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  1. It is Brazil's problem, isn't it?! I wrote 5 words in two posts and you assumed a hole bunch of opinions. You need start reading carefully. Post: OTO - I suggest your planning committee start ripping out seats and reconfiguring now. My answer: World Cup 2014... Means: start reconfiguring seats now would be impossible before World Cup 2014 Then: Post: OTO - That's Brazil's problem. My answer: Exactly! Ironically means: Yes, it is Brazil's problem, so whatever you say here changes nothing. Do you get it now?
  2. I didn't say anything you wrote above. Read carefully my previous posts again and turn "Irony mode" on for the last one. I'm actually defending your point of view... It's a mater of chronology, not priority or competence...
  3. Being just below 6 ft isn't short at allt! I'm about 5'11" (1,80m)... Perhaps I didn't get you joke... There's been 25m FINA World Swimming Championships since 1993. It isn't something new...
  4. FINA administrates competitions with two lenghs of swimming pools. Short - 25m Long - 50m During the Olympics there are only long-course competitions (Olympic-size = 50m).
  5. I'm not saying the people responsable for writing those words in Sydney should be given a free pass. I think that if they were found, they should clean the opera house with their own hands. However, I wouldn't compare this to what happened in Rio. You all enjoy an aceptable level of freedom nowadays, in part, due to this kind of "vandalism". Otherwise most of us would still be living under a totalitarian monarchy... Now, what happened in Rio, although being a consequence o social issues in Brazil, is pure vandalism, since it doesn't help a greater cause at all. Rules were created to be changed. It's happened and it will continue to happen...
  6. Wait a minute! You cannot compare a "NO WAR" protest on the Sydney Opera House with the act of pure vandalism in Rio. I'm sorry, but I fully agree with the person who wrote those words on the Sydney Opera House... I don't think he (she) is a idiot vandal... Man... You keep falling into his trap time after time... Just let it go!
  7. Brazil will have 5 athletes: Isabel Clark - Female's SBX (Best in South America, 14th in the world and 9th in the last OG) Jhonathan Longhi - Male's Alpine Skiing (Born in Brasil and adopted by a Italian family with 3 years old) Maya Harrison - Female's Alpine Skiing (Adopted by a Swiss family with 1 year old) Leandro Ribela - Male's Cross-country Jaqueline Mourão - Female's Cross-country (First Brazilian athlete to compete in a summer - Mountain Bike - and a winter OG) Go Brazil!
  8. Or maybe a joint bid of Guatemala city and San Salvador (El Salvador). They are more or less 200km apart... Too dreamy?
  9. I know... I was just making fun with my own mistake...
  10. Don't be so picky on me! Toronto is just round the corner!
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