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  1. I think it has more to do with beating the oppresive heat, humidity and smog that occurs by afternoon. By running it ultra early the temps will still be quite cool by Beijing standards.
  2. Apparently they actually reviewed down to 10-thousandths of a seconds...... He got his hands on the wall a hundredth of a second ahead of Cavic -- a finish so close the Serbians filed a protest and swimming's governing body had to review the tape down to the 10-thousandth of a second. http://sports.espn.go.com/oly/summer08/swi...tory?id=3537831 wow, thats amazingly close. It prolly came down to the force at which Phelps hit the wall.
  3. The Serbs filed a protest and FINA reviewed down to a thousandths of a second, and conceded that Phelps was still the winner.
  4. I just read that FINA anaylzed Phlelps race to thousandths of a second after a protest, amazing.
  5. Ah well, I feel pretty good about getting bronze in the 55kg.
  6. Amazing that CBC News: Business is gonna cut off over half of 10m synchro diving competition - in which we have Canadians participating. Gezz, I cant wait for CTV.
  7. I think the big issue is if that happened during the Olympics, with way heavier traffic on the highway, then clearing away the slide would be the least of concerns.
  8. Oh there are definite insiders on these forums - my sig is linked to my site so I get a nice list of visiting IP's, and the amount that are traced back to the BC Government is amazing.
  9. First Paragraph says it All: http://www.thestar.com/News/Canada/article/415590
  10. I hope as many countries boycott the opening ceremony as possible so I dont have to sit thru a multi-hour parade of nations!
  11. Quebec, why am I not surprised? All they care about is whether or not its legal to do this or that pour anglais......
  12. I took the quiz, I got Sumi. And yes, just try Sumi being the aboriginal themed mascot, I wasnt really surprised that I got him as I am an aboriginal. And the thunderbird is huge in Native American cultures on the west coast....
  13. Of Course, they are representing Vancouver afterall, how can they not have an asian feel to them?........
  14. That shortlist just screams that the IOC is unsure if they want new hosts.. Only one city got shortlisted that hasnt hosted a IOC Session or the Real Thing. Its almost like Bangkok got thrown in there so the IOC can save some face.
  15. The West shares the same thoughts on French that Quebec shares on English - that is, screw the other language! Its why you very rarely see french in eithier Alberta or BC these days. Although, I'm sure there is a more political appropriate reason for the poster only in english issue - maybe to save money?
  16. Athens Moscow Torino Singapore Debrecen Yes, that little Debrecen, there gonna be the dark horse in this race.......
  17. Tis will be interesting regarding the new provincial government and there funding promise for a LRT line to connect the subway(Both Yonge and Spadina) to Pearson via Eglinton. I believe there was a Heavy Rail link planned for the 2008 Olympics though. With that said, I applaud Vancouver for expanding there metro to the airport, its quite a great idea.
  18. The field looks like the Dolphins home field whenever it rains.
  19. I think what it was they just didnt want to endure any more loses. The league lost close to half a billion in its existence before the NFL put there door on it.
  20. Just your typical Canadian sports junkie - one team for each sport, except for hockey, where I have one for juniors and one for pro...
  21. Good Experiment for the NFL to try and spread the other "football" around the world. After the failure of NFL Europe, we will see a lot more games like this in Europe in the years to come. And oh, I feel bad for anyone who paid money for the game, as it wont even be close - the Giants are gonna slaughter the Dolphins in the most inhumane way possible, as my Dolphins have yet to win a game this year (0-7, with 9 games to go, I dont even think we'll win a game next year........), and the Giants are doing pretty well.
  22. My understanding was that a new logo was not allowed to be created. Singapores is re-coloring of there 2005 logo, hence not really new, but the Moscow one looks to be totally against the rules.
  23. What about Victoria or Nanaimo? Thats where I'm thinking of staying, and just catch a ferry into Vancouver. It didnt seem that bad last time I was in the area (2005)
  24. Everything is beating up on the American Dollar, when the Canadian Dollar is compared to other major currencies the gains are merely marginal. The dollar is now flirting with 1.03 today. As for events for me, depends really were I'm working (whether or not I'm in Canada or some other country). I do plan on throwing my name in for both ceremonies, short track speed skating, Aerials and Moguls, and maybe a hockey game or two.....
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