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  1. and also... the earliest for a Toronto bid is 2036 with the bid building off the "success" of hosting a few 2026 world cup games at BMO. However with the new climate I dont see Toronto ever bidding unless they figure out the stadium issue.
  2. .... interesting that the Stampede Grandstand was being shown as the Ceremonies venue, with a wink and a nudge with mentions to make sure it can fit a CFL field. I got this from a friend... go here - > http://publicaccess.calgary.ca/searchCCProc/index.htm and enter this in the search field -> OLYMPIC BID EXPLORATION UPDATE- C2017-0541 - APPENDIX_4I Mentions a CFL sized raised stage on page 34 - and the reno diagrams for the Ceremony scenairo actually show a cfl sized field with lines.
  3. You just to have look at the Rio bid for an idea of a sole America's bid. The Rio pan am's really rallied the troops in the America's, and once Chicago was out it was Rio's to loose. if Chicago had pulled through instead we would be looking at a Chicago 2016 scenairo. It could be a similiar case here, PASO will push hard for co-operation. Also, way back many many years ago a Toronto 2012 bid was considered the bid to beat - right here on these forums - ahead of the Paris 2012 bid until Vancouver killed it. I just dont see a majority of the german or italy votes going to Paris. That, and I bet that French arrogance is going to crop up again. It will be a case of co-favourites - Toronto and Paris, which is fine by me as I live in Toronto but spend a few weeks every year in Paris.
  4. The 'dome had a ton of issues during Kanye's set. The air got turned off, so did the stage and eventually his mic died, feel bad for the guy.
  5. An Article discussing Sochi 2014 as a white elephant in the making... and includes a quote from gamesbids stating final costs will be 30-40 billion. http://www.thestar.com/sports/london2012/article/1240750
  6. Another excellent example is the second platform at union - this was first promised to be done for the 2008 olympics.. but the failed bid pushed the project back and the city was dragging its heels a bit until the Pan Am put everything into overdrive. But let's also remember we have atleast one election on every level before a 2024 bid is to submitted..
  7. Dont think so - I now think this has legs. 1 Yonge St's (The Toronto Star Tower) parking lot has apparently sold for over 250 million dollars. I imagine the skydome lot could go sky high, and this is why Rogers has all the options on the table. And most cookie-cutters (aka the Rogers centre) tend to have a life span of 25-30 years too..
  8. Well ... I believe it was Beeston earlier this year that the Jays were investigating putting grass in the Rogers center but that all plans were up for investigation. I poked around a bit.. and yes the Jays are truly looking at all the options. Apparently some believe the Rogers centre is sitting on a gold mine of land if a new buyer is given free use... and the options if somehow rogers decides to ditch the rogers centre is the portland's or downsview. This part is speculation... but I suspect if Rogers does build a new stadium it'll be mostly privately financed but with some sweetheart deals with the city (ie lower taxes).
  9. Wouldnt be surprised if the Jay's beat the Olympics to the portlands...
  10. Oh we'll profit all right ... the GO lines might be electrified cause of a bid... we may very well see the very very very fabled DRL finally get built (its a second downtown subway that has been on and off again since the 1980's). Really - I feel a winning bid will finally give toronto a world class subway system. The fun part is going to be council - the mayor position is pretty much powerless... it'll rest on council if we proceed. Next big moment is March 2013... thats when the report comes in. We were so close to a 2020 bid that Ford has officially lost my support... its a shame Council's new found power wasnt found last year.
  11. Because Toronto doesnt need a new stadium... and infact with any Olympic bid it'll be very interesting to see what is done with a new main stadium. I almost wonder if Exhibition Place is going to become the new Olympic Park for a 2024 bid with BMO getting replaced by a new large stadium.
  12. nope - I tend to get the feeling any Toronto bid would have to come with a commitment of zero or near zero dollars with Ford in house, which would put a 2020 bid likely out of reach. Toronto is about to get the ride of its life over the next 4 years...
  13. It'll be intriguing - ie the transporation that was to be built for the pan-am games appear to be going down the tubes now. But Ford hasnt said much about it - and nothing has really leaked about it yet. I imagine he'll be fine with it so long as there is very little cost for the city.
  14. Well, Miller's surprise 2 year budget could well be an attempt to keep city money away from an Olympics bid, or so I've heard. BTW... the primary reason seems to be keep the unions safe from privatization for the immediate future.
  15. http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/Canada/2010/02/27/13051686-cp.html "No significant inundation is expected, but low-lying coastal areas and beaches are at risk. The provincial emergency system says experts predict the first wave arrival time of 15:11 PST at the southern B.C. coastline. It says local governments may consider activating their emergency plans, including evacuating marinas, beaches and other areas that are below normal high-tide mark. " http://wcatwc.arh.noaa.gov/events/eventmap.php http://wcatwc.arh.noaa.gov/2010/02/27/725245/10/message725245-10.htm - thats one I was looking for.
  16. We'll find out soon. I fully expect this question of Olympic bid support to be brought up in one of the Debates later this year... I'm, and a couple friends are working hard on this. Its known the COC wants a 2020 and/or a 2024 bid, and its working hard on the inside on this. This city is close to getting a NFL team... the issue that keeps being brought is a stadium, and an olympic bid could quell this problem. The question marks are how the 2015 Pan Ams could impact a 2020 bid. Vancouver will have a small impact... I dont believe this will have as large as effect as some people believe. So in short, come January 2011 we'll have a lot better idea.
  17. Over a thousand people are blocking the relay in downtown Toronto. It has stalled the torch at Yonge and Bloor. Protesters are around Yonge and College from what I last heard.
  18. And all we need is 2 medals for this to be our third best olympics, and 3 more to crack 20 medals for only the third time in our olympic history. If Canada can remain strong in the sports we medal in, while building a stronger team in Swimming and Athletics, we could crack 30 medals in 2012.
  19. I dont see how strong results will get funding cut - with the way the funding model is set up right now top finishes is what gets you funding.
  20. Canada believe the judging was suspect too, and have now filed a appeal about it, in hopes of getting a rematch. After looking at myself, it looked like the judging was indeed suspect.
  21. So thats 2-1-4 now, heres hoping Blythe gets us something in Diving.
  22. well that makes up from the womans eight!! Very very nice!!!! woohoo.
  23. Photo Finish for the Bronze..... And Yes, Bronze for the first rowers.
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