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  1. Forgot to add to above on video: Kentaro Iwata is a very respected infection control specialist and professor at Kobe University. You can look up his bona fides yourself, if interested.
  2. Don't want to be a Debbie Downer, but if you were planning to attend the Tokyo Olympics, you need to diligently follow what's going on with this coronavirus. The Japanese government is simply putting face-saving and bureaucratic process ahead of public health. Failure to close borders to Chinese early, misguided testing, and now the Diamond Princess debacle. If you have not seen this video yet, you should....not so much for the situation on the cruise ship....but for the governmental mindset. Given the number of new cases in Japan that have nothing to do with the Diamond P
  3. Photos of the train station and train interiors in this link (use Chrome and Google translate function): https://news.sina.cn/gn/2019-12-30/detail-iihnzahk0854046.d.html
  4. Hallelujah. This train has been needed for years, with or without the Olympics. The speed the new train is currently running at for Beijing North - Zhangjiakou is 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes though it can be run faster. Ticket cost is Business Class (the highest) RMB 266, 1st Class RMB 142, 2nd Class RMB 88. You can do the exchange math to your favorite currency, but it's pretty reasonable given the distances (and alternatives).
  5. Well, the fundamental premise of my post is that what is happening in China politically now, WILL impact the 2022 Olympics in some way, beyond just getting the new facilities and the infrastructure built. Regardless of what any of us on an internet board writes, or any moderators accept/don't accept....regardless of what the IOC or anybody else thinks--this China train is now rolling down a track to a place that is potentially darker than we dared think several years ago.
  6. Not sure where to put this post, but here it is. I don't know if any of you have been following the political news from China, but one of the most important items of international news may be forthcoming. The National Party Congress that's just started is about to dismantle the presidential term limits that were put into China's constitution after the nightmare of the Mao era ended, specifically to combat the dictatorship syndrome. Since that time, China's political leadership changes every 10 years and was vested in a consensus-making group. Not a free system to be sure, but with its own
  7. Yes, they are marketing the entire Zhangjiakou area within China to domestic Chinese visitors and to expat groups also, who don't want to deal with the extreme cold (and distance) of going up to the Harbin area. My church is getting a group together to go up to Chongli in a couple of weeks for a 3-day trip. Skiing and snowboarding are in growth mode in China. The bullet train will really fill a need beyond a two-week sporting event. While a lot of outsiders think that this is one of those made-for-Olympics infrastructure deals, the truth is that there has been a huge need for a bu
  8. Yes, almost certainly. Even with just the current pre-Olympic facilities in the area, it's being heavily marketed in Southeast Asia. Lots of Singaporeans and Malaysians have been coming up to learn basic skiing and see snow (natural or man-made). And they can combine with normal tourist stuff in the Beijing area. It's orders of magnitude cheaper than going to Japan or Europe or North America to do winter sports. There may be some follow-on opportunities for foreign ski instructors who have a lot of patience with beginning skiers.
  9. NBC has been a bunch of overpaying-suckers for some time, and that's on them. With so many alternate uses for discretionary time, US society in general--and under-40's in particular--just aren't into watching sports competitions that much anymore, beyond perhaps their favorite pro or college major sports (US football, baseball, basketball) team. My wild @ss estimates: out of 300,000,000 population, maybe 5,000,000 have significant to passionate interest in the Olympic Games across all sports, another 20,000,000 have considerable interest but only in one or a small number of sports a
  10. Can't edit my post, but forgot to quote from the article this oddity "... Kyrgyzstan's under 69kg bronze medallist Izzat Artykov the first athlete in any sport stripped of an Olympic medal at Rio 2016 for doping after a positive test for strychnine..." Surely this is a typo. I should think if he had any amount of strychnine in him, being stripped of a medal would be the least of his worries!
  11. http://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1041266/top-weightlifting-official-slams-poor-transport-crowds-and-volunteers-at-rio-2016-before-attacking-disgraceful-doping First part of article is more Rio-specific logistics, latter part talks about the doping.
  12. I don't think it measures anything but regular broadcast TV. I watched some scattered hours on broadcast--more during the day than in primetime, but watched the NBC livestreams (on a desktop and laptop) extensively over the entire course of the Games. Of course they surely have ways of measuring access to their website as well as duration per visit. This needs to be counted in some way since it's just another method of getting "eyeballs" but from an advertiser's standpoint, it's not going to be viewed as valuable as broadcast. I know each time I accessed a different livestream, I had a
  13. Strictly from my spectator-watching-livestream perspective, which of course can't capture the same feeling or nuances as being there in person: A. Sports and Spectacle = everything taking place in stadiums, pools, courts, road, etc including Ceremonies: B+ Points taken off for an Opening Ceremony that was OK but not stellar and for the green pools debacle. Otherwise, I'd have elevated this to A- or A. B. Everything Else = logistics, transportation, security, venue and Village readiness, ticketing, fans disguised as empty seats, poor sportsmanship of many of the Brazilian cr
  14. I agree with this. I'm much more focused on each contest and how the individuals/teams performed. If medals are won by those who were expected to win, very fine. If medals are won unexpectedly, very dandy. Whatever the total medal list adds up to in the end, is what it is--I don't get too focused on that and think a lot of it is media hype, at least in the USA media. Most Americans didn't wake up after the conclusion of the 2008 Beijing Games where we weren't at the top of the standings, only to think any less of our athletes or ourselves. Sports prowess is great but not intrinsic t
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