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  1. SporTV has rented the Fiscal Island, at Guanabara Bay, to be its headquarters, according to this http://kogut.oglobo.globo.com/noticias-da-tv/coluna/noticia/2014/01/sportv-tera-estudio-na-ilha-fiscal-durante-copa.html. It will also have studios in each of the 12 host cities. And didn't find any details about Globo.
  2. Inside look: Mexico's TV Azteca has a spot at Enseada do Botafogo:
  3. ESPN's commercials have such good catchphrases... "Football wasn't born here, but this is where it lives..." "Every 4 years, the world has one time zone." Things like that would be awesome in this type of commercial:
  4. Why do you think his parts are abyssal? I don't think Pitbull's verses are that bad...
  5. I haven't found this in other topics, and I think this is a good place. So here are the songs made for Brazil's World Cup:
  6. Found this edited version with another music. Sounds way better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAD_mf5JbeA
  7. I think Nazism and Communism are very distinct things. Nazism equals Hitler. Communism does not equals Stalin.
  8. Hahaha, fair enough... But my disagreement was regarding the sentence: "Best filming of any OC [...]".
  9. I'm sorry, but does anyone have a link to the complete opening ceremony?
  10. This for the Athletes' Constellations segment was simply brilliant...
  11. I couldn't disagree more... I would say there were highs and lows regarding the camera angles. If I remember well, prior or during the mascot segment there were some awkward moments regarding the camera angles. In the other hand, the flying camera in the Soviet segment was great.
  12. That, right there, was the best part of the ceremony... The final moments of the "Imperial Ball" and entrance of the Red Train.
  13. I didn't like it very much... It reminded me a lot of other ceremonies. The Soviet engines reminded Sydney's Tin Simphony, only a little bit more red. The little girl reminded me of Nikki Webster. The pillars were like a mixture of London's chimneys and Beijing's pillars. Too many little, but visible, flaws... Oh, and I hate floor projections...
  14. I think the opening ceremony should dedicate an entire act to this:
  15. "According to the organization, the draw will be broadcast to 193 countries and receive 1300 guests, 90 minutes. Rapper Emicida and Olodum are some of the musical acts, as well as the singer Margareth Menezes." It could be better...
  16. I love these making of pictures... They turned out good, but I still think the Pan Am pictograms were better...
  17. I wish I could see these folks singing at the closing ceremony. This is simply the best acoustic concert of Brazilian music I've seen in ages... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_Lrw8PHTbw
  18. What about Beyoncé dancing to the Carioca funk this year? hahaha... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6mAj9jKWQg
  19. Agreed. I was watching CNN while theyre were broadcasting the ceremony. They had to interrupt Rios video, because it was kinda nonsense show 3 minutes of meaningless aerial images, with some background music, in an international news channel.
  20. Oh, about this card: It is from a game released in 1990, called "Illuminati", that some believe it contains keys to upcoming world events. It is said that this card is related to the Olympics, because of the five people wearing the colors of the Olympic Rings. Many believed that this card was about London 2012, because of the clock tower in the back, which would be the Big Ben. However, that tower looks a lot more like this one: The Wako Clock, in Tokyo's Ginza district. Since nothing happened in London, since Japan is much more vulnerable to natural disasters, and since they are going to host the Olympics again, some speculate things could happen. Here is a random card contained in that 1990 game: Haha, I love some conspiracy theory!
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