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  1. Ah thanks Now it is all making sense. They have to move to the big announcement room. Just giving the results right there and then would have been far too difficult!
  2. Thanks for the replies. So that means it's pretty much Tokyo's!
  3. So could they be tied for 1st and 2nd or 2nd and 3rd? - Or are they definitely the top two?
  4. Why have numbers at all? So many countries have lucky and unlucky numbers which could change things. Was a screen with the names of each city not possible? Or just paper votes?
  5. Isn't there about an hour till the winner is announced? What are people getting excited for?
  6. Well Athens 2004 was in many ways a failure. Plus the financial 'issues' - I doubt they will host another Summer or Winter games in any of our lifetimes.
  7. I was a Games Maker and worked in the village. And I came up with the idea for the while there and got the postcardS done. Like I bought them at the Village Post Office and asked them to do the stamp even though I wasn't posting them.
  8. Oohh the prize. Well, it was going to be an Olympic Torch. Then I realised I wasn't a millionaire. So it is a London 2012 Postcard. BUT. It has been stamped with an Athletes Village stamp. Only people with access to the village were able to get this done. The postcard does not have anything written on it. Only the stamp. So super rare and one of a kind Will be posted in an envelope so it doesn't get written on. PM me your address
  9. So I've been busy with work and whatnot so it will probably be Monday before I sort out the prize (Or prizes< ooooh) And I've scrapped the all inclusive holiday to London prize.
  10. Right, Firstly thanks for the kind words Cody. Glad you enjoyed the final. It was actually all planned out before 7pm. 'Scripted' even. As for your prize. I'll do a thread tomorrow. Don't get your hopes up for an Olympic torch or a gold medal though. I have told the judges they are free to reveal they were judges and it is up to them if they wish to say who they voted for. Hopefully there will be nobody suggesting there has been any 'fixing' if so. I have a plan in place to show transparency, but that would be a lot of effort and I don't want to have to go down that dark path... So keep
  11. Thanks The figures are up on the first post. The x3 x2 x1 represent how many votes each judge had in each round. The number of votes was like this to make the competition more exciting. If each judge had just 1 vote the whole time there probably would have only been 1 round.
  12. Keep refreshing. There will be updates every minute from 19:56 onwards!
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