ? A Female. Our Games our dollars Should be our Say on that issue. A Female ski Jumper in a Europeans eyes is less worthy then a cod worm producing shitting and eating machine on the Atlantic Coast of Canada . Respect our laws on Gender Equality before you cast judgment on Sealing LOL. Humans in Europe especially females don't seem to have any standing LOL Jim jones
  6. Paul McCartney was actually half reasonable with the Seal Hunt but he is a mindless twit for A letting her talk and B. Getting Married to her without a Prenup. Now if he is on tour she demands a separate private jet . Yeah some environmentalists they are LOL Jim Jones
  7. And what do Seals EAT Einstein ? They eat fish . What is at stake here is the entire east coast fishery which is a hundreds of million dollar industry if not billion plus . Paul Watson says Comb a Baby Seals HAIR What an idiot. Friends of mine are fishermen and they kill every seal they could actually and they empty rifles . Jim jones
  8. pretty simple the Germans Could come over and Show us how to efficiently KILL the Seals after all they do have a history with killing Humans efficiently . I would not rely on the Brits as the small pox in the Blankets for the North America Indians would not work on Seals . LOL Seals don't need Blankets silly Jim Jones
  9. Or better yet we embargo the EU with the key Raw materials that run their economies. Potash for fertilizer should make the Farmers in Europe happy. Uranium for French Nuclear Reactors , Iron ore for Steel making and Timber for Furniture and Houses. All these goods Canada provides to Europe could go to India , China the US and Japan who don't place bans on products from Canada. First we cancel 500 million dollars of Canadian government Purchases with German Leppard Tanks. American Tanks are just as good if not better and Battle Tested. Jim jones
  10. I wonder if they oppose government funding being taken away after 2010 so they can have a voice independent of the Canadian Government ? How about Taking every dime the COC gains from the Staging of the Games vs the COC having to pay every dime the Taxpayers of Canada paid to make Vancouver 2010 possible ? Hey Seal skin will surely make the swimmer swim faster LOL Jim Jones
  11. Of course it isn't Berlin 1936 !!!!! The Host Government hasn't started plans for the Elimination of 6 Million Jews from the Continent . We are not that forward thinking unlike Europeans of the `1930's Jim Jones
  12. Who cares about Vancouver 2010. Hey I think London 2012 could have a Fox Ripped to streads by Hounds incorporated into the LOL. JIm jones
  13. well Peta can protest in Atlantic Canada but considering every fisherman has a GUN that they bag seals all year long I would not advise them come if they want to insure their safety . I know Fishermen here and this is beyond Sealing . This will collapse the Atlantic Fishery as Seals clearly eat fish and Cod Worm is basically SEAL poop . Jim Jones
  14. and it goes to show how little you know about the motion passed . EVERY MP VOTED IN FAVOR . It was introduced by the Bloc . The party that would break up Canada actually United the House of Commons in a rare unanimous vote. Not even the NDP Socialists turned this down . THe COC would not bend to this because via the olympic charter they are controlled by Switzerland . Ironic that the IOc and the EU would preach Morality in this situation and yet they take away a key piece of inuit income with the seal hunt and tell Canadians that we cannot have Women on a Ski Jump hill at Vancouver 2010. Jim jones
  15. or the Buckingham Palace Guards with the Canadian Black Bear HAts . ROTLFMAO at hypocrites from Europe. Jim jones
  16. so tell me Stu how did Germany Humanely Cull 6 million JEWS during the Second World War ? or 20 million Russians ? 500,000 gypies . tons of gays ? Considering Heather Mills McCartney was a Porn Model / High Priced Hooker who then went on to lecture Canadians about morality maybe we should take that sage advise to the Bank LOL. Who give a rats ass about Europe and what they think An empire in Decline . I hope Europe Boycotts the Games over Seals . Then Canada would swept the Medals LOL. jim jones
  17. I think this is possibly a reaction to have the games awarded to a place without the influence of the staging of the 2016 Summer Olympics on the same continent. If say Rio wins 2016 then conventional thought would be that commercial opportunities in South America might be fewer for Lima 2015 or Bogota 2015 . The Same would go for Chicago winning 2016 with a Toronto 2015. The Voters for PASO would clearly know what city was hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics if the vote is indeed pushed into November. I don't think the intent would be to influence the vote to one continent or another based on a bias but to practical purposes of a LOC having to compete in the shadow of the Summer Olympics possibly. Jim Jones
  18. ever live on a cruise ship Mo ? I have . it is pretty good but it gets old fast LOL. A Holland America Ship I would not want to be housed on Dirty as hell and I worked on the flagship in that fleet. Jim jones
  19. Apple did Hamilton 2010 omit track cycling for the commonwealth games bid? I think I read somewhere that they did and of course Mr. Braley is probably aware that Track cycling is something that may be a non starter for a temporary venue for the Pan Am Games . Some how I find it hard to believe a temporary Velodrome would be a liability to the Bid because Rio 2007 basically had a temporary surface in a perminent building and Winnipeg 1999 had the same but outdoors. I can see with an aquatics centre you might have a lack of legacy problem for the voters but track cycling for the most part has had examples of games staged with temporary venues including Atlanta 1996 Doha 2006 and Rio 2007. jim jones
  20. Yeah poor Brit. She would not want to get a throat infection from smoke in the air that would effect her singing every night ROTFLMAO. Not a note sung on that show live jim jones
  21. The roof is not made of teflon I believe not rice paper LOL. Man you are the alarmist of all times Jim jones
  22. See Yellowvest Bombardier can engineer anything LOL. great April Fools Gag. Jim jones
  23. I would say with the news that Abold has been Hired on an exclusive contract for the Australia Wordl Cup bid that Gold coast might save their breathe talking of a Commonwealth Games i 2018. Here is the Passage from the Age about Abold and their involvement in successful world cup bids recently. http://www.theage.com.au/news/sport/soccer...023.html?page=2 Jim jones FIFA will not release its stadium criteria for the 2018 and 2022 bids until next month. Only then will nations bidding for the event know how many venues are needed. The current criteria requires at least 10 compliant venues. These would most likely be drawn from a possible pool, including Brisbane's Suncorp Stadium, the Gold Coast's Skilled Park or Carrara, the redeveloped Energy Australia Stadium in Newcastle, the Sydney Football Stadium, ANZ Stadium, Canberra Stadium, MCG, Swan Street Stadium and new venues in Adelaide and Perth. Launceston's Aurora Stadium is also under consideration. State governments would be required to foot the bill for new facilities or stadium refurbishments. Buckley is meeting with all state premiers to inform them of the changes likely to be needed. THE GERMANS Abold — the German firm responsible for preparing the "bid book" for the German and South African bids — will perform the same role for Australia, compiling the information required by FIFA's executive committee and using it to create a slick expression of Australia's credentials that will be the official bid document. The German firm has also created winning bid books for the 2011 women's World Cup and 2009 and 2010 club World Cups. The firm has unparalleled experience in presenting documents that win favour with FIFA. Significantly for Australia, Abold has been signed to an exclusivity deal. No other bidder may use the company's services to prepare any aspect of its bid for the 2018 or 2022 World Cups. "They have a demonstrable record of success with FIFA tournaments and other major events, and we are very excited to have them as part of the team," Buckley said.
  24. There should be some great takers on that from Hamilton LOL. Jim Jones
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