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  1. And here's the logo for the 2014 World Cup: I think it's OK...
  2. The Ibirapuera track is the home of athletics in SP and one of Brazil's. If something is done to it, the athletes will need a new place to train... However I agree it could be better used, although it is already used for concerts... I was there at the Rolling Stone + Bob Dylan's concert...
  3. It won't be a white elephant and it may make some profit, but this is not the question Danny! Is it the best way to invest public money? Is it the best way to have finantial and social resturns? Well, all this BNDES money could go the better investments for the nation. For me it is like Federal Government is a bad investor, even though it could make some profit, therefore comprimising the development's spped of the country. And don't forget the money will be paind back with BNDES's interests, well below comercial interests and SELIC's rates... I'm also excited about Palmeiras' arena and
  4. Comon Danny! Formula One takes place every year and the track is already there... WC takes place, perhaps twice ina century in the same country and, most certanly, a stadium won't be used twice without major renovations... Why? How can you be so sure about it? Are all countries the same? Do all of the countries are under the same political and economic circunstances? I said perhaps is a personal complex and you still haven't explained to me how "São Paulo have other priorities" means "SP is better"... Don't worry, I won't talk about it anymore...
  5. You have the right to wish a new modern stadium in SP funded by public funds, but I'm just asking you to think if it would be really good for the city despite you think it would be good for you. I'm interested about most host cities, since most of them will make use of resourses from a federal institution (BNDES).
  6. Explain to me why "São Paulo have other priorities" means "SP is better" then...
  7. Perhaps a personal complex... Doesn't make any sense "São Paulo have other priorities" means SP is better... Of course both things can be done! But why should it? What is the best for SP? Why? And how will the general population of SP benefit from it? PS: I'm a Corinthinas Supporter...
  8. You talk as there's money to spare in SP... If you agree it's not a priority and SP can't find a private investor, what a sensible administrator should do? Of course SP could pay BNDES back, but the question is: Should SP take this money to host a WC? Why? These are not rethorical questions. Feel free to answer them... EX: I could borrow money from a bank to buy a new car and easily pay back in several years, but do I need new car? How will a new car improve my life? Will this debt be woth in 5 years time? You are answering some questions before identifying them...
  9. Of course a the state of SP with a debt of R$155 billion and the city of SP with a debt of R$45 billion, with several problems on health care, education, mass transport, etc. should have the WC as a priority...
  10. Have you ever wondered that, perhaps, SP is called the "Heart of Brazilian economics", exactly because of the pragmatism and austerity on private investments? Private sector survive on profit and maybe it can't see it in this case. If this is the case, here's one more reason for the governments not to spend money on this FIFA's extravaganza.
  11. http://globoesporte.globo.com/futebol/copa-do-mundo/noticia/2010/06/morumbi-esta-fora-da-copa-2014.html I really hope a new stadium won't be build financed by public money... It looks like it will...
  12. It is Brazil's problem, isn't it?! I wrote 5 words in two posts and you assumed a hole bunch of opinions. You need start reading carefully. Post: OTO - I suggest your planning committee start ripping out seats and reconfiguring now. My answer: World Cup 2014... Means: start reconfiguring seats now would be impossible before World Cup 2014 Then: Post: OTO - That's Brazil's problem. My answer: Exactly! Ironically means: Yes, it is Brazil's problem, so whatever you say here changes nothing. Do you get it now?
  13. I didn't say anything you wrote above. Read carefully my previous posts again and turn "Irony mode" on for the last one. I'm actually defending your point of view... It's a mater of chronology, not priority or competence...
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