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  1. Fixed When you tap it it lights up. My father didn't use it at the ceremony, so the tab that keeps it off is still in there, but that's what he said was happening to them after the show. Works for a supplier doing IT.
  2. Hi everyone. My father recently returned from Sochi, where he was working. He attended the OC, and as such received an audience kit, I've taken some pics of it which I'll link here. It includes the medallion. If anyone wants any specific pictures taken, just ask. Here it is. Hope you enjoy.
  3. Probably in the world, I live in the GC and I haven't seen anything about the CWG out and about, apart from the actual clock in Surfers Paradise.
  4. I didn't really have a choice being interested in the games. It was sort of... everything. I have vague memories of being carried out of the stadium in 2000 from the closing. But hey, I was 2, can't remember much. I remember watching SLC 2002's closing, with the dinosaurs in my Grandma's house, because my dad was over in SLC. Athens was the first games which I can remember experiencing in a fairly large depth. I remember the fire rings, entering the park, falling asleep during the athlete's parade. Fun stuff. So yea, I've always been interested in the Olympics, since I can remember.
  5. ... Stop quoting with the pictures. How many times have you been told now?
  6. It's fairly good. Not bad by any means. But I've seen a lot of stuff that looks similar to it (Mostly on Dribble, this style must be popular). So in that regard, it's not that unique. But it's good for what it is.
  7. Actually no, the roofs aren't always about spectator comfort. It's more about preventing winds from disrupting the sport being played on the FOP. Spectator comfort is just an added bonus.
  8. MisterSG1, What I'd like to say to you, is best summed up by Lily Allen:
  9. Shape ain't everything. Beijing had an amazing aquatics venue, and it was a rectangular prism as well. Although, I agree, it is a fairly plain building.
  10. mid-May 2014 Honestly tony, just google all your inane questions. It took all of a few seconds for me to find it out.
  11. Not sure if this has been posted, or if anyone has seen it, but here's the link to DC's site. http://dc2024.org
  12. I wouldn't say it for them to make a name for themselves. More perhaps for them to get the hang of the games, in preparation for the real deal later on. For example, name one prominent athlete you know about due to the YOGs. I could name Tom Daley, but I sure didn't learn about him from the YOGs... Emm... Tumblr 'n stuff. Moving on. The YOGs are pretty interesting, and I'd like to see how they pan out. I think people do care about them, but they're not well known enough at the current time to merit the huge investments they would require.
  13. It's the same thing Tony. Most of Europe operates under an agreement called "Schengen" Basically, once you gain entry to any country in Schengen, you can go anywhere in Schengen. Cars can drive right over the border and flights are treated as domestic. So really, is it just two cities close to each other hosting it. Technically... it's two countries hosting it, but it's not a joint bid. If Jasna isn't involved in the bid process, it ain't a joint bid. If I went and wrote a book about joint bids and used your quotes in it, it isn't a co authored book. Same theory applies here. Although that metaphor might be stretching it.
  14. Isn't it interesting how (according to Wikipedia) Qatar will cost US$220 billion however Sochi costs just US$51 billion ​Rather interesting in comparison, one, the largest multidisciplinary sports competition in the world, is almost 4 times cheaper than a football competition. To be fair, Doha has to construct a lot of stadiums, but it relays puts how expensive this will be into perspective.
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