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  1. basically the problem it seems rob is the Availability of Land to keep a Club's Stadium in the same district of London ? that is understandable . I can see where Fifa is desiring the 2012 stadium simply because it can fit with what they require on the outside of the stadium if the stands are kept up until 2018 . Clubs in England it would seem are not building to host the World Cup but to just attend to their needs which of course are longer term. Jim jones
  2. so why is it that this proposed TottenHam Stadium is shoe horned into a piece of Land Rob . Is this not the problem Emirates seems to have that may indeed ironically leave one of Englands Newest stadiums off the list ? John Obi Mikel (Nigeria), John Terry, Joseph Yobo (Nigeria), Kanu (Nigeria) being bid ambassadors for England 2018 should be good after all England 2018 was to get in touch with Dr Amous Adamu a nigerian somehow to prevent his vote going to Australia to eliminate a 2018 commonwealth games potential candidate city . Jim jones
  3. Off topic MOD . I am crying racism here LOL. Jim jones
  4. Except for a Scottish Nut case who has his nose in the business of a games that does not concern the Children of the Sheep. Athlete Baw Haw Haw Haw Haw . The only workout he does is running his mouth about things he is complete ignorant to IE what is an IAAF class one certified facility and how a stadium gets that stamp from the IAAF. Jim jones
  5. Back to the topic Child of the Sheep LOL Jim jones
  6. you never get the point . no one goes out that says Gee I am going to risk putting an athlete in a situation that is rare in the the course of his or her's career . that is the bottom line . Yeah you can have some record broke or you can have Ron Clarke in the process . Unless your athlete has run mountain races or long durations which would not be the case of a sprinter then they would pass on voting to put a sprinter in that position . Jamaica , Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba , St Kitts and other Caribbean Nations would vote for a Toronto or Lima simply on the basis of avoiding bogota. Jim jones Jim jones
  7. It is hard adapt to altitude that quickly especially if you are from a Caribbean Island living at sea level most of your life. Broken Records at the pan am games might be restricted to Pan Am Games Records which are generally far off the mark of World Records. The competition is generally not there as American's send a C team of Athletes and many teams send B grade competitors who are young and in development. You are not going to have a Usian Bolt running at altitude in Bogota or even any of the Semi finalists of the 2012 olympics or the 2016 olympics for the Americas. Those people qualify at national meets with world standard times in the olympic year after the Pan Ams. Risking an Athlete at altitude can mean huge loss of money to the athlete the National Association and his or hers management. most athletics competition in the world is done bellow 1500 feet above sea level except if you are into Alpine or Nordic skiing events. 5000 feet above sea level is quite high for athletics. Records where broken in Mexico City 68' but again you do have the Worlds best at the olympics. How much is altitude and now much is the actual olympics is hard to determine. it is not uncommon for new world records to be set at the SOG's Bogota would erase any serious Competitiors who would be able to make assaults on a World Record because of altitude risk of how these athletes will react to less O2 is probably a big unknown to their coaching staff. Ron Clarke in 1965 set 12 world Records in 44 days in Europe as a runner but he nearly died in Mexico City from Attitude sickness running the 10000 meters . You have someone who was strong enough to do so much competition in 1965 at reasonable Altitudes and then nearly die during the 68 games having a heart condition from 1968 onwards. jim jones
  8. Ron Clarke a very good high ranking middle distance runner from Australia nearly died running at altitude in Mexico city 68' . no major problems ? Gee i think nearly killing a man is a major problem. Jim jones
  9. Man Again you have half a clue . Sprinters at high altitude you don't have much of an effect on them as durations are short for their events but who would want to risk a career on what the unknown is for each individual. The Jamiacans are unlikely to say . Hey lets travel 6000 miles to live in an athletes village a mile high in mid european Athletics Season risking our pay checks on the Pro Circuit in Europe or even our entire careers . We are talking sprinters who generally can command appearance and endorsement fees into the 100's of thousands and millions . Lima or Toronto would get those votes on concern for what Bogota would do to the sprinters in the Caribbean Nations whos teams are generally made up entirely of Sprinters. Middle distance runners ,unless you are born at altitude ,can have a grave impacts on their health running at altitude > IE Mayor Ron Clarke of Gold Coast Australia who was a great middle distance runner who nearly died at the Mexico City Summer Games of 1968 at altitude. Kenyans and Ethiopians have dominated distance running for decades simply because of the Environments that generations of their families have lived in at High Attitudes. Conditioning and Modern training has advanced many middle distance runners to cope somewhat but the advantage of multi generations of a family living at altitude cannot be conquered in a sleeping chamber as the Australians have tried . Once the Kip Keino of world started to emerge out of the high grounds of eastern africa it became clear . Jim Jones
  10. Well apparently the screaming infant knows Capitalization and upper case letters . Do you know what I actually mean by Children of the sheep ? There is not defining it because I invented the term . Jim jones
  11. So where you do think a federation or the athletes should go on Delhi 2010? The Child of the Sheep would say oh it should not have been awarded to anyone without pale white skin but the fact remains it has been awarded simply because you cannot deny the Largest Democracy in the World the Games in 2010 while China was awarded the only games that really amount to anything two years prior being the 2008 SOG's . The Federation would look totally out of touch with the rest of the world including the Only Games that matter celebrating the youth of the world VS the festival that celebrates our common enslavement that British colonies endured for centuries . What was the plan B. award the games to Hamilton which doesn't even come close to being the largest city in Ontario or Canada ? Have the organizers of Hamilton 2010 try to compete with Vancouver 2010 for sponsorship ? You can never go back in History if the history in not wrote. Hamilton would have been different of course but you would have probably had the only parts of the Commonwealth that have population growth being Africa and Asia say . Screw it , New Delhi Rejected a third time . It smacks of mighty white nations ruling over us . The Facts are that Manchester itself was in danger of Canceling 2002 games and all they provided for New Venues was basically a New Athletics Stadium . Imagine if Manchester had to do what New Delhi is doing for their hosting which is totally overboard ? New Subway Lines , many flyovers , an 80000 seat stadium , a second stadium for Rugby Sevens , an Aquatics Centre , a Velodrome. an actual Athletes village not college dorms . Hamilton would have been committed to match New Delhi line item for line item. Hamilton I am sure presented MacMaster University for an Athletes village but that trumped by the promises of New Delhi. The history of an event and how it was staged in the past is totally relevant to it's continued future. That includes a games touted as the "model" by some who are blinded by patriotism . I wonder what the excuses will be in 2014 when history is again repeated ? The Ironic thing is the opponent for 2014 seems to be on the path to providing the Transportation commitments for their 2014 bid on time while Glasgow has dropped the ball crying poverty. I have yet to read a single article from New Delhi 2010 press stating that they are cutting back on anything in regards to their games promises . Really for speed and saving themselves for embarrassment they should do like the Scots are doing or Manchester did before them . Put the games in proper prospective that less then 200 million dollars is what you get in return for staging the games while you lay out 2 billion dollars and up. The Exposure is What ? The UK who paid a mere 4 million pounds for Games rights for 2002 ? A games no private company in the UK would take Merch on consignment when the Uk last hosted ? A games that the English team had to pay for uniforms for the 2006 games because no apparent maker in the UK thinks there is any value in sponsoring even as goods in kind ? New Delhi's biggest mistake was taking these games to mean something a kin to the Summer Olympics. Both Melbourne and Manchester took the view of it being the consolation prize for not winning Olympic bids. Maybe is it foolish pride that has India take that lofty approach for something that has little value even in the White Commonwealth Nations . Jim Jones
  12. Racism against the UK ? Gosh you are the people who cornered the market on racism IE the BNP. Jim Jones
  13. Well take care of your own backyard and staging on the Commonwealth Games afterall the last time Rob Maxwell and a Japanese mobster were the White Knights Edinburgh had to go to trying to salvage those games . Jim jones
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