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  1. So how do you host a Commonwealth Games without Funding from Camberra which is devoted to hosting a possible World Cup in 2018 or 2022 ? Thing is unless you have that and silent from all opposition parties the federation does not want to have anything to do with course corrections or competing with a World Cup or Olympics. This is how indeed stupid Anna Bligh actually is. Hamilton Canada not only lost to New Delhi because of Training grants but they also Lost because Canada had the 2010 Winter Olympics awarded earlier in the year to Vancouver. Hamilton Lost with National government funding while Queenland does not indeed have that commitment and has been turned down because of the World Cup bid. Hey what an opponent for Nigeria , 4 games hosted equaling the most hosted by an country tied for Canada so no one can say that Australia is under serviced. No bids won in an international bid election and two fantastic defeats Christchurch 39 MELBOURNE 2 and Kuala Lumpur 40 ADELAIDE 25. The only Two time bidder to ever be turned away on the second attempt was indeed New Delhi and Abuja would be indeed a two time bidder. Funny thing is Sir Roltel I read an article that Athletics Groups in Brisbane and the Queensland are trying to convince the Federation to relocate the 2010 games to friendly Australia mainly The Gold Coast and Brisbane . Seems some people there know what I know. A campaign for 2018 is pretty much dead on arrival simply because the Australian Government has to first resolve the World Cup 2018 2022 question . It is likely that Australia could indeed be awarded that sports festival thus ending the CWG bid in mid stream. THe last round of bids included candidate cities at two critical meetings . The first at Melbourne 2006 during the games to make presentations that were required and the second as orientation 3 months later in Melbourne. Under that Schedule The first meeting is October 2010 and the second meeting is January 2011. This is if the Federation does not step that ahead to next spring or summer. The World Cup Decision does not come until December so Gold Coast would be indeed Absent for the Job Interview. It would kind of like having a potential employer that you recently worked for Ask you to come in Friday for a full time job interview. You say well 'I can't because Monday I find out if I have a job with a bigger company that pays better Could I come in On Tuesday ? ROTFLMAO @ Roltel . This is Indeed how idiotic Anna Bligh and her people actually are. A bid on track hardly I quess Abuja will probably have to look to another White Candidate city Co opting the games with a fromer host which is very possible with Brisbane being so close. Again another example of the greed and ignorance in the White Commonwealth who seem to think making African's a guest in their cities for the games is a Right reversed for the Big four . This is where all this nonsense about moving the 2010 games is coming from Jim Jones
  2. There was some type of mind game with it because it Trudeau had indeed taken the duty he would have been booed wildly by Montrealers and Quebecers . The man refused to provide any federal government money beyond security and the host broadcaster and crown corporation the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Trudeau also pulled the Banning of Taiwan from the games in supporting the One China theory as Taiwan wanted Nationalist China or something in the title of their country . Main Land China did not appear in the Games until Los Angeles 1984 so Trudeau was just up to his socialist communist ways . Jim jones
  3. Well arrogance is certainly not on the Toronto end of the Deal . Toronto has shown up at every lobbying opportunity While Lima and Bogota didn't appear at the Canoc annual gathering this year in Curacao. If you can't get on a plane with a short direct flight of 3 to 5 hours in the case of both South American Cities while Toronto travels much much further having connecting flights. It tends to show who either wants it the most or who is indeed organized with their Campaign. Basically the Two South American Cities took a pass on the largest voting block while Toronto build further relationships which for Canada have been there for a long time. The Canadians do provide a great deal of Money to the Caribbean for Athletics Training and Development . That has been going on for decades . Problem is for the South American Candidates is the long standing relationship Caribbean Nations have with Canada including Canadian Banks being in the region since the 1800's in great ways. It is not a Bank from Peru or Columbia that buys the Advert boards in the local Cricket Stadiums in the Caribbean it is ScotiaBank headquartered out of Toronto. Even with these ties that include the Royal Bank of Canada being another big Player in that region and First Caribbean being owned by the Bank of Commerce out of Canada Toronto 2015 is not resting on these great relationships of good will in the Region . Canadian Banking dominates much of the Caribbean . You go to a St kitts and the Main town square will have the in Basseterre has those three Canadian Banks and no others. It is much the same Case right across the Caribbean . Perhaps this is why there was a no show ? Again the largest voting group has good dealings with Canadians in and outside their own country as these banks are most likely sponsoring the local youth leagues as well. The concept of a divided house for the South America Candidates might be there and they certainly didn't improve the odds with a snub of the Caribbeans. There is a general rotation pattern for the Pan Ams and 2015 is certainly North America's turn . Does not mean it is a given and hence why Toronto is very aggressive. You have people in the Toronto bid who have lost bids in the past . Few places win bids on the first attempt without experience from past campaigns either winning or losing. Jim Jones
  4. If Terrorists could kill Athletes at the Asian Games or create some type of act then it would be worldwide news. If they could do it at the Florida State Fair it would be World Wide News and accomplish their goals . The Asian Games in 1951 would have been a great target for Pakistani Militants with an axe to grind with New Delhi. Same could have happened in 1982 with the Second hosting of the Asian Games in New Delhi . Jim jones
  5. Add to the fact that New Delhi hosted the Asian Games in 1982 and 1951 (the first Asian games) is the fact that India and Pakistan conducted three very serious Wars between 1947 and 1971. The 1965 war had some tank battles as big as some tanks battle in World War 2. There has been sabre rattling at times but for the most part the relations between these two nations that were once one nation are fairly good compared with 35 years ago. Nuclear Weapons held by a side usually stops wars . At some point the Games have to come to the Indian Sub continent being the largest amount of Commonwealth citizens anywhere exceeding any two other commonwealth regions combined. India with the largest population in the Commonwealth and second largest in the world . Pakistan being the second largest population in the commonwealth Bangladesh being the Third. The former countries ranking 6th and 7 th for populations. India, Pakistan and Bangladesh expended a great amount in World War Two to help save the Empire from Japan. 60 years after the fact it is certainly time to have the games there and it is actually long overdue having Canada Host a 4th time at New Delhi's expense for a mere 30 million people in Canada who could care less or a 3rd hosting with New Zealand who with Auckland denied New Delhi for 1990. The Federation has long wanted India to host in fact holding off ratifying the 1962 decision to have Adelaide, Australia host. The information being floated in the late 1950's was that an India city wanted to host . The 1962 bid decision was an all Australian Affair Adelaide Vs Perth with Adeliade winning 13 to 3. the first decision was made in 1956 at the Melbourne Summer Olympics. The Federation delayed ratifying to May of 1958 just before the Cardiff British Empire and Commonwealth Games on this information. The bid Victory for Adelaide was put to a second vote and Perth won 9 to 7 . If you took the view that there had to be peace before a games them Edinburgh 1986 would not have happened . The IRA was bombing the hell out of the UK even hitting the financial district of London years before and years after. Lord Mountbatten on his yacht in the Irish Sea and was assassinated via a Bomb. Parliament and a few places in London were bombed in the 1970s, The Tory Cabinet was close to being killed in a bombing of a hotel that they had gathered in two years prior to Edinburgh 1986. So when do you say any place is safe with what went on in the 70's 80' and 90's with the IRA in the UK or the 2000's with the threat of muslim extremists. The threat is everywhere and the federation knows that . Jim Jones
  6. Where the Olympics are compact in comparison a present day world cup would certainly be on the economic scale of an Olympics but spread to many cities within a single country. You Are still looking at Countries outlaying multiple billions of dollars to stage either. While an olympic city hardly builds an intercity rail system or modernizes an existing national system the world cup usually has to . That has always been the barrier between developed and developing world to stage either. Back in 1930 and 1950 the South American stagings of the WC involved a small amount of Venues relative to today. The same was true of the Olympics in many cases of those era's . There were no athletes villages early on with the Olympics. You did not have Mountain Biking and a list of sports that have just come on the seen for the Summer Olympics. It was not until 1984 that Women had their own marathon. Generally Both Events are about the Same for the resources that have to be put into staging just very much different for Footprint. Jim jones
  7. Well of course they have to bid to win but lets face it how many times did Africa Bid for the World Cup Finals Prior to 2010 being awarded to South Africa ? At least Fifa had made a policy 2010 is the year it goes to Africa so we are finally the first sports festival to be held on practically every continent . There have been a few Olympic bids outside the EU-America Domain yet we have a much more lopsided amount of appearances of the Olympics in Europe for a games with a history nearly four decades longer then the WC. Twice the World Cup would be held in South America before it ever left the European-America regions. Three games out of how many in the non G20 nations for 100 plus years is pretty bad. As to the Commonwealth Games the very first internationally contested bid had an African City being Salisbury, Rhodesia for 1966. Kingston Jamaica by a miracle won over Edinburgh and Salisbury. Wonder if they would have won if they actually had a Black head of State at the time of the Bid ? The All-African Games were denied staging of the games until 1965 by the British Thou Baron Pierre de Coubertin was the original driving force to have Africa its own continental games much sooner like the Americas with the Pan Ams. Jim jones
  8. Yeah Scotland hosting Three Times for a mere 6 million population while that equals all Asian Caribbean and African hostings combined. Goes to show why Africans generally consider the olympics and the Commonwealths a White persons set of sports festivals. Jim jones
  9. Well yes Bogota has come a long way . The largest problems I see is they will be hammered by they elevation factor and the violence past with drug cartels. I think this is between Toronto and Lima frankly. Peru would be a new country for PASO to host in . Jim Jones
  10. Well check out the Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure before you classify it as cobbling together. Kuala Lumpur 1998 was the start of the great expansion of the Games . Every single Venue Exists on the ground today in Malaysia where as no place including England , Canada , Australia , Scotland , India or Nigeria have that despite a few having a great inventory of White Elephant facilities. Montreal or Sydney the last two Commonwealth Nation cities to host the Olympics have long changed their main stadia away from athletics. The track is still there in a 100,000 seat national stadium with a modern engineered Track with Jumping pits between the Track and the Audience per IAAF Class one Layout. The largest problems with relocation of any sports festival is certainly Athletes and officials Accoms and the operations finances. 20 years is about the service life of a track and I know myself from a friend who does this type of work that less then 30 days an old surface can be take off and replaced in. As to England pulling out of New Delhi 2010 the British Athletics administration people basically would love to mark the Commonwealth Games off their list completely. That was evidenced with 2006 where they were actually not wanting to field an Athletics Team for Melbourne to save their athletes for the European meets . The English Commonwealth Games association is so far down the list for Commercial Support that they actually had to recruit about the Tenth largest Athletics sports apparel Company in the UK to make the uniforms at cost let alone getting an in kind sponsorship or even Paid. Canada has the Hudson Bay Company or HBC provide the Team Kits for Team Canada and that is now the case with Vancouver 2010 as well. The Broadcast fee for the entire British Isles for 2002 was a mere 4 million pounds. Not one retailer picked up or even took on concession Manchester 2002 merchandise. Manchester had to open and run their own 2002 merch stores. It seems on the Website "around the rings " Mike Fennel has come out with a strong statement that the games are not moving from New Delhi and the federation is pleased with the progress of the Construction . Mike Fennel has seen this before not only with the commonwealth games but the Pan Am Games in both 2003 and 2007. 2007 where he really laid on the get your act together Message for RIO. Hey so much for that theory of moving the games with secret meeting . I read today Queensland is making the wacky gesture to host in Brisbane and Gold Coast for 2010. Yeah if you can't actually win an international bid for the Commonwealth Games like Australia why not hi-jack it from Asia who beat you 40 to 25 for the 1998 games LOL. Looking more like any excuse that Australians with an interest in this can use to hasten the return of the games is in the Air LOL. The Choice for the Federation could be very clear cut, Have Australia sit it out for 2010 which would probably piss off many in the commonwealth and certainly hand more bid victories to anyone opposing Australia. Have the Australian Tv rights holders lose all 30 million for the commonwealth games thus killing the interest probably in Australia with the absence of their teams on the field in New Delhi. Seems envy , Fear and greed by the "big four" is generally at work here LOL. This is why we have a country like Scotland bid on these games to make it once for every 2 million of population LOL. jim jones
  11. Don't worry about it Alexjc88 . I am not taking that bait. Lets Put it this way Kuala Lumpur is the only logical place for a relocation even with Abuja's slightly newer stadium which indeed is a scaled down version of CWG's 1998 Main stadium. Much of what is needed is indeed existing there as Tracks have been torn up in Manchester and Melbourne. Kuala Lumpur has everything except the Athletes Village and maybe the IBC. Two Arena's and A Rugby Sevens Stadium would have to be created for next year in Abuja plus the Transportation system upgrades for 2014 are going ahead but will not be ready for next year. We are looking at transportation in Abuja which is being greatly improved with the Promised Commonwealth Link now under construction to 5 lanes per direction where the bid proposed 4 lanes per direction. We are looking at the LRT going ahead and to be completed in 2013 . We are also looking at a second runaway which was not even in the 2014 bid . There are twice the international direct flights into Abuja Including Direct from Atlanta this year. The task is too great to rescue the 2010 games for an Abuja but hey who knows about 2014 LOL. THe news for the Scotsman I got today is that the Economics People in Scotland are now predicting over 10000 companies will not survive the recession and employment in Scotland is going to grow to 2 million . Who knows Scotland may indeed not be able to host with 33 percent of the population out of work and a big Tax Hangover from the London 2012 games. Personally I hope things go well and Abuja is the Lone 2018 Candidate which is looking very likely . Gold Coast next week may lose its driving CWG force with Premier Anna Bligh Labor Party considering the Liberal National Party of Queensland, a Right Wing Party are ahead in the Public opinion polls We could see Australia's small burning embers of 2018 CWG ambitions snuffed out this Saturday. Considering the LNP is now running ads saying they will save a Children's hospital by axing the proposed Stadium it does not look like a Commonwealth Games Bid will come from Australia for 2018. The Same thing has happened to the Musings of Perth Forwarding a Bid for the CWGs in 2018. The Labor government of western Australia had a billion dollar Stadium on the Table and went down to defeat . The Stadium required to host has since been Axed by the new State government. jim jones
  12. Well I am someone who is in great communications with an actual voter and he asked me my option of what Toronto and Southern Ontario had to offer. I said very simply the best opportunity for Exposure to the North American Public since Indianapolis 1987 or further back Chicago in the 1950's . I went onto say there is no bigger media market that the Pan Ams will ever come to in North America. He has great connection to Toronto via business and that was his general thinking as well. Jim jones
  13. No I know it can't be done in Two Days. And do remember I actually prepared a small amount of Equipment for the Calgary 1988 Olympics about two months in Advance for the Very First Medals Plaza in the history of the Olympics. The logistics for that started months before we prepared the gear for shipment but that was because the Company actually went out and bought brand new equipment that the contract paid for. At that time we were looking at a giant requirement involving the Inventory of Half of the Stage lighting Industry in North America. Today the Requirements may have increased but the Stage lighting industry inventory has blown way past the requirements. Hell I was very surprised in Nigeria to find that it was a Domestic company that did an All-African Games with as modern equipment as you would see any wheres they are a British/Nigerian Company. That was also evidenced with Sound Reinforcement with the National Games Two years ago with State of the Art Sound equipment from Meyer of the US being in the inventory provided by another Domestic company in Nigeria. People I think still don't get that many of these places are further ahead then you would think. Abuja when I was there had large LED billboards at two major intersections and a 7 story by 30 foot banner promoting their 2014 bid. You would still probably have to bring in much more for a Commonwealth Games of course but I would not doubt that the entire Bird Nest Show was lit by Chinese Made Intelligent lighting or at least a Chinese Production House. I know friends of mine involved with programming for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies for Beijing 2008 weeks in Advance . Technology has made this possible with stage lighting and other things compared with 1988. A good deal was done in Las Vegas . Same goes for Bunting where you would be using labor intensive means to produce graphics even 10 years ago today it is much simpler. There is practically a 3d File for every venue in the world and Stage Lighting companies use them. If you look at what Kuala Lumpur has today that would certainly be the most logical from the standpoint of all venues on the ground. As to Power all games are going to have dedicated Gen Sets whether built into the Sports Park or Rented. That is Standard. Ironically my favorite place Abuja National Stadium has that with a dedicated Gen Set Facility on site that covered the entire Sports Park including all that they had at the All-african Games for Broadcast. It is more from Need of not having a good electric utility in Nigeria's case. The thing is also accessing who is most able to do this in a rush situation would be very easy to determine. If a city has any type of a Movie Industry they also have the lighting required for TV. The putting together in this day and age for a rush job could be done in 6 to 8 months with the right people for a non developed world economy . 6 months or less in a developed economy. Why so little time ? Again compromises would not be a committee type deal and Compromises would have to be made. Instead of the Solid Graphic Panel replacing the Venue's a Banner would be over layed. Like was shown with Athens 2004 and the infield of the Main Stadium People tend to work laterally when they are forced to LOL. If you are having problems at 8 months out Cancellation or postponing the games is likely. At 6 months out from New Delhi 2010 Aggreko With 100 locations in 29 countries offering 24/7 services to companies across a variety of industries and supplier to the Olympics could certainly be called and redirected to go to Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne or any other place that they didn't have the inventory for. All their gear is in Containers and in most cases does not even leave a continent as their presence is everywhere. The Big thing I see is having the local labor. The Techs fly in and wait for the gear to be delivered. In the case of 1988 none of us saw Calgary and had pictures send to us of where the gear was actually used. By the Way there is no difference between Australian Intelligent lighting, America, British, Chinese or any. The same goes for Audio. The only difference is the AC power the equipment receives and all intelligent lighting and sound Equipment can be easily switched to run in Europe , America or other places Again the Wheel is not reinvented or even invented at an Olympics or Commonwealth Games. Problem is some choose to try LOL Jim Jones
  14. Well considering the Australian's are talking about possibly pulling out as early as one month before the games if the Security is not up to par we may indeed see not only a cancellation of the games but the ending of them in one foul swoop. Just think of that revelation . Australia the Largest TV rights Payer then has no team to watch and cheer for . Australia is in the 30 million dollar range for payment for TV rights which is much more then the entire Commonwealth Combined . No Aussie Team and you will end up having no viewers in Australia and a Tv network with a Financial Bloodbath for the ratings. Somehow I don't think Aussie viewers would have much affection for Jamaica Netballs team playing Malawi. jim jones
  15. Problem is Brans I don't think there was even a Bid Competition for 1999 like many Pan am Games . jim jones
  16. Well hey I was thinking we could bring some wrenches and start assembly of the Scafolding in Green Point Stadium right after the World Cup in July of next year to save the Commonwealth Games in October and then host the All-African Games the Next year . Yeah we should be able to assemble scaffolding above the roof and beyond the end stands to make for a 180 metre long IAAF Tartan Track by September ROTFLMAO. Jim Jones
  17. Now as too embarrassment for the Games the following development out of New Delhi I think could be the straw that ends the Games This is just new Honestly Computers with Games security plan stolen from police Sobhana K Posted: Mar 10, 2009 at 0023 hrs IST New Delhi Theft in office of Delhi Police’s Joint Commissioner for Commonwealth Games inside colony campus In a major embarrassment for the police department, computers containing security plans for next year’s Commonwealth Games have been stolen from the office of Delhi Police’s Joint Commissioner for the Games, J K Sharma. The theft was discovered on Monday morning. Sharma’s office is located inside the campus of a police residential colony. The Delhi Police’s fingerprint bureau is located next door to Sharma’s office, and the 7th battalion of the armed forces, also called the Commissioner Reserve Forces, which usually guard VIP movement in the Capital, is also stationed nearby. Nearly 500 officers of the 7th battalion are posted here at any given time. Yeah I bet the rest of the Commonwealth Games Associations will now be calling for the Games to be canceled . How stupid could a place be . Very Very Sad. Jim jones
  18. No you never have said that you have implied that a Games overlay is a Huge ordeal. Games Overlay is Important but like we saw with Athens 2004 they did not stick to the Prior games in regards to the Infield of the Main Stadium becuase they were that pressed to get things done. Now the American Greentech Turf Tray system is Standard for the Olympics. I happened to read a little last night on what one key aspect of any major Sports Festival would have to have in Regards to the Overlay the Actual Track Surface for the Main Stadium . Seems Mondo completed their part of the Job laying the Birds Nest Stadium IAAF class One surface in a Mere 10 days. You are looking at preparing a level surface and apply the Substrates of course but Essentially with Mondo working on a prepared surface your not looking at a huge amount of time. Of course when you have new construction you have to have good lead times to have the substrates right. That requires settling time for asphalt. If it is Color the Surface would need like you would have in Edmonton or Abuja then would re painting a IAAF certified class One take ? Two Days with a Minimal Crew from Italy. Logically materials have to be delivered of course. These days there are dealer networks for everything pretty much everywhere. The Reason Kuala Lumpur's Stadium is indeed not IAAF Class one is that the Certification Process has only started since 1999. Lets Put it this way keeping the overlays via a normal run up would indeed be the least of the worries. Financing, Athletes Accoms and Security are going to be bigger barriers among others including immigration proceedings and accreditation. Using existing venues that fit the footprints and meet the standards certainly would save time as opposed to having a Half complete stadium having to lay down everything . Jim Jones
  19. the people who keep going around here are the People actually reading the Press reports from Melbourne LOL. Executives in the Commonwealth Games federation , Former Ministers of Sport for Victoria State and many others in Melbourne Locally say it is not happening and could not possibly happen but the press persists on saying there are secret meetings and so on. It seems the HACKS in Melbourne want to dredge up what happens in Pakistan as a new excuse to why Melbourne is again "in the running". Thing is lets say if the games were indeed taken away from New Delhi what would the voters who supported New Delhi Hosting do ? No one thinks of that in the White Commonwealth . I think no matter the race most would look at New Delhi 2010 as a big blunder but again if it can't go to the most populated Country in the Commonwealth then it really cuts to the relevance of the games to the whole group. This is probably why you are seeing some very adamant Statements from the Federation that it is New Delhi 2010 or Nothing .Question is what happens with the 100,000 dollar per country training grants New Delhi Laid out for votes LOL. Jim Jones
  20. Well actually what I have been saying for a very very long time . ABUJA is indeed NOT NEW DELHI. I know enough by the situation that has been reported on since 2005 with regards to New Delhi and actually Dealing With Indian techs in Bangalore Via Microsoft to no the level of responsibility in that country is a bit above ZERO. No one could realistically step in at this time Not Manchester, Not Glasgow, Not Abuja , Not Melbourne or Kuala Lumpur without huge compromises so it might as well stay in New Delhi for what ever that means. In the History of Sports Festivals I can only recall places dropping a Games not the Games dropping a host. Jim Jones
  21. Well are you and Jeremine not the guys who say it can't be done and there is not compromise on an Overlay for the Games ? I agree that indeed it is very difficult but what are the viable options really? The article quoting Mike Hooper details what has been said here in regards to Melbourne. The biggest problem I see it who actually pays for this as a rescue host ? The Commonwealth Games federation certainly does not have up to 100 million a day to chuck out for the Games operating expenses which we saw with Melbourne 2006. considering 175 million dollars was the gross take for the games I can't see the Taxpayers of Melbourne , Victoria or Australia being that happy to go for another round of losing money. The only way I could see a Rescue host is indeed if it was with places with at least an athletics stadium were considered and then you work down the list of venues required . Hey who knows it could be something like Melbourne 1956 where equestrian events where held in Sweden Except maybe Track Cycling could indeed be held in Manchester if that is the only venue not ready in New Delhi. Jim jones
  22. No you don't understand what I am indeed saying . Outlays go out the Window meaning you are not going to have normal proceedings but bare bones. I am not saying the event is held without prep I am saying that things on the overlay list get reduced or altered for Speed. Where you would see this would be for things like a Games Look for bunting for example . If the surfaces were indeed fine for absorption for IAAF Class one Standards then indeed of ripping up the track you would probably only see a re painting if that was indeed what was needed minimum to host the event. This would follow through with an accessment of what had to be replaced and what did not. The point is kind of stupid to debate anyway because here for the second time in about one month is a statement by Mike Hooper as reported by the BBC. Commonwealth Games move ruled out By Matt Slater Delhi 2010's mascot Shera The 2010 Games will be the largest multi-sport event ever held in India The head of the Commonwealth Games has rejected any suggestion the 2010 event will be switched from Delhi as a result of fears about security in the region. Tuesday's terror attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Pakistan has prompted further questions about Delhi's ability to stage the Games. But Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) boss Michael Hooper said Delhi would do whatever is required to ensure safety. "There is no plan B, the Games will be here, that's the reality," he said. "The Games are 20 months away and no other city, no matter how good its infrastructure, could manage to stage an event of this magnitude in the time now available. "There has never been any discussion whatsoever about shifting the Games. The Games will be in Delhi in 2010." More to follow. Jim jones
  23. Well first Alexjc I of course am pointing out to the question of whether New Delhi should have been awarded the games for 2010 and I clearly think the answer is yes it is long overdue. As to security we have to remember this cricket incident took place in Lahore, Pakistan. Yes it is in the region but we are also looking at a major sports festival compared with a Cricket Match in a neighboring country. Thing is what do you do with the Commonwealth Games for a move at this point ? I don't think there is much one could do really. The UK including the 2014 winner is not ready. Essentially the only places with IAAF Class One Stadiums of the size requirements of cities either hosting or bidding on the Games are in Two places Edmonton and Abuja . Kuala Lumpurs Stadium has been removed from the IAAF Class one list a while ago. Both places could not make up the list of venues additionally required and have athletes, Media and commonwealth family Accoms ready. Then there is the Issue of Who pays for the move . certainly not the federation. The Games will be either held in New Delhi or they will be canceled. I don't think they will be canceled simply because this could end the commonwealth games. Like I have said Games Overlays can indeed go out the window when it is a matter of survival LOl jim jones
  24. so lets think about this. you are awarding as a voter on what you believe will happen 7 years from now and that things will be fine !!! This global financial crisis could have happened prior to Melbourne 2006 with what has happened in the New Millennium. People will talk of Montreal 1976 as the poster child of sports festivals gone bad , no one ever mentions some of the economic dynamics at play during the run up to those games. OPEC created and placing an oil embargo leaving the western economies hostage with huge increases in Gasoline and fuel prices. No one saw that in the fix with a 1970 vote for Montreal. When do you have the games come to the Largest Population base in the Commonwealth ? should it be the case like the Olympics that Beijing that it indeed is 112 years into the movement or 2042 ? Remember this is also in a much small pool of countries to host and it is very ironic that Australia has hosted 4 times never having to win an international bid vote for the games. Would 1962 been a good time for New Delhi? The 1962 vote was an Australian exclusive contest which Adelaide won , then the federation delayed the final judgment because they got signals that an India city was interested. That did not materialise and the Bid vote was overturned in favor of Perth hosting. The commonwealth games will not be around in 2042 !!! you have a list now of places unlikely to re appeal . Canada, New Zealand, Jamaica, Malaysia, Scotland, Wales, England you will probably never see stage the games again . Might as well let her rip in New Delhi and then host in Africa in 2018 because 175 million in revenues is not appealing with a 2 billion dollar plus cost including 100 million a day in operating expenses . This is the big reason the mouthing of Melbourne for a rescue is totally bogus. How about 1994 ? or 1990 when New Delhi applied and Failed? Then we have the cases of 1982 ,1986 , 2002 and 2006 where again Big four hosts were unopposed in their bid elections. Considering a great number of these bid elections are one man contests you would think at some point these games would not be classed a major event as you have Czar. At some point a country like India says 'look stop using our one billion people to pad your sales pitch to Microsoft and Coca Cola for sponsorship money' we want some of that action that you have been benefiting from off our population. ' Jim jones
  25. Basically Stroking the Two Mikes Egos LOL. Thing is again what got India the Games ? 100,000 dollars a Country for a Training grant over the $ 50.000 Hamilton was putting up. Jim jones
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