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  1. Actually Puerto Iguazu is not that poor, is just much, much smaller than Foz do Iguaçu and not that interesting as a city as result. But its worth it to visit both sides of the fall, they offer different perspectives.
  2. U'll have to take an airplane then, its the safest way to get there and it wont be expensive if u buy the tickets with two-month advance. And be sure to visit both sides of the fall ( Brazilian and Argentine one) . The views from the Brazilian side are stunning and more impressive than the Argentine side, but across the border u'll be able to have a better feeling of the falls, feel more the natural aspects of it.
  3. Great, now we know that at least in Brazil no one will be talking about the Olympics in 2020 (or care about it ) since all the action will take place really later at night or very early in the morning in our time zone. Ugh - that's why I hate Olympic games in Asian countries, or Australia. Here in Brazil its not like in the US where NBC shows a video tape of the most important events during primetime , when the games happens in a place with a really different time zone - in Brazil GLOBO TV will never do this since watching soap operas at prime time TV is a religion here, well this might ch
  4. Buenos Aires will apparently bid for the 2019 Pan Ams as well - the original info is in Spanish (English translation by Google) Werthein commitment to organizing the 2019 Pan American In little over a year since assuming the presidency of the Argentine Olympic Committee, Gerardo Werthein is shown as the fulfillment of the agreement for the first part of his administration, but doubles the bet after achieving exponential growth of the national sport . The businessman said that one of the leitmotifs of his administration goes through the solution of the conflicts that afflict athletes daily.
  5. Christ statue vandalised Brazilian officials were Friday cleaning up graffiti on the famed Christ statue overlooking Rio de Janeiro, which was vandalised after access was cut off in the wake of devastating rains. Vandals over the past week took advantage of the rare closure of Mount Corcovado, following deadly landslides, to gain access to the Christ the Redeemer statue, spraying black graffiti up the figure's head and arms, said Bernardo Issa, head of the Tijuca National Park. On part of Rio's landmark — one of the Seven Modern Wonders of the World — someone sprayed screeds about violenc
  6. I wonder what roll Celine Dion would have if she was established and already famous during the 1976 games in Montreal...I mean,she would probably sing every song on both Ceremonies lol, she's adored in Quebec.
  7. Brazil is favorite on Women's and Usa is slightly favorite on Men's volley , just an opinion.
  8. Here in Brazil what matters is the number of golds , it has always been this way .
  9. Argentina - Brazil, one of the world's most important and prestigious football matches, can't wait .
  10. Just saying,but this smashing performance remembers me Flo Jo in Seoul
  11. There's some exciting in Brazil regarding Cesar Cielo , many consider that he's the favorite to win the 50 m freestyle tonight , this would be the first gold medal in swimming competitions for Brazil in Olympic history . But Alain Bernard is also strong so we never know.
  12. Here in Brazil the Opening Ceremony also got strong number of viewers , I just checked the info and ratings for Globo TV (the most prestigious Brazilian channel ) had tripled its morning normal audience and the national household rating was around 42.5 (big difference if we compare with the US, but here in Brazil cable TV is not as strong as in the states for obvious reasons,so viewers don't have much options really).
  13. NBC’s Olympic dream of ratings fireworks came true. The network’s coverage of the Games got off to a roaring start Friday with the most-watched and highest-rated non-U.S. summer opening ceremony telecast ever. The Beijing event averaged 34.2 million viewers and received an 18.6 national household rating. In the nearly 50 years of televised Olympics, that's higher than any previous non-domestic summer opener -- up 35% in viewers from the Athens ceremony in 2004 (25.4 million, 14.6 rating) and 25% higher than Sydney in 2000 (18.5/32). The household rating bested the 1960 Rome Games on CBS (1
  14. it means that Yao Ming won't light the cauldron but it's a great honor for Yao to carry the Chinese flag I can't imagine the excitement of the Chinese crowd on Birds Nest when China delegation enters in the stadium tomorrow . It will be one of the most amazing moments of the Ceremony .
  15. I'm so excited for tomorrow, I know the Chinese will put on a jaw dropping ceremony ! I love the Openings since I was a child (Barcelona 92 the first one that I remember) And I also think that will last more than 4 hours .
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