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  1. Flag Football definitevely wont, but Baseball/Softball weren´t going to return in 2032 either. This for sure means that the International Cricket Council gamble is going to pay-off; the chances of cricket staying after a sure lock for 2032 would increase substancially. It´s only a loss for the hosts, but my country had to built a golf course, so the USA will manage to live with cricket... OH WAIT, THE WHOLE SYSTEM OF THIS LOC PICKS WAS TO AVOID THINGS LIKE THAT, RIGHT? So the menu of sports would be more appetizing for the hosts. But since the beggining, Tokyo 2020, it always was more about the political game between the International Federations and the IOC, and their interests, in actual pratice even if some of this idea still remains. Doesn´t make the lack of baseball/softball less wack, when you have the Dodger Stadium on your turf, though.
  2. Cricket is going for six in LA, isn´t it? The host sport slots are going to face a critical moment now, these were meant so the locals could have a more tailored menu of sports to choose from but now are in the middle of a crossfire. A giant big fat moneycheck with just one massive sport in some key areas for the movement, notably the Indian Subcontinent, versus Flag Football, that would be enticing for the hosts, but would that be enough? But to be fair, these host sport slots are already being used in the wider game of sport politics, Surf, Sport Climbing and Skateboarding being prime benefeciaries. Cricket is playing the game right asking for 2028, their plan is to stay given Brisbane is right next LA. Flag Football would just be there for a 2028, there is not much avenue for staying due to the Gridion code, despite the relative popularity of the NFL full contact competition, not benig that much played around the world. Does this matter if the games is in the USA, though? No, of course. But there is some people from the nations of the subcontinent there as well. And there is the big fat check, Flag Football could drive the tickets but NBC already paid them their dues. India is another story...
  3. Ok, about the second half of the article, The IOC still belives that virtual sports will make the kids do the real thing instead of just taking the easy way out and just put League of Legends on the stream... Let´s see how that gonna pan out if any federation doesn´t happen to pick a popular fighting game.
  4. Yikes, there is that too! Actually, imagine having both side to side... However, i feel that they will prioritize the WC calendar if they ever get it. What is worse, a bunch of elite-tier footballers from all over the world in the heat of summer or a bunch of elite-tier athletes of the continent, in all sports combined getting the heat instead?
  5. https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1140436/saudi-arabia-fifa-world-cup-2034-switch Well, the turbo co-hosting idea got dropped BUT... I LAUGHED OUT READING THAT, WHAT THE HELL!!! With that said, seriously, if they are going to make this work, in which case they will likely face similar harsh realities like Qatar IMO, we are going to see madness. All that talk of air conditoners in the stadiums for 2022 but up to eleven? Let´s see the Kingdom´s topoghaphy. Map taken from https://pt.dreamstime.com/mapa-físico-da-arábia-saudita-extremamente-detalhado-em-formato-vetorial-com-todas-as-formas-de-relevo-regiões-e-grandes-image161959979 . As we can see, the most high places on the country are located in the western coast of the country. Luckly, those are also where people is at as well, particularly at Southwest, from Makkah to Jizan, with a special honorable mention to Riyad. Map below is from http://www.geo-ref.net/ph/sau.htm http://www.geo-ref.net/m/saudi-arabia.png If the map doesnt show up, try the link above. Census data is from 2022. Anyway, if they have a selection process in place, most of the eventual venues should be in the country southwest, they could try the mountains up north, but there is way less people there. BUT! Guess where our future winter asiad host city Trojena will lie, alongside other excentricities, NEOM, is? Right up north, left of Tabük! And this will be a 2034 bid now, so Vision 2030 will have to be in full swing mode now. I feel they will absolutely drop a stadium there. And may be where our opening ceremony of 2029 is too! Also very luckly, it is still in more elevated places, so the plan also cheks out. Also, sportwashing is of course bad, Saudi is a dictatorship, but consider this: in 1934, Italy was deep into fascist land and FIFA still hosted the SECOND EVER mens world cup there, so unfortunely, this will be least of their concerns even though it should be the first. (including for looking the safer european heartlands and other rich places bids) There is a strong football culture there, and they are, for now, so oil rich that they control the price of it. The only reason it sound ludicrus such a bid, is the actions of their dictators and their flagrant crimes against human rights, which should be enough for a block. But FIFA doesnt care, and if this madmen actually pull trough a workable plan, we will be in Saudi land pretty soon. At least, some sort of geography is on their side.
  6. There is also room to question of what this friendship is based on in first place. Even if the CWG are friendly, they still started as the Britsh Empire Games, and that might be the real question here: for most of these countries, why celebrate the royals who slaved or genocided them... USA? That would be the sole viable option that would make sense due to the shared history, but it would be funny to see the Empire Games end up in the land of the empire who succeded them.
  7. Well, when colonial empires die, their games die along with them, even if slowly.
  8. Gosh, imagine if the IOC after taking boxing, takes the Asian Games too...
  9. I can think of one but that would involve a certain former britsh colony that does not make part of the commonwealth and is a global super power (for the time being) (Los Angeles, USA?). If they can relax the rules for this emergency, this could actually save these games. Other than that, only a lunatic dictatorship, i belive.
  10. Now taking a look in what happened to Denver 76, i must say we might have a new terminology ready for being coined; Pulling a Denver: The public votes the funding of the games out, thus cancelling the games. Pulling a Victoria: The state unilaterally withdraw funding and cancel the games. Good food for tought.
  11. So, what this news gives to multi-sport events as a whole? The Commonwealth Games is of a lower caliber but even then, in a place this could work, it still balooned in costs and quitted so the money could be expend in other more productive ways. Maybe the concept is charming for all of us, but is it viable without costs streching so much that it becomes a burden? These Commonwealth Games might be a canary in a coal mine...
  12. Never tought i would see something like it live just casually catching ABC News youtube stream from Brazil, but here i am.
  13. After today, i guess that includes every self-respecting country.
  14. Good article there. For me, it feels the lineup of games in the OES are more focused in getting the kids to go exercise outside than anything else given those are mostly sports simulations. However, i must make a little point here for PowerPros which is actually kinda big in Japan being one of the official NPB license holders, releasing currently bi-yearly, Konami (the game plubishers) have kind of long relationship with WBSC ever since they released one of their only 2 MLB versions which had a World Baseball Classic mode and that continued to this day even if very low key sometimes. This explain the inclusion of PowerPros. You definitively could make a argument to EA FIFA to be in, but given FIFA wanted a billion dollars to EA to keep using their name from next season and they answered no... (and why the heck is NBA2K not in the main list? FIBA, come on...)
  15. Well, it would have lived 100 years at least. That´s actually bittersweet, if this end really comes, that the winter games, created to celebrate the 1924 Paris summer games, come to a end in the eve of another parisean olympiad...
  16. And i feel that option one is more likely...
  17. Imagine being so bad at doing it´s job and also so corrupt that you get thrown out of the IOC of all people. That´s IBA level. Congratulations on the well deserved suspension, double points if World Boxing takes their place. What a spetacular failure...
  18. After seeing the presentation, I think the shapes and colors used in the branding are cool but the PNG in the middle could be replaced with the 2002 logo, some stylization in the trophy would really increase this one grades...
  19. Well... I did guessed that would be the trophy here with the numbers but an PNG was definitely not expected, Jesus Christ!
  20. It technically has the trophy right of the Fifa Womens World Cup lettering but it´s really not the centerpiece, that´s the big ball with the flags... But, let´s wait and see; the trophy might still be represented by a small element or even that circle logo from 2002 in a smaller fashion, like 2006 and 2010. What i can guess however, is that the number lettering might take some cues from the shapes we seeing, i could even imagine a 2 out of them...
  21. Sorry, when you mentioned Lusail Arena, i tought on the WC final stadium, but i saw the bid video that clarified a bit. But hey, there is a football court in Aspire!
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