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  1. Personally i'm just hoping that kyoryuu sentai zyurangers make an appearance to protect Tokyo from Witch Bandora!
  2. Hi Paul - where did you hear about this? Just curious because I haven't noticed it, then again I've only watched water polo, cycling, and rowing so far. Has it been at certain events?
  3. Regarding NBC's coverage this article from Time sums up my thoughts: NBC Missed the Point of the Olympics Opening Ceremony In the end I'm just glad Bob Costas only appeared for two minutes - cannot stand him; Matt Lauer isn't much better but tolerable; Hoda was fine and Meredith was meh.
  4. I liked it personally and the cauldron is beautiful and different. The ceremony itself I thought wasn't too extravagant but still gave a nice representation from what I know about Brazil and Rio.
  5. Boston is a great city, very historical and would put on a great Olympics. Having said that, with the opposition and going up against cities like Rome I don't see them winning :/
  6. Personally DC is my favorite out of all the cities, I think it would be an amazing backdrop with the monuments but I agree it would be hard to win over the IOC, still Invoted for it as the city I'd like to see chosen. For the city I think will get chosen I, going with San Francisco!
  7. Been following the bids and I agree with others that DC and Boston are done - while I love both cities I think the USOC is focused on winning and DC or Boston won't win. It's down to San Fran or Los Angeles - go back and forth on which one I think will win but I'm going to give San Fran the edge here. 1 - San Fran hasn't hosted, 2. San Fran is very popular with international visitors and could appeal nicely to the IOC, 3. San Fran is one of the most scenic areas in the USA and would provide a gorgeous backdrop. That's my two cents - good luck to all cities!
  8. I think it's very clever considering they are likely flying United which is the official airline of Team USA and they have a hub in Denver.
  9. Oh yes I'm curious to see the Dallas bid myself - realistically though I think if San Francisco can get a solid venue plan they would have a good shot. For DC I'm hearing that most people in the district oppose bidding, then again that's more word of mouth as I haven't seen formal polls conducted.
  10. ^ Since Omnicorp will be a major sponsor I have no doubt they will deploy their other robots as well to help with security! LOL
  11. If Detroit did host the games would Robocop help with security?
  12. So......realistically which US city do you all think the USOC will choose to bid for 2024? It's an interesting set of cities they are talking to: San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and Boston.
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