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  1. Is there a comprehensive detailed list of all ticket prices event by event yet?
  2. Its going to be a walking Inuukshuk, or however you spell it. And if its not, it wont be anything Native American or Inuit themed - they already burned that bridge with the logo.......
  3. Recession, and whats amazing is that Canada's economy isn't going down with the States like it has in the past, thats one of the reasons why the dollar continues to climb. And, its interesting to note that basic metals like nickel, copper, palladium etc are also very very high. For Canada's economy to take a hit, everything would have to decline, and so long as the wars in Afghan and Iraq continue to go, the dollar will stay high, maybe not this high, but definitely I don't foresee it going below 90 cents anytime soon. Noon rate was 1.0069, could very well eclipse 1.01 by the end of this week.
  4. Dollar closed above parity, at 1.0052, and hit an intraday high of 1.0088. It'll be interesting to see if the BoC slashes interest rates to curtail the dollar, or stand pat and let the dollar continue to soar....
  5. The Argos said the same thing about BMO Field, they wouldnt want to leave the skydome with there sweet heart lease etc etc, and guess what, there about ready to expand capacity and move in. As they say, build it and they will come.....
  6. I just dont see BC Place getting millions spent on reno's, maybe 1 or 2, but not multi - when the Lions are starting whispers that there tired of the place and want a new stadium, maybe even join in if the Whitecap's stadium ever gets built.....
  7. Why is the government not putting in show sheds like those seen on Highway 1 through the Rogers Pass? That would really be the way to prevent any issues.
  8. I just dont see Singapore making the short list, there main stadium isnt expected to be ready till 2011, what are they proposing on using?
  9. 2009 World Curling Championships goes to, not Edmonton, not Vancouver........ But Moncton. http://tsn.ca/curling/news_story/?ID=218050&hubname=
  10. Opening Ceremonies, Skeleton, Long & Short Track Speed Skating and the closing ceremonies. I will try to get hockey tickets too.......
  11. I'm curious, but why did Rome allow there Velodrome to waste away in dramatic fashion, instead of redeveloping the site? Anyone from Italy care to divulge?
  12. Isnt there a nasty garbage strike right now?
  13. Apparently they've been released, and sent to Hong Kong. http://www.thestar.com/News/Canada/article/244316
  14. Doesnt sound promising.... http://www.thestar.com/Sports/article/243148
  15. hm, maybe we should have a vote forum to revote on past elections? This could help remove some clutter from the 2012 forum and launch "revotes" of past elections more easier... And also, I believe the way it is currently set up with elections and the games, it gives the IOC atleast one day on the front pages of every newspaper in the world every year.
  16. I wonder if this idea has been floated before, but why not split the Future Bids Forum into a Winter Future Bids and a Summer Future Bids?
  17. 1996 goes to Athens 1998, after 4 straight Olympics in Europe, Salt Lake City trounces the competition 2000 Sydney, Atlanta, Toronto and Beijing all make the shortlist, and with USA just hosting a games in 98, Canada just hosting a games in 88 and fears over Human Rights in China, Sydney wins easily. 2002 PC and Sion submit bids, Nagano doesnt get the go ahead due to Osaka 04. With PCs rush bid, Sion gets the go ahead. 2004 After the disaster that was Athens 1996, where some venues where not completed on time and some not completed at all(remember they only had 6 years compared to 7) and t
  18. I'm getting the 500 error too in the General Olympic Area.
  19. I have that problem too, and currently theres only 37 people on the forums...
  20. someone please tell me how to stop the runtime errors, I'm getting everything from runtime 18 to 21, all interface arent supported, and they sometimes crash AOL.
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