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  1. I have heard another replacement that would save face for all concerned Pune, India which hosted the 2009 youth commonwealth games. Hey Why not Glasgow 2014 after all they are supposed to be opening that Velodrome next year ER oh I forgot another delayed project in Glasgow . I wonder who has a IAAF Class one Stadium of 60000 seats , A schuermann indoor Velodrome, A Fina Aquatics centre and other assets needed for the games ????? UUUUMMMM . Never Mind Jim Jones
  2. boy what a confrontation between The New Delhi official and Hooper. Jim Jones
  3. International Shooting Federation Expert Graeme Hudson has Resigned the Committee. I suppose with a a fellow Kiwi under attack he would want to leave. An article has surfaced in the last few hours in India that the MP making the Noise about Sending Hooper back is being blamed for the problems with the games prep so hey even the Indians perhaps understand the place to lay the blame at is not Hoopers Feet. Jim Jones
  4. no Rob that would actually be a Abuja Meeting as that is an African Elephant LOL. Jim jones
  5. Have you actually seen the footprint for the Gold Coast Bid ? Did you actually read the words of Mike Fennell When Scotland tried to have a co Hosting between Edinburgh and Glasgow for the 2014 games before Fennell laid down the Law that there would be no co hosting? A single diving Venue for Edinburgh in the Glasgow 2014 bid is one thing . Gold Coast has 4 events in Brisbane which is a further distance from Glasgow to Edinburgh then Brisbane is from Gold Coast. Gymnastics, Netballs Shooting and Squash will all be in Brisbane a former host city. Then you have Basketball prelim rounds played in Cairns and Townsville . In the Case of Cairns it is 903 miles away from gold coast. The talk at the General Assembly last year in Banjul was "Australia Again? " STop trying to pin Developing Nation with Developing Nation because in the case of New Delhi compared to Abuja there is no comparing. Look at the Asian Games New Delhi staged in 1982 and the All-african games Abuja staged in 2003 Only looking at the run up phase of construction works . New Delhi is performing in the same way for these commonwealth games in regards to Construction as they did for the 1982 Asian Games Very poorly. Abuja in their capital phase was a dream compared with that . The Differences are that India is generally chaos with things in regards to long term projects and they have a centuries old city with all the problems of deferred maintenance and plan Urban planning . Abuja has some of the most vertically integrated construction companies in the World. These companies are Organized for Finances, Materials and Manpower . While in India they hardly train people for the construction trades . Then you have all Highway expansion for the 2014 bid to be completed by the time inspections for 2018 would occur, Then there is the LRt which will be 40 percent complete by 2011. This is all in a Highly planned city not having to correct urban transportation planning that was done for the horse and carriage era . Any city founded in the pre automobile age usually has those problems . Comparing a Nigeria to India would be like Comparing Australia to the UK in very recent times. Australia has shown great expertise. Uk well it speaks for itself. Cancellation of the World Athletics Championships of 2005. jim Jones
  6. Look go work for Glasgow the guys who choke on their commitments site . I am sure they have plenty of people that make incredible statements about Barrack Obama that I can't figure out what you were talking about . something about Barrack Obama and a Retard you said on another Trend ? How Off Topic was that ? Have you been into the suace and the Neo Nazi blogs again . If you wish to hurl some insults open up your mail box so I can respond to your stuff. Of course hey Cowards usually hide behind closed doors. I hope you have noticed there are now Brazilians and Others who know exactly what you are about . Jim jones
  7. Yeah right . Yeah by the time Two Stadiums were rejected for Athletics Competition surface for the New Wembley and Manchester 2002 the Pickets Locke Option was not going to put up the Temp Scaffolding thing . It is only glasgow 2014 that continues to be deluded enough to believe in that engineering Fairy Tale authored by the IAAf in a white paper. Auckland's 2018 invention for a 2018 bid does not talk of Temp Scaffolding but does talk of how they will have to remove seating in Mount Smart. does that Give you a clue ? Cases of Scotch whiskey and scholarships to Glasgow university for graduate degrees reported in the Glasgow News Papers in the Weeks After the bid . The relevance to this forum thread is that the commonwealth games federation is the author of their own misfortunes driven by leadership that has no clue it seems . The Indians lodged their complaint not just now on Mike Hooper the letter went out in July of this year . From what I am reading in New Delhi Mike Hoopers stay has cost them about 1 million dollars for 2 years and yet what is the end result ? Jim Jones
  8. I think at some point you have to say . Look this aquatics centre will not be done if you put a roof on it . Athens, Barcelona, Los Angeles and others held Aquatics without roofs . New Delhi is not northern Europe or Canada it should perhaps Scrub having a roof and get on with it . The same can be said with the velodrome . If a country does not have a history in the sport then why try to complete a legacy facility when yuo don't have the time to complete it for the games. The number of venues to complete is why I say that the city with the most intact venues on the ground while bidding for any sports festival should get the highest marks. New Delhi I think can forget about Asian Games and Olympics for a while. The Task at hand is what is needing the attention . somehow we get these mixed messages from NEw Delhi and the people attending the general Assembly . Whether it is cherry picked from the local press I don't know . I would not doubt that was the case. Jim jones
  9. Well Frankly from what you can see from the inconsistent nature of the Man's report for 2014 it is no wonder. I spoke with a very knowing former Athlete to Olympics , Commonwealth Games and Pan Am Games and his option is the man probably does not know what he is talking about .at the best or worst has an Agenda . Too small an area for the Start of a Commonwealth Road Cycling Race Abuja had ? Yeah 6 full pavement lanes was 3 times the amount Beijing 2008 Had for a worldwide field compared with about 40 percent of the World. And as to the KKK member from up North again Hooper is the guy who approves an experiment with Scaffolding for Athletics while it was firmly rejected in both London, Manchester, and the UK athletics people for the 2005 Worlds . Louise Martin got her games and now she and Hooper will wear the aftermath. I don't think Glasgow 2014 got a pass on anything either but hey the dispensations were a mile wide for Louise. Louise Martin the member on the Federation board . I do have great sympathy for Hooper because working with New Delhi has been no picnic but working with a country for 2014 that cannot even keep their transportation commitments well the Challenges are going to be greater when the Tories drop the Axe on Sports Festivals in the UK next year. The construction history with Asian Games in New Delhi was the very same in the past. in 2007 it should have been here is the plan or the games are pulled. The tarty nature of falling of schedules started in 2005. The Federation has no one to blame but themselves as they push the games to go places Thinking they are self important and cannot compete for sponsorship dollars with the Winter Olympics . On the last point they are very very right and that is why the games are dying over time . Australia will probably host the World Cup . South Africa is . Singapore is staging the youth olympics and formula one racing and Canada could care less now going for the Pan Am Games or in the case of a former host Edmonton the Universiade. No one hosts the commonwealth games and then wants it back unless your country does not have the Urban Centres to host UEFA Cups , Fifa world Cups or the summer olympics. South Africa , Nigeria, Kenya , India , Malaysia and all the other emerging nations will use the games for a We have arrived party while Urban Generation of long Abandoend industrial lands typically in some cities east end will be the only places hosting after a while. jim jones
  10. Well considering this was a man on the evaluation committee that demanded that two 25000 passenger per direction per hour LRT lines be alignment closer to the stadium and City Centre Clusters in Abuja I could see where the frustration might occur. The Question I ask is WTF were Abuja 2014 competitors proposing to provide and how do you Mr Hooper know more then Albert Spear JR. Architects in regards to urban planning especially around Sports Festivals? Neither White City proposed a running metre of new Rail Track and neither have Rail lines on both sides of their Stadiums ? Hampden Parks rail capacity 450 passengers an hour and that was shown with the U2 concert recently. I have checked on other stadia for nearness and capacity of Rail for Stadium . Abuja's Under Construction LRT system is in line with the New Wembley Stadium for D and the Berlin Olympic Stadium for distances to the nearest Rail Station. Abuja's proposal had more capacity per possible patron then the New Wembley in Regards to Urban Rail. Does the man just take up space , contribute or is counter productive ? I have met the man personally . I don't think he is a nasty person . I think he misses full time life in London and should perhaps apply for a job with London 2012 if he wants to reside in that city all year long. Hooper has been in New Delhi about 50 percent of his time from 2007 on. Maybe the Indians would like to toss the entire games ? Jim Jones
  11. Fennell has been through this three times . Rio 2007 , Santo Domingo 2003 with the Pan Am Games and Manchester 2002 had it's moments the year before the games that the OC was on the verge of Bankruptcy and the Main contractor for the Athletics Stadium doubted the job would be completed on time let alone on budget. Maybe the price of Berger Paint whom he was a Board member of goes up in price with last minute orders LOL. India is probably the very worst . THE OC should have taken Austin Sealy's advise last year on the Velodrome Renting a Schuermann Portable one from the United States . I think thou even freeing up Man power in a city with few equals for man power supply would not do much . The project management seems to be the big negative here . Some people in the Commonwealth Games Federation have to start saying here are Pre Engineered options A B C D and E. Athens 2004 learned under similar circumstances of Greentech ITM Tray Turf . It was NBC Universal that told the Athens 2004 Oc and how they could put a field in place after the Opening ceremonies . This allowed work to the final hour practically without ripping up turf . The American Colleges were using it and NBC had learned of it with their boradcast of NCAA games . Greentech ITM is Standard for Olympic Main Stadiums now or at least Beijing used it as well. Surely London 2012 will be using it . Jim Jones
  12. If Toronto does not win this then Toronto should not even bother bidding on anything . Sorry to say losing to a Mile High City with Bogota and a city in Peru would be totally embarrassing. Jim Jones.
  13. So if the New Delhi 2010 committee is so efficient with providing Information does it mean that the operations phase of the games may indeed be well organized ? I would find that an incredible Paradox considering that Nigeria's general weakness sited was the 2003 All-african games the yardstick operational phase while the capital phase was incredibly well executed. In the time the Time Span to Build the National Stadium complex in Abuja is about equal to the time span since the 2014 decision was made until now. New Delhi It seems has stood still. Staffing talent can be hired but organization of a city or nation's construction industry is a very different thing. Considering New Delhi is working with some basic Building blocks it is amazing they don't have the Stadium fully completed at this stage but hey the International Olympic Committee is saying to London 2012 get your venues finalized by November. A construction industry or organizing committee can only do what the Government allows them . The fight between Boris Johnson and London 2012 has as much to do with London 2012 problem then anything . Jim Jones
  14. Fijians would be saddened not to have a Rugby Sevens Team in the Commonwealth Games I am sure. They won the Bronze in Melbourne 2006 beating Canada , Scotland and Nuie for their group and going on to beat Wales for the Bronze. Fiji was third to New Zealand and England. Very Impressive to get past many of their Oceania Counterparts like Samoa and Australia. Jim Jones
  15. Not according to History of Commonwealth games bid vote results will the Caribbean votes go to Auckland If Abuja or any Candidate outside of Asia or Oceania Bids. 51 of the Votes are maximums of 12 hour flight durations from Abuja , The Average flight duration for Auckland or Gold Coast from those 51 votes is in the 30 hour range . Sports Admins generally try to avoid long duration flights if possible. with 70 or 71 votes you only need either 35 or 36 to gain a majority. The Caribbean is going to be serviced in the near Future by Nigeria's Arik Air with Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago With a Aribus that could take the entire 2006 Athletes group for the Caribbean in one flight to Lagos Nigeria. Delta Air Lines has New York to Abuja and Atlanta to Lagos flights . Port of Spain in the Southern Caribbean is about a 6 hour flight to Lagos and a further 1 hour to Abuja. This was not the case when the 2014 bid was forwarded . Air routes direct to Abuja, Nigeria airlines are expanding service and the western Caribbean and Belize will be serviced with a one stop over in Houston with flight Directly to Nigeria. The 2014 bid with best information would have had Athletes for the Caribbean and America's flying in to Abuja via London , Paris or Frankfurt for the games . Glasgow being in Europe presents the possibility of just a few hours hop from most of these airports and continental Europe where most Caribbean Athletes Train and compete in the summer. Abuja would add 8 hours to that Trip for 2014. In the case of 2018 the flight time for an Abuja hosted games is actually less for many parts of the Caribbean then to go to Glasgow. Australia has never won an international bid competition for the games . New Zealand has only won VS Australia and India . New Zealand for the 1970 games could not win against second time bidder Edinburgh '70. Christchurch came back to bid on 1974 defeating former Olympic city Melbourne with a 36 to 2 margin. Second time Bidders have won 66 percent of the time and no commonwealth region has ever had to go to a fourth election to win their first hosting . Abuja 2018 will be the Third Candidacy coming from Africa. Salisbury Rhodesia bid unsuccessfully for 1966 , Abuja 2014 was the second bid for Africa. THe next African bid whether it be Abuja Durban or Nairobi would have that history on its side. The only real possibility for Oceania to win is without a Candidate west of 77 degrees Longitude or New Delhi. Auckland beat New Delhi on New Delhi's first attempt 20 to 12 with New Delhi deciding to step to the Microphone at lunch at the LA 84 games, hours before the decision, and declaring they wanted to stage the games. Auckland had prepared a bid and thought they would be unopposed. Canada actually voted for New Delhi . The Factor Abuja should present is that Their 2014 Promises in Regards to Accoms and Transportation for 2014 are not only being kept but indeed exceeded. This cannot be said for the 2014 victor Glasgow. Mike Fennel pointed to resolution of the Niger Delta Conflict as something to reassure voters . That is being accomplished via an amnesty program that has been very successful . Abuja 2018 will also be able to point to the U17 2006 Fifa Tournament being held this month which the legacy has provided all Training ground for Rugby Sevens in the Abuja Area that are required to host the games. That was an Ided peice of the Abuja 2014 bid that was missing according to the evaluation report. 100 kms of LRT are well underway in Abuja . The Entire motorway system is going to 5 lanes per direction compared with the 4 lanes promised for 2014 and to be completed sooner then the 2014 scheduling had in the bid. Glasgow well they will not have what was promise with the cancellation of GARL Glasgow Airport Rail Link. Even Glasgow Politicians believe that piece of Transportation Works we essential to winning the 2014 bid. Jim Jones
  16. NOC great pictures . Is it true when the Organizing committee was asked about the Marshalling Area for the athletes for the Opening Ceremonies the Committee had no answers and were clueless ? I friend in the Inspection Party Told me this . He said this factor is very important for the Athletes well being. I wonder why the committee has not taken the advice of Austin Sealy in regards to the velodrome just renting a temporary Velodrome from the US. It is in the Bid plans for Toronto 2015 and has existed for a while . It is a Schuermann 250 metre track that can go anywhere in the world having a set up time of 6 weeks after arrival . This system is complete with 3500 seats is enclosed and air conditioned. New Delhi 2010 was to look to temporary pre engineered solutions that are out there. Astral Pools , Green Tech ITM Tray turf. Bailey Bridges . a great deal of time can be shaved for Capital Projects for the games by knowing of these things. The flyovers for Transportation could certainly be completed if as reported the columns are in place. Bailey Bridges could do the job and are very quick to install. Jim jones
  17. How Serious can it be when Two Venues for Basketball are in Townsville and Cairns in Northern Queensland ? would you believe 903 miles away from the Athletes village or 23 hours by road ? a two hour flight other wise. Townsville is a little over 700 miles from Gold Coast. They should title it the Queensland 2018 bid or Lets try to reward Ron Clarke a former White Athlete from the 1960's Bid. This distance for Basketball would be like Melbourne 2006 staging basketball in Brisbane. Then who ever is behind this does not realise that the maximum number of events for a commonwealth games is 17 and they propose 18 . If you can't get the number of events straight then do you actually know what are the base requirements for the different sports codes are ? Basketball 903 miles away ? gosh the furthest sport usually is shooting and in this case it looks like it is probably the venue used for 1982 in Brisbane . Again Australia has never won an international bid to stage the commonwealth games and my source in sport Admin has already said co opting with Brisbane will not go down at all well especially for Gymnastics , Netballs, Shooting and Squash. Auckland I think even with North Harbor Stadium would have a more compact Games . Of course the most compact is Abuja 2018 . The vast majority of venues in a 1.75 kms radius between the National Stadium complex and the International conference centre cluster. Certianly not in the double digits for Travel time unlike gold Coast/ Brisbane / Townsville/ Cairns . Must be the first bid that is on the scale of a landmark that can be seen from space . The Great Barrier Reef Jim jones
  18. Well the Statement of Europeans making things better is mixed for Canada's case. Europeans used Canada as a dumping ground for peoples they didn't want on their continent and the European powers that held the Americas continued their Bi generational land wars over a Treasure chest of resources. The Indian Stone carving is neither Indian or a Carving . It is a pile of stones that the Inuit arrange in the north. Inuit and Indians are very different. Many Indians in Canada have some European blood in them . Metis in Manitoba for example are a mix of european and natives and they have been around since the mid 1800's. Inuit are probably as pure a native people as their are simply because it is so isolated and Europeans in the North in the 17th and 18th centuries would have little to survive with in that region of Canada. If killing off entire tribes of Natives with such cruel methods as putting smallpox in Blankets and giving them to the native in exchange for Beaver pelts is making the Americas better by European colonial types then the Rwandan genocide must be this author's idea of making Africa better . Many of the European's cast to Canada have Indian's to thank for their survival . Third world in the per industrial Age ? Europe itself in places was probably not much better then North America when the Indians and Inuit were alone on the continent. That article is basically a piece of fiction based in total ignorance Jim Jones
  19. Another former commonwealth games host city bidding to Co host the games . Looks like the Co Hosting between Glasgow and Edinburgh for 2014 except it is Four Events in Brisbane . http://www.goldcoast.com.au/uploads2/Commo...es-map-2018.pdf Netballs , Gymnastics , Squash and Shooting . Gee does this mean like Glasgow 2014 Gold Coast will promise tranportation projects for the 2018 games and then take back those promises if they are awarded the games ? Meanwhile in the African City I love they continue with the 2014 promises for urban transportation seeing as the government of Nigeria has again relasesed 2 billion dollars for national development thanks to an access oil revenues account that is over 10 billion and growing . Jim Jones
  20. The Self Declared Front runner and bitter Rival of Auckland. http://www.goldcoast.com.au/article/2009/0...coast-news.html A SNEAKY move by New Zealand authorities to hijack the 2018 Commonwealth Games bid from the Gold Coast has been exposed. Auckland Mayor John Banks has been caught out claiming that Queensland officials had agreed to scrap the Gold Coast bid. Mr Banks, who heads a newly-merged super council, yesterday refused to comment to The Bulletin. But he previously told the New Zealand Herald that officials in Brisbane had offered to step aside in favour of their 'sister city'. Acting Premier Paul Lucas last night came out swinging against Mr Banks and other Kiwi supporters. Mr Lucas said Premier Anna Bligh would lead a trade mission to India early next month to meet officials from the Commonwealth Games Federation. "I couldn't think of a better place in the entire Commonwealth that has the advantage of having top facilities, a combined Gold Coast/Brisbane population almost the same size as New Zealand itself and is a tourism mecca," said Mr Lucas. "Of course Auckland wants us to withdraw -- the Gold Coast is the front-runner. I've got news for them -- it's a race we intend to win. "Gold Coast, with a population equal to Tasmania, is the only non-capital city in Australia that has the capacity to host this event." Mr Lucas said it was important to remember that Commonwealth Games bids do not begin and end in capital cities. Your Say "we have your jobs, we have your women, we have your property, we have your businesses, now we want your Games" Palmy Paul "Judging by the number of Kiwis on the Gold Coast I think there would be broad support in New Zealand for the Gold Coast Games bid as well," he said. Gold Coast Mayor Ron Clarke said he had been contacted by New Zealand media about reports the city was pulling out. "They keep calling us Brisbane but they're way off the mark," said Cr Clarke. "We've got a better climate and better credentials. "Somebody wrote to me to say thanks us for pulling out but the Gold Coast will not be stepping aside." Cr Clarke said there was very little chance that the Australian FIFA World Cup bid for 2018 would be successful and he has called on Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to commit funding to the Gold Coast games bid. The Auckland move was dismissed by the chairman of the Gold Coast bid for the games, Bob Gordon. "They've don't have the accommodation," he said. "What they're going to have to do is lease cruise ships from Europe to go down there. "Their harbour is a poor imitation of Sydney harbour." Auckland City Council has agreed to bankroll a $325,000 feasibility study to kick-start a bid to win the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Cashed-up Nigeria, which has put up capital Abuja as its bid city, is the only other competitor after losing its bid to Glasgow for the 2014 games. Well I have to say read the specs on the Commonwealth Games . A 17000 seat stadium being upgraded to a 25000 seater is still 10000 to 15000 short of the minimum . Then there is the fact that Gold Coast has much of its purposed sports Venues Spread all over the city. Considering Glasgows Problems with keeping their promises for the 2014 Games it will certainly be in stark contrast if voting Delegates for 2018 show up to Abuja for their second visit in 4 years and See the Nigerian Keeping their word for the largest part of the proposed 2014 Capital Works Schedule Being Mass Transit. While White Candidate take their superiority as a given they certainly don't seem to deliver with excuses excuses excuses . Jim jones
  21. Baron from what I have read the same type of Capital project Drama occuried with New Delhi 1982 . The Main Stadium and other venues like the Velodrome have been so ignored for Maintenance that they had to get snake handlers and Animal control personal to go in and clear the site. Jim jones
  22. Problem is the Federation has seen this coming since 2005. The Federation in evaluations does not take into consideration the background of the candidates that is very important to Capital Works Programs. You only have to look to a countries history dealing with similar events and that is available easily in the age of the internet. New Delhi I am sure I read had many of the same problems in regards to their hosting of the Asian Games in 1982. The Indian authorities also seem to not listen to advice from people like Austin Sealy when he said in the spring to go and hire a portable Velodrome from a Us firm that does that . 6 weeks from arrival on site you have your venue instead of having workers on site . you could direct those Velodrome workers to another site. There is no reason a set of Astral Pools or Myrtha Pools are not on the way to New Delhi for these games. That is a pre engineered and Fina Approved solution. Once New Delhi go behind on some transportation things like Pedestran Walkovers they should have looked to pre engineered solutions like Bailey Bridges. You put in your concrete support pillars and roll out Bailey Bridge cutting down time to erect and devoting manpower to the venues. I man power is there it is the project management that seems lacking. A small gang of men . a bulldozer and you are done fast. Bailey Bridges decorated would be a great piece of Games overlay as it is an iconic innovation by the British Empire in the Second world war. Putting in the concrete pillar forums in with a bailey Bridge replacing a Normal Permanent Material span would do for the games . Post Games to finish the span taking away the Bailey Spans as you complete each fly over or Walk over. If Bailey Bridges support Tanks and heavy Vehicles then they can support Pedestrians coming into a Stadium or Arena . Mabey Industries in the UK makes new Bailey Bridges and they can be rented worldwide from many companies. Their is even a Bailey Bridge maker in Pakistan. i would not doubt a company or companies rent them in India. Somehow i am surprised that sports federation types in the Commonwealth Games Federation don't know about these things ? Jim jones
  23. GEE why cant they stage the games in Glasgow after all 70 percent of the venues Exist LOL Jim jones
  24. Or an even heavier hammer then sending it to Melbourne would be to threaten to send it to places with the Required IAAF Class A Stadium . Edmonton or more embarrassing for The Indians An African City Be it Johannesburg . Abuja, Dar El Saleem . LOL Considering Abuja will have all Roadworks for their failed 2014 bid while Glasgow Cancels Rail projects they are indeed further ahead LOL JIm jones
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