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  1. SporTV has rented the Fiscal Island, at Guanabara Bay, to be its headquarters, according to this http://kogut.oglobo.globo.com/noticias-da-tv/coluna/noticia/2014/01/sportv-tera-estudio-na-ilha-fiscal-durante-copa.html. It will also have studios in each of the 12 host cities. And didn't find any details about Globo.
  2. Inside look: Mexico's TV Azteca has a spot at Enseada do Botafogo:
  3. ESPN's commercials have such good catchphrases... "Football wasn't born here, but this is where it lives..." "Every 4 years, the world has one time zone." Things like that would be awesome in this type of commercial:
  4. Why do you think his parts are abyssal? I don't think Pitbull's verses are that bad...
  5. I haven't found this in other topics, and I think this is a good place. So here are the songs made for Brazil's World Cup:
  6. Found this edited version with another music. Sounds way better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAD_mf5JbeA
  7. This for the Athletes' Constellations segment was simply brilliant...
  8. That, right there, was the best part of the ceremony... The final moments of the "Imperial Ball" and entrance of the Red Train.
  9. I didn't like it very much... It reminded me a lot of other ceremonies. The Soviet engines reminded Sydney's Tin Simphony, only a little bit more red. The little girl reminded me of Nikki Webster. The pillars were like a mixture of London's chimneys and Beijing's pillars. Too many little, but visible, flaws... Oh, and I hate floor projections...
  10. I love these making of pictures... They turned out good, but I still think the Pan Am pictograms were better...
  11. I wish I could see these folks singing at the closing ceremony. This is simply the best acoustic concert of Brazilian music I've seen in ages... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_Lrw8PHTbw
  12. Another good news is that yesterday, for the first time in our history, an acting parliamentarian was arrested for corruption charges.
  13. The situation has calmed down... Last week I was worried about how things were going (I expressed my concern in another topic), but things went much better than I expected. Instead of turmoil and instability, the protests generated exactly what we needed: democratic reforms. After the large demonstrations, there was a decrease of the bus fares, the National Congress held a session until dawn to vote for projects required by the people, local governments are announcing spending cuts in non-priority areas (i.e. Governor of São Paulo announced he will sell its helicopter and a thousand cars used by officials.), the President is holding meetings everyday with several sectors of society and proposed a referendum for a comprehensive political reform... Now that the government responded, demonstrations are getting smaller, which is a very good sign of maturity of the Brazilian people. We contested our representative democracy, but instead of just subverting it, we gave a chance for it to reinvent itself... Anyway, the Confederations Cup ran smoothly, with records of public attendance and without any major problem of security or organization, despite all that was going on... In my opinion, this is a proof that the World Cup can [and will] be organized wonderfully next year.
  14. No, it's not. A large part of society is now opposing the hosting of the World Cup and the Olympics. Back in 2007, during the bid, the government promised not to use public money to build stadiums, but now the bill is up to BRL 28 billion. People realized these events will not improve the lives of the common citzen, but only make more money for big companies and contractors. And this is not an opposition campaign. The mass demonstrations even hostilized political groups trying to raise political parties flags... This is not political, it is spontaneous. The protests are becoming anti-systemic, not anti-government... Brazilians are trying to say that representative democracy has failed, and politicians no longer represent the people.
  15. Today was a historic day for Brazil! We haven't seen anything like this for decades...
  16. Pop with a little of funk... In English!
  17. It would be interesting to have some sertanejo in the Opening Show next year! haha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWekm3ucLXA
  18. These advertisement songs are good, but not good enough to be a hit... Here is the one from Fiat:
  19. CLASSIC! All the comments on the video asks for it to be played in the World Cup! haha
  20. Now, thinking about it, I wonder which Brazilian singers/music genres will be showcased during the World Cup...
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