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Rio 2016 Paralympic Opening Ceremony Live Chat

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Gorgeous ceremony. Just lovely (only jarring note being the ritual but expected booing of the new president and any mention of the government).

As with the OC opening ceremony, I loved the wonderful patterns and designs in the floorshow and the girl dancing with the robot. Also the cauldron lighting and the reappearance of the wonderful kinetic sun sculpture. Was a bit concerned when the elderly lady torchbearer fell over but was reassured that this was not unexpected and she quickly got back up and seemed none the worse for it.

After all the talk of heavy budget cuts and consequent warnings of a downmarket Paralympics, this opening ceremony seemed to put all such fears to rest. Let's hope the games themselves will live up to this very promising opening! :)




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Hey everyone. Inside the stadium. Great so far. Much more Rio related than the Olympic ceremony. Nothing to complain. 

Designers and constructors of that steps-to-ramp effect- very well done !

Impact of Russia ban on the quality of the party: Negligible.  Impact of low ticket prices on the quality of the party: BIGBIGBIG.  Learn from this IOC. You might like London prices, but not

On 9/8/2016 at 7:37 AM, luizfernandobr45 said:

The singer was Seu Jorge. He was on London 2012 Olympic Flag Handover. 

I thought it was. Team Zissou's guitar playing Bowie song singer!

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