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  1. I’m not sure how it was in person but on TV the 2018 World Allround were spectacular. I’d really like to see that kind of setup tried at an Olympics.
  2. What an incredible performance by Canada. They had no business winning against Australia after 70 minutes down a player.
  3. There will be a three hole (followed by sudden death as needed) playoff for a tie for any medal.
  4. That wouldn't do, nobody pays attention to that (relative to the World Cup or even the Champion's League).
  5. I have to admit I'm pretty impressed with the golf course. Considering all the issues and controversies it looks like the end product was a pretty fine venue. Lets hope there's enough demand for a public course in Rio to justify it's existence long term.
  6. Well, not having a good team plus being given the hardest qualifying path of any eligible team made it pretty unlikely form the start sadly.
  7. What? GB qualified (through England's 2015-16 7s world series ranking) in both men's and women's Rugby 7s and is sending a team in both.
  8. According to the report Alexander Legkov, the two and four man bob teams lead by Alexandr Zubkov and Alexander Tretiakov are the gold medalists that where allegedly doping. The report also alleges the entire cross country team and the entire women's ice hockey team was doping.
  9. Ya, the IOC dodged a bullet choosing Tokyo. It has problems, but it's much safer to host there than in Spain or Turkey in 2020.
  10. Amusingly, the best senior women's ski slopestyle athlete, Kelly Sildaru, can't compete because she is too young. He is a dual Korean-Norwegian citizen. He was born and raised in Norway and he trains there. He has South Korean citizenship through his mother.
  11. Canada has to really, really regret that one point loss to Venezuela. France is a tough opponent.
  12. I'm wondering, how much does it cost to build a sliding centre made out of natural ice (like Saint Moritz does every year) and is there any rule against host countries doing that as opposed to building an artificial track? You'd only really need to build it for three years (homolgation, test event and the games proper).
  13. It really doesn't. The whole point of downhill is the endurance required. A two run "downhill" would be something entirely different than a downhill. That being said, I'd love to see the Olympic downhill have a qualification race that cuts down the field to 30 and that seeds the starting order.
  14. And with that, the dream of an Asian-born male competing in Handball at the 2016 Olympics dies.
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