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  1. It is Brazil's problem, isn't it?! I wrote 5 words in two posts and you assumed a hole bunch of opinions. You need start reading carefully. Post: OTO - I suggest your planning committee start ripping out seats and reconfiguring now. My answer: World Cup 2014... Means: start reconfiguring seats now would be impossible before World Cup 2014 Then: Post: OTO - That's Brazil's problem. My answer: Exactly! Ironically means: Yes, it is Brazil's problem, so whatever you say here changes nothing. Do you get it now?
  2. I didn't say anything you wrote above. Read carefully my previous posts again and turn "Irony mode" on for the last one. I'm actually defending your point of view... It's a mater of chronology, not priority or competence...
  3. Being just below 6 ft isn't short at allt! I'm about 5'11" (1,80m)... Perhaps I didn't get you joke... There's been 25m FINA World Swimming Championships since 1993. It isn't something new...
  4. FINA administrates competitions with two lenghs of swimming pools. Short - 25m Long - 50m During the Olympics there are only long-course competitions (Olympic-size = 50m).
  5. Brazil will have 5 athletes: Isabel Clark - Female's SBX (Best in South America, 14th in the world and 9th in the last OG) Jhonathan Longhi - Male's Alpine Skiing (Born in Brasil and adopted by a Italian family with 3 years old) Maya Harrison - Female's Alpine Skiing (Adopted by a Swiss family with 1 year old) Leandro Ribela - Male's Cross-country Jaqueline MourĂ£o - Female's Cross-country (First Brazilian athlete to compete in a summer - Mountain Bike - and a winter OG) Go Brazil!
  6. I know... I was just making fun with my own mistake...
  7. Don't be so picky on me! Toronto is just round the corner!
  8. Oooops!!! Sorry! Vancouver, of course! I don't know how it happened!
  9. I really like the identity of the Toront's torch realy! Beautiful!
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