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  1. Hi there friends! Long time no see, I blame that absence on school. However, in saying that, some good things come out of school–namely, the latest project I've been assigned. The project is an open ended one, I simply have to make something. Me being me, I chose to design a look for Tokyo's games. I've been working (procrastinating) on it for a while, and I'd like to get some criticism and critique (compliments might be nice as well) in order to improve upon it. So, without further ado, the logo: I guess this is the part where I talk about it for a bit. At it's core, it's a stylized representation of a Gingko leaf (This is the second leaf logo I've made...) which is one of the symbols for Tokyo and endemic to Japan. The logo folds out from the stem to almost form a fan, another icon of Japan. It can look like many things, a (cherry blossom) tree, a (crane) bird flying, a book, a flower. It's fairly abstract. The lines plastered across it were put in place to bring to mind two things; the longitudinal and latitudinal lines that criss cross the globe, the olympics are a global event after all. Additionally, the way they're positioned almost bring to mind a human, two arms, two feet, legs, chest and a head, although at this point I may be grasping at straws. The colors–well I needed to pick some, and settled on a nice cherry blossom pink, although this'll most likely change as I progress. Now, based off of this logo I came up with a look: (The full size is pretty big so I scaled it down. To see it in the full size, click here.) The look riffs off of the circular patterns present in the logo, albeit on a larger scale. Again, colors aren't solidified. To me, it sort of looks like ripples in a (koi) pond. That's all for now then. I hope you all like it, and please, do provide critiques, It'll be insanely helpful. Even I can tell it's far from finished as is. So yea. Thanks all.
  2. Fixed When you tap it it lights up. My father didn't use it at the ceremony, so the tab that keeps it off is still in there, but that's what he said was happening to them after the show. Works for a supplier doing IT.
  3. Hi everyone. My father recently returned from Sochi, where he was working. He attended the OC, and as such received an audience kit, I've taken some pics of it which I'll link here. It includes the medallion. If anyone wants any specific pictures taken, just ask. Here it is. Hope you enjoy.
  4. Probably in the world, I live in the GC and I haven't seen anything about the CWG out and about, apart from the actual clock in Surfers Paradise.
  5. The way they extinguished the cauldron was fairly similar to Athens, someone blew it out, the soul of the flame is kept. And that indoor cauldron just looked so much like Vancouvers. But overall, I loved it. It was a beautiful ceremony. Well done to sochi!
  6. Yep, they are different kids, the others are still sitting on the puppets.
  7. Cauldron looks like vancouvers. Could this originally have been the plan for the opening?
  8. So has the little girls name changed to Luba since the opening when it was Lyibov?
  9. That vortex is wonderful! Creative and simple. I really loved that section.
  10. Those pages will be a mess to clean up, unless they leave them for the rest of the show?
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